Monday, May 30, 2016

I'm Making This Up As I Go Along...

The other day as I was texting a friend, I told her about how my newest Curva-Lish project was something that I was making up as I go along because the learning curve is so steep!

For those who know me from my corporate career, that phrase is the exact opposite of what I was paid well to do.

My corporate career involved compliance and risk assessments. The primary goal of both these is risk reduction..or, said another way, keep any surprises of the accomplishment of corporate goals to a minimum or near zero.

This frame of thinking is the absolute antithesis of what it takes to be a great entrepreneur.

And, to be honest, I think this thinking from my 17 year corporate career is what has served as an anchor to my progression as as a thriving entrepreneur.

And you don't have to be an entrepreneur to understand this...

Normally, new moms focus on trying to do everything right with their first child.  By the fourth child, that same parent knows that you can't "prepare" for every challenge that will arise. You make it up as you go along...

An inexperienced speaker focuses on following a preset script and deviates minimally from what was previously prepared. An experienced speaker can be given any topic related to their area of expertise and considering the audience...they can make it up as they go along.

And to be clear, I am NOT implying that it is not fruitful to be prepared and to plan. Those are good things...

What I am saying is that there are some things in life that no amount of preparation can give you ALL the facts before making a decision.

There are some things that you are just going to have to have faith (in a higher being and in yourself) that it will work out...

And make it up as you go along...

FYI, the new project I was texting my friend about has to do with a new affirmations adult coloring downloadable page on my new Etsy store.

Most people have experienced some form of coloring but normally the exercise doesn't guide people on what to meditate on while coloring. As a coach, it is a best practice to have a client focused on an objective or target to get best results.

The Curva-Lish coloring pages give you an affirmation to focus on while you meditatively color.

Here's an example of one of my Curva-Lish coloring pages...#OwnIt! It includes a mini coaching booklet that will guide you towards how to #OwnIt in your life and career.

Get your affirmations adult coloring page on my Curva-Lish Etsy store and more will be added every week!

And thanks for your support...I'm making this up as I go along!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Revisiting the Legacy of Madame CJ Walker

For people who know me well, I'm a huge long time fan of Madame CJ Walker.

Madame Walker is on record as America's first self made female millionaire.

I have a long term fascination with Madame Walker because to just say she became a millionaire in the early 1900s would not tell her full story.

The full story is she accomplished this feat in the midst of every obstacle you can imagine! Poverty, abuse, unstable home name it and Madame Walker had to overcome it.

So it was my pleasure to see that her namesake brand is getting revived by the brand that's also behind the popular Shea Moisture, Sundial Brands.

You'll be reading more posts here as they continue to roll out products that we are all hoping continues on the legacy of such an illustrious and hard working woman.

If you want to try a Madame CJ Walker product, they are available exclusively at Sephora.

The model below used Jamaican Black Castor and Murumuru Oils to get this carefree look!

And FYI, her lip gloss (which I love) is Givenchy Le Rose Revelateur.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Summer Fresh: Minted in Style

One of the colors I'm seeing that I have never been particularly been fond of is mint.

My personality has been either going towards black/white or full on color.

Mint is one of those pastel colors that I never identified with but I am quickly changing my mind.

As I'm looking for some summer updates not only for myself but to forecast for you, here are some fresh updates to get Minted in style!

Bauble Bar Riviera Cuff Necklace 

India Hicks Mint Treasure Box (Open)

India Hicks Mint Treasure Box (Closed )

Flashback: Live Your Best Life

I received a Facebook flashback from this same day in 2010 (that included this pic) from when I attended Oprah's "Live Your Best Life" weekend at the Javitts Center in New York.

As I stood in line with thousands of other women still so deeply inspired by the previous day's opening ceremony of gorgeous decor and nonstop champagne, I took this pic.

Such a great reminder to us all.

Back in 2010 when I took this picture, I was in a job that I was miserable in but stayed because I cared about the other employees. Eventually, I started developing severe stomach ulcers from the stress (from near constant mergers and acquisitions and board meetings) and unhappiness in that job. And I was still grieving the loss of my Mom.

This O Magazine sponsored weekend helped me to start making the choices I was initially too afraid to make.

It's six years later and I still get so much inspiration from this simple question..."Are You Living Your Best Life?"

Don't be afraid of the answer...if I can do it, I promise can you! It doesn't have to be related to leaving a job. Just listen to that quiet inner voice telling you what's holding you back from answering Yes to this question.

I'm still afraid some days as a girl boss entrepreneur but for the first time in my life, I can answer "Yes!" to this question!

And that's what really matters...blessings y'all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wisdom of a Creative Life

One of the most interesting things of my post-corporate life is the amount of creatives I have befriended since launching Curva-Lish (this lifestyle blog brand) and having a coaching firm that encourages people to think outside the box (which requires a lot of creative thinking). 

I used to think there were creative types and strictly non-creative types. 

I now know that surrounding yourself with people who not only have vastly different experiences than you (and not just some bullsh*t diversity quota), enhances your own creative and non-creative work.

Why? Group think can be dangerous to your ability to innovate and create something unique in your chosen endeavor. You can't think outside the box if all your advisors, friends and confidantes are so similar to you that you are never challenged to push the envelope and do something unorthodox! No person who has greatly impacted others to live and dream big ever did it from a place of same-group-think.

Eat something different.

Attend a different musical concert than your normal.

Ask someone to lunch who is in a completely different field or career than yourself.

Have coffee with an avid traveler and talk about their experience diving with dolphins off Santorini (no networking; just talk!).

#Truth: my closest circle of friends are now people who think broadly. My circle used to be people in society who were all pretty much enclosed in climbing some social ladder. They did the same things, socialized with the exact same people, ate at the same restaurants, etc...not only was that boring to me but it negatively effected my work. 

Now, I know better.


Monday, May 2, 2016

A Story of Authenticity: The Quiet Empire of Kathy Ireland

Authentic Inspiration: while most models from the 90s heyday are still modeling, partying, flossing on social media, etc, Kathy Ireland has been building an empire that Forbes reported was worth more than Martha Stewart (in the high hundreds of millions headed towards a billion)! 

This post is not just about those astounding figures. 

With plenty of opportunities to follow the pack of her former modeling peers, Kathy Ireland is building her company through licensing deals and partnerships from furniture to home decor to intimate apparel. During her post modeling career, she has chosen to focus on her faith and using her business acumen and network to quietly grow into a mega brand. Her company has no limits and no astounding feat! 

She is the type of woman owned role model I aspire to for Curva-Lish...which is why my mission statement of authentic style, grace and purpose!

Find your passion, be authentic and don't follow the pack.