Friday, October 2, 2015

#FierceFriday: Curves in Color

Some colors are rich with purpose and this deep vibrant blue is one of them. Curvy women often have the habit of hiding their bodies in all black, when really a pop of color does so much for the complexion, the image, and the confidence of a woman!

Girl With Curves

This look is perfect for a day at the office that can easily transition into happy hour. With just a quick shoe change and swap out of accessories you can wear pops of color like this one so much further than just at work. 

Don't ever be afraid to let color be bold for you. Blue is one of those subliminally powerful colors. The messages that this color sends in a corporate environment are "I am friendly and a team player". Incorporate this color whenever you have a big presentation or new client meeting to send a subliminal message that will help sell you! 

Rock those curves and embrace your beauty! 

Style On,

Shayla Courtney
Luxury Fashion Stylist to the Professional Curvy Girl

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