Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fear and Playing Like An Underdog

I love this time of year because you get to hear the best life wisdom from some of the best people making the best contributions to humanity during graduation commencement addresses.

Recently, some great wisdom came from an unlikely source: Matthew McConaughey!

In McConaughey's commencement address to the University of Houston, he shared some great wisdom...most notably was his comment regarding FEAR!

Summary: "You know these No Fear t-shirts? I don't get 'em. Hell, I try to scare myself at least once a day. I get butterflies every morning before I go to work. I think fear is a good thing.


Because it increases our NEED to overcome that fear.

Say your obstacle is fear and rejection. You want to ask her out but you fear she may say " no". You want to ask for that promotion but you're scared your boss will think you're overstepping your bounds.

Well instead of denying these fears, declare them, say them out loud, admit them, give them the credit they deserve. Don't get all macho and act like they're no big deal, and don't get paralyzed by denying they exist and therefore abandoning your need to overcome them.

I mean, I'd subscribe to the belief that we're all destined to have to do the thing we fear the most anyway."


Face your fears. It's normal and as McConaughey's connected to your destiny to overcome them!

One last quote from McConaughey's commencement address was: "Be brave, take the hill but first, answer the question, "What is my hill?"

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

What is Your Name's Hidden Chemistry?

A friend posted this quick quiz on Facebook that gives you your name's predominant chemistry symbol based on typing in your first name.

It was so accurate for me that I wanted to share:

Find your name's hidden chemistry HERE

Share below if you feel inclined...I'd love to know!

To Live with Purpose or Not: That is The Question

As I'm sitting here at Starbucks working, I struck up an unusual conversation with a lady. As I point her in the direction of the plug for her laptop, I casually asked where she worked. I really asked because I was curious what type of work would cause her to work on a Sunday.

She was intentionally vague with her "at a nonprofit" response while stuttering to get it out. I thought that was odd so a few seconds later I ask her "Which nonprofit?"

With a nervous laugh, she says "Planned either love us or hate us!?!?"

I replied back to her the same way I would to anyone given my line of work (I'm a coach and strategist that helps people to maximize their potential): "I respect anyone who believes in their sense of mission and purpose whether I agree with it or not. The tragedy I see the most is people who have no purpose or sense of mission at all! At least you feel some sense of mission or you wouldn't be working on a Sunday!"

The visible sigh of relief and relaxation in her shoulders told me that she is judged quite a bit based on the organization she works for...I was glad my comment gave her some sense of relief to at least not be judged for one day!

What does this have to do with purpose?
In our current world humanity is so fractured based on differences of opinion or perspective. I am not writing to discuss that...I'm writing to reiterate the importance of how having a sense of purpose or mission can lead to a more authentic and empowered life.

What we see most times in coaching can fit into one of the categories below:

  • People who are working towards a mission that others expect from them (parents, teachers, etc) but that has no real meaning;
  • People who believe they're working on a mission but what their doing is really fueling their ego or pride;
  • People who flirt with a mission or delve into their potential purpose but as soon as it gets hard, they abandon it because we've all been programmed to take "the road of least resistance" 
And what's even more important about 95% of our population that operates with the above (but is also well known amongst coaches) is no amount of vacations, money or vices (temporary experiences) is going to fill the voids of a purposeless life.

What are you doing today to create more purpose in your life? And like the lady I met above, even if you haven't figured out your singular purpose, join a group, tribe or organization that helps you feel more connected to a sense of mission.

And don't stop looking until you find it!

P.S. See the "Free Resources" page for tools to help you connect with your purpose!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Crushing It: People's Opinion vs Fact

Quote of the Day: "Don't make someone's opinion your fact." 

I spoke with a coaching client a couple days ago and had to tell them this and it's as true as ever. Don't let a lack of support, contrary opinion or negative comment get you off your game. People are not in the game always have an opinion of those who are out there leading, living their dreams and innovating.

Focus on winning and those same people will show up later...their lack of vision should not deter you if you are truly determined and committed.

Be committed.

Be amazing.

Stay focused on your vision.

Make an impact on people.

Turn off the "negative" noise.

And keep crushing it!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gifts I Love: Love Tokens!

Most people who live in Europe are familiar with the tradition of giving and receiving Love Tokens for different life occasions but for me, it was completely new when I become an India Hicks Style Ambassador.

The tradition of giving love tokens dates back centuries and for her new lifestyle brand, India Hicks created a line of Love Tokens that has the size and weight of the British Pound.  The tokens come in silver and gold and you can order a chain separately or add the token to a leather bracelet, existing chain, etc.

I absolutely love them and they are now the only jewelry I wear besides my rings and earrings.

India Hicks with uber Interior Designer Jan Showers

Hope Token: Perfect for Those Who Need Hope

Cross Token: Perfect for Those Whose Faith is Important

Perfect for Those Who Need a Dose of Fire and Inspiration

Perfect for Entrepreneurs, Starting a Big Life Event, etc.