Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wisdom of a Creative Life

One of the most interesting things of my post-corporate life is the amount of creatives I have befriended since launching Curva-Lish (this lifestyle blog brand) and having a coaching firm that encourages people to think outside the box (which requires a lot of creative thinking). 

I used to think there were creative types and strictly non-creative types. 

I now know that surrounding yourself with people who not only have vastly different experiences than you (and not just some bullsh*t diversity quota), enhances your own creative and non-creative work.

Why? Group think can be dangerous to your ability to innovate and create something unique in your chosen endeavor. You can't think outside the box if all your advisors, friends and confidantes are so similar to you that you are never challenged to push the envelope and do something unorthodox! No person who has greatly impacted others to live and dream big ever did it from a place of same-group-think.

Eat something different.

Attend a different musical concert than your normal.

Ask someone to lunch who is in a completely different field or career than yourself.

Have coffee with an avid traveler and talk about their experience diving with dolphins off Santorini (no networking; just talk!).

#Truth: my closest circle of friends are now people who think broadly. My circle used to be people in society who were all pretty much enclosed in climbing some social ladder. They did the same things, socialized with the exact same people, ate at the same restaurants, etc...not only was that boring to me but it negatively effected my work. 

Now, I know better.


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  1. I try to do something different, something that is out of the norm for me. It does help me be more creative. Remember "thisisyourbestyear".