Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Beauty Through the Eyes of Matteo Pugliese

I recently shared these images on Instagram of a sculptor named Matteo Pugliese that I'm absolutely obsessed with.

Pugliese's sculpture inspires me to be great at what I do.

People who are great always have a way of inspiring others to be great too.

And yes he is greatly talented but more importantly, he is bringing his authenticity to the crowded world of art.

His signature is sculpting figures emanating from the wall with body and face shapes that evidence identifiable human emotion.

You can see more about Matteo Pugliese HERE

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Luminaries on Transformation (WSJ)

One of my favorite media features is WSJ., the lifestyle magazine published by the Wall Street Journal.

This month, their Soapbox feature asked six luminaries what Transformation means to them.

Transformation: a metamorphosis during the life cycle; a process by which one expression or function is converted

Here's a snapshot of my favorite responses:

Blythe Danner
Transformation Through Chapters of Life
"I've enjoyed entering into the last chapter of life.  It's been liberating.  The transformation into old age takes you by surprise.  You never really come to terms with it, not on this earth anyway.  But you look back on all of the things you've accomplished and feel good.

But there have been some waves along the way--widowhood, for one.  I never though that would happen, that I would survive my husband, who was so strong and youthful.

Still, I've never found old age to be as frightening as I think it might be for some people...I'm not terrified of the end--it all feels like such a natural ongoing journey."

Michael Chow
Transformation Through Suffering
"In the first act of a movie, you have the 'inciting incident', an event that brings about change in a character's life. For me that was London. I was born into a life of luxury in Shanghai. (However) I was always very sick. So I went to school in London. I was uprooted, I didn't speak the language, I had lost my culture, I knew no one, and I never saw my father again.

When I was 29, I started Mr. Chow to bridge gap between East and West (due to my experiences in London).

Suffering fuels transformation--it was that suffering early on (in London) that transformed me from a delicate little thing into someone determined to do good."

Pat McGrath 
Transformation Through Makeup & Confidence
"It would be naive not to acknowledge the pressures women are faced with to look a certain way. But for me, a bit of makeup had always been a way to gain an instant confidence boost. People can benefit from the unique personal transformation that makeup can provide, because when you paint your face up to exude confidence, it often works inward."

Massimiliano Gioni
Transformation Through Diverse Art Lenses
"As Italians, we tended to see a lot of art just by going to church.  But I didn't even consider that art.  Instead, it was a sort of visual soundtrack to religion or background noise.

So my first encounters with contemporary art happened through books. Later I encountered Warhol's films Chelsea Girls and Trash.

These were certainly transformative experiences, but more than that, I think my early attraction to this kind of art was part of a transformative journey. I was interested in art because it was a vehicle was a vehicle of both social and intellectual mobility.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Chic Shelves with One Kings Lane

No matter what type of home you live in, chic shelves is the ultimate sign of a well-designed life. 

Chic book shelves work for apartments, studios, home libraries, large homes with massive shelving units, and more.

And I have found that chic shelves always end up being a great ice breaker for dinner parties as your guests inquire about your displayed treasures, coffee table books and (hopefully) unique book ends.

I loved this feature by One Kings Lane of the art of creating your own chic shelf with fabulous bookends.

A pop of blue adds dimension, design and texture

Bookends are fabulous accessories that lets you turn a grouping of book titles into a serious decorative touch on any surface while dressing up you bookshelves. As we move indoors for the colder months and prep for warm nights curled up with a treasured tale, take this time to showcase your favorite books with a little extra pizzazz.

Below I've highlighted my favorite One Kings Lane bookends, plus a few tips on how to make the most of these small design accents that can add a punch of style.

How to Nail the Look

Pop of Personality
Bookend designs have come a long way. Originally a simple sheet-metal stand that used the weight of the books themselves to stay upright, the bookend has been transformed into a chic new range of styles. Whether you choose a whimsical statue, a polished geode, or a sculptural statement, be bold and pick an eye-catching piece. Small accents like these are the perfect places to showcase your personality.

Desk Organizer Extraordinaire
If you’re like us, you have a hard time saying no to a beautiful notebook. So use bookends to dress up your desk with your collection of paper goods. We’re absolutely smitten with the idea of using a playful bookend shape to bring a bit of whimsy to a desk arrangement.

Book ends on a desk

Form Over Function
Sure, they’re meant to act as a stylish endnote to a stack of books, but bookends are good-looking enough to just sit pretty atop a stack of your favorite coffee table books as well.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Big Rent The Runway Sales Event!

I wouldn't be a great blogger if I didn't tell you about the insider sale that the style set looks forward to every time...the Rent the Runway sales event where the site marks their rentals for clearance prices!

I'm talking designer brands that are of the highest quality marked up to 85% off retail prices!

I'm hurriedly creating this post before I head into work because I thought it was important enough to get this to you before they sell out!

Here are my favorites but click on link for their clearance page with items starting at only $11!!! (all picture credits to Rent the Runway):

RVN Luthor Skirt $52 ($295 Retail)

Customer Picture Wearing Skirt

Kendra Scott Earrings $17 ($75 Retail)

Shoshanna Sheath LBD $63 ($360 Retail)

Customer Wearing Dress

Slate&Willow Rubix Necklace $35 ($115 Value)

Rubix Necklace As Worn

Allison Parris Stardust Dress $50 ($395 Retail)

Stardust Dress Worn by Customer

Rebecca Minkoff Neon Crossbody $56 ($196 Retail)

Customer Carrying Crossbody

Tracy Reese Lace Dress $62 ($349 Retail)
Customer Wearing Lace Dress

Customer Wearing Lace Dress

Elizabeth&James Ethnic Bucket Bag $110 ($445 Retail)

Customer Carrying Bag
Balenciaga Sunglasses $111 ($450 Retail)

Customer Wearing Sunglasses
Magaret Elizabeth Emerald Dream Chaser $41 ($118)

Zac Zac Posen Leather Handbag $268 ($495 Retail)

Customer Carrying Handbag
The Baseball Cap with a Cult Following: Yestadt Black Leather $57 ($325 Retail)

The New Savvy Neutral

Historically, when fashion has referred to neutrals it is normally black, white, grey or tan.

For me, I am always looking at ways to keep my style fresh and sexy without ever becoming boring.

One of the ways I've managed to do that is to create my own rules of what I think is neutral.

I purchased these Banana Republic reptile print pumps that I wear as my neutral with navy blue classic dresses, jeans with a white t-shirt, with a little black dress (LBD)...the list is endless!

I get compliments on these heels from men and women and the best part...I can comfortably walk in them all day!

Good news for you?  They are on sale at Banana Republic along with other items on their site at 50% or more off select items!

Get your (neutral) sexy oooon!