Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Evolving, Letting Go and Moving Boldly Forward

This month is marking a huge transition for me.  I am rolling out of leadership roles for two great non-profit organizations whose missions serve to elevate women and the underserved.  Why is this a huge deal? I have been volunteering and/or leading since I was 14 years old and so for 25 years, I have not been serving and leading in some way.

I feel weird not to have something else already lined up to take the place of this service...can I function?

Like many women, I have that maternal instinct to help, especially since I am single with no kids.  I have often wondered whether my commitment to climbing the corporate career ladder, volunteering intensely and leading teams has cost me the most valuable thing that we all can lose: TIME.

Could I have been going on more dates?

Could I have adopted or had kids?

Could I have had more sales and revenue for my strategic advisory firm?

Could I have had more connected friendships?

Could I have been further?

Has what I've done for the past 25 years of volunteering mattered?

These aren't just the questions I'm asking myself, I am sure it is questions that everyone asks with each new season of their lives: new mother, new home, newlywed, empty-nester, new job, new city, etc.

The hardest part about evolving to your next great adventure is that depending on how you answer these questions and assess what you will do next, it can plague your mind with doubt, guilt and anxiety about how you will deal with your next phase and how will you handle letting go of your past (even if it was something good!).

Most experts say that the idea of change causes most people to either:
1.  Take no action (and forever live in regret and "what could have been")
2.  Take optimistic action with no thoughts of consequences
3.  Over-think the fearful consequences and let the risk paralyze you

I am facing this same thing as I am finalizing my duties for the two non-profits.  I have thoughts that what I am doing is selfish.  I know, I know, crazy right?!?  I have two startup companies that have been sacrificed (meaning, not able to command 100% of my attention so that my duties to the non-profits can resume).  My whole-heart is in my strategy company and Curva-Lish because I know that my goal is to build something amazing that not only blesses women, clients and my community but that will also outlive me.  And I feel selfish for it???

Just this morning as I returned from my last duty in Chicago for our leadership summit for one of the non-profits, I knew that my bravery to focus exclusively on building my companies would pay off...not in just material ways, but in ways that I know making the best decision for me.

At Oprah's "Live Your Best Life"
Yes, evolving can be scary, letting go can be frightful but at the end of the day, we all must do it to continually be better versions of ourselves that then in turn blesses our families, communities, colleagues and organizations we serve. I have decided that focusing on that is what can help me move boldly forward and not let thoughts of letting go cause me to be fearful.

Evolve.Let Go.Move Boldly Forward (and stay tuned)

Curva-Lish Team

Friday, June 13, 2014

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