Thursday, April 16, 2015

India Hicks Dallas Launch Party: #LiveExtraordinary

Last night will forever standout in my mind as one of the most F-U-N nights ever!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I became an India Hicks Style Ambassador. Last night's party marked the official launch of the brand in Dallas as India swept through Texas...from Austin to Houston to Dallas!

Last night showed the power of how when a woman builds a company around her authentic story and you couple that with quality fragrances, accessories and handbags and an opportunity for women to join the company as Style Ambassadors, you get a very powerful mix that takes on a positive tribe effect that is palpable.

The party was hosted at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in a lovely suite fit for the stylish and fun women who had gathered.  I was most excited with the diversity of the women who all found India Hicks to be unique in her own way...there were stay at home moms, professional women, decorators, the fashion obsessed and every thing in between. I loved it!

India spoke about her reasons for creating the company and how, instead of selling her products through one of the high-end department stores, she chose to offer up a selling opportunity that would empower women to #LiveExtraordinary and empower them to do business on their own terms.

The thing that stands out the most is the quality.  The handbags are manufactured in the same facility where Ralph Lauren's handbags are made, for example.  India spent 18 months building the company in order to make sure she could stand behind each item that bears her name and signature.  In my opinion, she got it right!

Curva-Lish is an official Style Ambassador because I really believe in the quality of the products and wanted to offer it to our readers who believe in quality and style but also I love any cause that lends itself to empower women!

You can shop the amazing products but you can also check out if you want to become a Style Ambassador and take advantage of this great ground floor opportunity to expand your world and's apart of the life of being also Curva-Lish!

Shop the range of India Hicks products at our India Hicks Curva-Lish website HERE

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sourcing Saturday at Pirch

I'm so excited as I am continuing to expand Curva-Lish as a brand that is an empowering lifestyle resource that speaks to the woman who is tuned in with what she wants, what she likes and yet, is also evolving herself to new, authentic places!

Yesterday, I hosted our 1st Curva-Lish hosted event at one of my favorite stores: Pirch!

What is Pirch? To say Pirch is a high-end home appliances store would be missing the point of their existence. The best way to describe this store is in their manifesto about the secret to life:

OUR MANIFESTO: One part Passion, One part Conviction, One part Macaroni and Cheese.
Would you like to know the secret to life?
Okay, but If you don’t mind, we’ll dispense with the drumroll, and just get on with it.
Which, by the way, is the secret to life: GET ON WITH IT.
Live it now, with all your might. Use it up. Wring it out. Leave it gasping in a corner, asking “Did anyone get the license plate number?”
Please remember, there is no second act. Life has no back-button. No rewind. We simply journey through moments, and then those moments are gone.
But what’s that got to do with buying a tub, or a grill, or a range? What’s that got to do with a “Battle Cry”?
Well, we wrote it to remind us of our daily mission. And our mission is to make moments count.
That might take the form of a candle-lit bubble bath. Or game-day steaks with lifetime friends. Or, the world’s best mac & cheese, made by a dad for his three little girls, who will remember that moment for the rest of their lives.
Make no mistake: moments are everything.
And that is the secret to life.

Don't you love that?

Pirch lives out this mission by having in-store events across the country that immerses the community in the uniqueness of their brand and how that immersion leads to customers and clientele who share the beauty of their manifesto.  On Saturdays, that is "Sourcing Saturday" where attendees "learn first-hand about fresh, seasonal ingredients and method cooking".

Yesterday was so much fun and here are some fabulous pics for you to enjoy!  Stay tuned for our next Curva-Lish hosted will be spectacular!

Part of our fantastic Curva-Lish Group!

MORE magazines gifted to each attendee

Getting the purple lettuce ready for the salad

Attendee Evelyn Hall & Pirch Chef checking on the Frittata

The organic tomatoes

Sauteeing the organic vegetables for the egg frittata
Ready to eat!

Of course I can't show you the over 40 pictures we took but the final product was fun, engaging and so darn good!  It included a mushroom/parsnips side dish, flank steak, mixed greens salad with goat cheese, grapefruit coated in a grapefruit vinaigrette,  and an egg frittatta!  It was topped with the chef taking some homemade ice cream and working it over a block of salt before being scooped up in bowls.  The ice cream had a sweet/salty taste that was perfectly divine!

Check out Pirch and go have some fun with your friends...let them know Curva-Lish sent ya!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Special Rate for Bon Appetit

I recently became a member of the Conde' Nast Style Society and feel extremely proud to be associated with such a vast media brand.

For our Curva-Lish readers, I wanted to let you know about this exclusive special offer for Conde' Nast's Bon Appetit (for a limited time only)!

Subscribe to Bon Appetit, just $4.99/year from! Use Promo Code: 4241

Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Favorite Things: Target Style Furniture

Although it is still cold in some parts of the country, it has been spring like here in Texas.  All this spring weather has me dreaming of walks on the lake and outdoor barbeques.

To get you started for spring, I thought I'd share my favorite things right now from Target Style:

You can shop for both inspired looks HERE!

Bring it on Spring!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Revisiting The 5 Love Languages

As Oprah would say, the one thing I know for sure is this: you can not live an authentic life without providing yourself with the tools that can help you love better, live on purpose better, get a better vision for your life, help you figure out how to experience your purpose and serve others in this world, etc.

This blog is ALL about informing, engaging and making you think about what it means to live an authentic life.  Today I found out that you can take the "The 5 Love Languages" test for free!  (See below for the link to take the test)

This post is inspired to provide you with a tool that can help you identify your love language (what you need to feel loved and establish a true connection) and please forward and share this with your spouse, children, girlfriends and other loved ones who you care about so that you both can speak each others' love language!  Relationships and connection are one of our most genuine, human needs and knowing the "The 5 Love Languages" will reaffirm your awareness of your own need and the need(s) of those you most care about...

What is the "5 Love Languages"?
The 5 Love Languages® profile will give you a thorough analysis of your emotional communication preference. It will single out your primary love language, what it means, and how you can use it to connect and deepen your relationships with others.

Five languages:

This language uses words to affirm other people.

For these people, actions speak louder than words.

For some people, what makes them feel most loved is to receive a gift.

This language is all about giving the other person your undivided attention.

 To this person, nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch.

* All icons of the five languages are courtesy of the "The 5 Love Languages" organization.

Why the "The 5 Love Languages" (from the creator)?
"I believe that our deepest emotional need is the need to feel loved. If we are married, the person we would most like to love us is our spouse. If we feel loved by our spouse, the whole world is bright and life is wonderful. On the other hand, if we feel rejected or ignored, the world begins to look dark.

When couples read "The 5 Love Languages", they discover why they lost the romantic feelings of courtship and how emotional love can be rekindled in their relationship. Once they begin speaking each other’s primary love language, they are surprised to see how quickly their emotions turn positive. With a full love tank, they can now process their conflicts in a much more positive manner and find solutions that are workable. The rebirth of emotional love creates a positive emotional climate between the two of them and they learn to work together as a team—encouraging, supporting, and helping each other reach meaningful goals.

And it's not just for married couples. There's a book for singles too...It’s entitled "The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition". In the book, I seek to help single adults apply the love language concept in all their relationships. I begin by helping them understand why they felt love or did not feel love growing up as a child. 

I also help singles apply the love language concept in their sibling relationships, work relationships, and dating relationships. I have been so encouraged by the response of single adults. I hope that if you are single, you will discover what others have discovered. Expressing love in a person’s primary love language enhances all relationships."

What is the Test?
You will now see 30 paired statements. Please select the statement that best defines what is most meaningful to you in your relationships with others. Both statements may or may not sound like they fit your situation, but please choose the statement that captures the essence of what is (or would be) most meaningful to you, the majority of the time. Allow 10 to 15 minutes to complete the profile. Take it when you are relaxed, and try not to rush through it.

Here's to believing that you get all the love you deserve, all the love you desire and extend all the love you get to others (I call this grace)...

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