Monday, May 2, 2016

A Story of Authenticity: The Quiet Empire of Kathy Ireland

Authentic Inspiration: while most models from the 90s heyday are still modeling, partying, flossing on social media, etc, Kathy Ireland has been building an empire that Forbes reported was worth more than Martha Stewart (in the high hundreds of millions headed towards a billion)! 

This post is not just about those astounding figures. 

With plenty of opportunities to follow the pack of her former modeling peers, Kathy Ireland is building her company through licensing deals and partnerships from furniture to home decor to intimate apparel. During her post modeling career, she has chosen to focus on her faith and using her business acumen and network to quietly grow into a mega brand. Her company has no limits and no astounding feat! 

She is the type of woman owned role model I aspire to for Curva-Lish...which is why my mission statement of authentic style, grace and purpose!

Find your passion, be authentic and don't follow the pack.


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