Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fierce & Fabulous: Styling Leopard Print for Work

When it comes to professional dress the days of wearing boring old suits has long past. A woman who is completely pulled together and chic stands out in the boardroom amongst her cohorts. When she looks as if she cares about herself and her appearance others take notice of her style statement.

Leopard is a staple no matter the season or time. In the last few years this print has gone on and off trend and continues to make an annual comeback because of it’s diverse ability to wear with anything. Leopard can be just as professional as your pinstripe pants when paired with strong professional pieces.

A leopard jacket in your closet doesn’t just make a statement but compliments almost every bottom you own by adding texture to your look. When paired with a black skirt for a more conservative style or a bold color pant to brighten up the office, a leopard jacket is perfect for the woman ready to show up in a bold way.

A leopard bag is the perfect accent for the conservative professional. If you like to play it safe in the office jazz up your everyday with a leopard handbag to share your wild side without scaring anyone in your bold new look. Handbags that are printed show less dirt and wear better than solid color bags.

Leopard shoes are a great match for casual Friday. Leopard flats wear well with jeans and in case your office doesn’t dress down you can still be comfortable and make a statement.

Leopard is a print that pulls a look together in an effortless way. In the office, it adds a level of glam that will have everyone wanting to indulge in a little more of you. The smart mixing of prints into your professional wardrobe makes a subtle but sure statement about the woman you are. Let leopard add an extra boost to your confidence and spice to your professional life.

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Shayla Courtney | Wardrobe Stylist

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