Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year, New Goal: Dance!

Why did no one tell me that as you age there are less opportunities to dance?

I used to love to dance every opportunity I could get!

When you're younger, that seems a no brainier as your social life includes bars, clubs, weddings, etc.

But what does that look like as you age?

Honestly, I'm not sure!?! So follow along with me as I get back to one of my loves: dancing!

The best part: this will be the 40+ year old version!

And y'all, can we just talk about how cute those Michael Kors shoes are above?? They will make you want to dance all night long!


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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Champagne Fizz with Sur La Table

Did you know this Saturday is National Champagne Day?

I didn't either!

Also, do you ever wonder why sparkling wine is called champagne?

Then take a look at this short video by #CurvaLishPartner Sur La Table (in partnership with Schott Zwiesel) about why we celebrate this sparkling wine...

And here are the three best champagne brands (linked to Amazon so it arrives by New Year's) that win the game of consistent, enjoyable bubbly that sticks to what they do best...making great freaking champagne! And one great value buy!


Dom Perignon

Aerin Link
Veuve Clicquot

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Luxury Redefined: Yonder Way Farm

As I age, the term luxury is getting redefined for me.

When I was younger, luxury used to be strictly defined by anything with a designer label on it, whether it was a true luxury item or not.

However, as a 40+ woman, luxury is taking on a richer meaning for me and most of the time, there is absolutely no designer label, popularity or mass production associated with it.

One of those redefined luxury items is a Texas farm called Yonder Way Farm.

Yonder Way Farms resides near Houston/Austin and is run by a team headed up by a family that believes in ethically treated, sustainable meats and eats.

Besides offering grass-fed beef, pastured pork, eggs and poultry (corn/soy free), Yonder Way also partners with local artisans. These local artisans expands their offerings to organic vegetables to fresh pressed olive oils to Third Coast coffee and teas to breads to honey...I'm getting hungry just typing this!

And lucky for us in Texas, they ship to addresses all over Texas to provide access to those who may not otherwise walk into a Whole Foods to shop for the most top quality, organic, sustainable foods.

And one of the most brilliant parts is that their delivery is available starting at only a $50 minimum...simple, brilliant and ultimately, luxurious.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Winter Wardrobe Boost: Rust Colored Ankle Boots!

Picture Credit: Olivia Chan (@thelivstyle)

I met a new friend who is a blogger out of New York and when I saw these rust colored ankle boots by Marks & Spencer, I was in love!

These can literally be your only boot purchase for this season and it will keep you chic and force you to venture outside of your boring black (or grey or brown)...get chic for only $57!


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Be Your Own Kind of Role Model

As the results of the recent election wrap up, I was greatly inspired by this quote from plus size model and beauty beyond size advocate Ashley Graham.

There are many great role models, including the gracious Hillary Rodham Clinton.

However, as I age, I'm reminded that one of the most powerful things we can also do is to be our personal best and believe in our own ability to become a role model...flaws and all!

Get Freedom Voice

Monday, October 24, 2016

You Are What You Are Attracted To

"You are what you are attracted to." - Bishop T.D. Jakes

If you are attracted to negativity, you are it.

If you are attracted to being world-class, you are it (even if you are not there yet).

If you are attracted to laziness, you are it.

If you are attracted to (authentic) beauty, you are it.

If you are attracted to goal oriented people, you are it.

If you are attracted to judgmental people and situations, you are it.

If you are attracted to kindness, you are it.

If you are attracted to peace, you are it.

If you are attracted to light, you are it.

If you are attracted to grace, you are it.

If you are attracted to hardship, you are it.

If you are attracted to health, you are it.

If you are attracted to joy, you are it.

Question: what are you attracted to?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mix Matched Style

Last week was New York Fashion Week and while I don't follow trends in fashion, I love how fashion week inspires millions around the world! Me included!

I shared this write up on Instagram and wanted to share here:

#CurvaLishStyle #ootd style challenge: earlier I shared a post saying that Michael Kors was my favorite designer presentation at #NYFW this past week. Here's another great example of his collection that so matches my #40plusstyle aesthetic. 

My "newer" way of dressing can best be described as mix matched: mix & matched patterns, mixmatched colors, mixmatched separates pairings...being matchy matchy can sometimes come across as lacking imagination or lacking style so don't be afraid to dare and mixmatch it up! 

Here are two looks that show you how to wear and add mix matched style to your current wardrobe:

Michael Kors 

UK Singer/Actress Cynthia Erivo (NYFW)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Inspiration for Your Life Transitions

You do not have to be ready.

You do not have to conquer your fears.

You do not have to wait for the stars to align.

You do not have to have a Plan B.

You do not have to build an indestructible safety net in order to take your next step.

Stop overthinking, overanalyzing, undersupporting yourself into deflation.

Your excuses will not protect you.

Envision. Prime. Anoint. Embark.

Trust that you are already prepared for the next round.

And in those moments when you don't know what to do or where to go, trust that you will figure it out.

You always have, haven't you?

I'm L'Erin. (Pronounced lair-in)

After dropping out of college (twice), I spent 15 years studying the Divine with traditional and indigenous spiritual teachers in 23 countries -- from Nepal to Cuba to Australia to South Africa -- developing my spiritual gifts and helping you live yours.
I create healing circles, workshops, retreats, courses and private sessions that help soulful women entrepreneurs connect with the Divine and transform the world. The essence of my work is distilled to freedom -- supporting you in finding it, cultivating it, living it. Because your power is in this moment. In this breath. In this one courageous, against-all-odds, painfully true...Yes. You are worthy of your deepest desires and I'm in full devotion to help you live them.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Making a Style Statement on Casual Friday

CurvaLishStyle: did you know that one of my roles when I worked in corporate was auditing payroll. One thing I noticed immediately: the women who wore flip flops and too-casual casual wear on #CasualFridays were paid on average 15% less than their male counterparts.
Perceptions matter y'all!

Make your style statement even on Casual Friday work days with this gorgeous #denim #dress...and don't ever miss an #opportunity to make Friday count by making a #professional, casual Friday #stylestatement! FYI, clutch also on site!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Changes, New Chapters: Are You Scared?

I'm scared.

I get it. 

One chapter of your life is coming to a close; and a new one is beginning. 

We may try to fool ourselves into believing that change is just a scary thing; so being scared of what's next is the right emotion to express.

I call BS. 

You're scared because you lack the confidence in your knowledge, skills, and abilities to be better than you were yesterday.

You're scared because of what other folks may think.

You're scared because you may fail.

You're scared because you don't believe in yourself.

Stop being scared. 

If you don't #Believe in you, why should I?

Mairo Akposé-Simpson

Monday, August 15, 2016

The "One More Win" Daily Principle

The other day I was talking with a friend and I had mentioned to her that I have this principle I live by that has helped me in so many life situations that it has become 2nd nature.

This principle that has become completely intuitive I've called the "One More Win" daily principle.

What does "One More Win" mean?

You see, we all have bad days or days where we just feel completely un-fulfilled.  We may feel like robots going through life without any real impact or contributions.

And I completely understand that not everyone can just quit their job, leave a relationship, abort a mission, do a 360 or any other quick actions.

Sometimes things are more complicated than that and I am here to tell you: I Get It!

For me, it was repeated life tragedies that threatened to make me just want to give up and not dream big!

There was a five year succession in my early thirties that I encountered loss, after loss, after loss, after loss.  I seriously felt like I was living the life of Job in the bible!

So to help me maintain a sense of hope and joy in looking forward to better times in my life, I created a mentality and deal with myself that if I could just get "one more win" for the day, I'd be okay because all those wins (big or small) would add up.

Sure, I know you've heard many gurus talk about checking off your to-do list, living in the moment, and other great advice.

My "one more win" principle is based on those who have experienced despair, tragedies or other life issues.  I'm not talking necessarily those who are depressed or mental health challenges.

"One more win" is more like a life mantra, no matter where your life is today.

And what I have come to know as a coach is that most people think of success as some one-time breakthrough.  This is not accurate.  Life success according to how you design it is based on some type of daily habit that gets you an inch closer to your goal or how you envision your life.

"One more win" can become your daily habit that ensures that no matter your big goal, there is something that you can always identify from that day that helped you get an inch closer...

Even as an entrepreneur, you may go days, weeks or months feeling like you aren't making any real progress.

It can be so frustrating.

The same frustration is also applicable to:

  • leaders leading their team towards a big project goal that lasts several weeks or months (goal: inspire others towards their best work)
  • a divorce that drags out for months or years over a custody battle, assets, etc. (goal: move on and find happiness)
  • an illness that takes months of intensive treatment to administer (goal: healing)
  • a job situation that you were hired to turnaround and motive a global organization that challenges your ability to keep your team focused, motivated and effective (goal: save a social enterprise from collapse that will effect thousands)
  • a child that is going through a teenage phase that has you worried whether they will ever grow in their confidence (goal: raise a daring and courageous daughter)
  • you are an athlete who wants to compete at the highest level but have a major knee injury early in your competitive career (goal: Olympics competition)
You get the idea.

In all these situations, adopting the "one more win" daily principle is a very practical and applicable activity you can do to focus yourself on moving forward and staying positive on securing a win, big or small.

And sure, ideally maybe you have more than one win for that day but make your obsession at least ONE, towards your goal or objective come hell or high-water.  

A funny example is that one night I was sitting in bed thinking about a really hard day I had had. It was one of those days where it seemed like nothing went right.  Every single person or organization I called that day to coach their leadership team told me No and no one would hear me out.

It sucked!

I couldn't think of a win from that day.  So, I sat there and made myself think of a friend I knew that could use some coaching or encouragement.  Someone specific popped into my mind.

I called them and by the end of the call, they said they "Thanked God" that I called them because they had been feeling so hopeless...ahhh, there's my "one more win"!

Lastly, the "one more win" principle is different than practicing gratitude.  Gratitude is maintaing a state of being thankful for your life, people and events.

The "one more win" principle is more targeted and focused on what moves you inches forward towards a specific goal or objective.

Now go get your "one more win"...

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Clean Eating Recipe: Pineapple Coconut Dessert

It is so hot in Texas right now that some of my favorite recipes are from Cooking Light. Their summer recipes are quick, easy and light.

A prime example is this delicious Pineapple Coconut dessert that's apart of their One-Cup recipes.

Maple syrup stands in for refined sugar, light coconut milk creates a cool, creamy layer, and crushed macadamia nuts provide the crunch factor instead of a streusel or crumbled cookie topping.

It's simply divine...recipe here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ask the (Real) Question, Get the (Real) Answer

Here's some coaching around this powerful quote:

By you creating the question, your answer will be embedded in the question.

For example:
Q: Am I not going after that new opportunity because I'm afraid?
A: You are afraid.
Declaration: I do not fear. I will not allow any fear to hold me back from going after an opportunity and I will proactively shut out all fear and negativity talk that tells me otherwise.

Q: Do I need help with this overwhelming project at work?
A: You need help.
Declaration: I am wise and discerning. I will use this #wisdom and discernment to get the help I need and I will let go of any ego or self-esteem issues that keep me from letting go.

Q: How do I seem to keep having the same problem that seems like a pattern?
A: You have a pattern.
Declaration: I believe in my own power to break away from patterns that do not serve my highest ability to eradicate this systemic problem from my life.

Q: Why do I seem to lack confidence and need the opinions of several people before I move forward?
A: You lack confidence; move forward.
Declaration: I am smart, experienced and full of joy. I make decisions that serve my highest self and will honor the impact I can make on the lives of others. I will move confidently forward and know that I am enough.

Q: Do I fear what other people think about me in doing this out of the box new career?
A: You are afraid of what others will think.
Declaration: I am not afraid of what others think and I will walk boldly towards my new career adventure. I accept some friends and family may not understand but I funnel positive energy towards manifesting the happiness and results I envision for my life.

Q: Do I need to diet so I can finally start feeling like I have energy to keep up with my life of stress?
A: You need to diet and manage your stress.
Declaration: My temple is blessed and I am committed to feeding it with the nutrition that I need to be the most effective.  I will develop and learn new habits that manages my stress and will balance my priorities and commitments to line up with these new habits.

Q: Have I lost my sense of adventure and style?
A: You've lost your sense of adventure and style.
Declaration: I am adventurous and stylish in this new phase of my life.  I shed away the clothes, decor and outlook that served me in my old phase.  I will create my new sense of adventure and line up my image to be consistent with the new woman who is who I am today.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

India Hicks Fall, 2016 Collection: Chic, Urban and Sophisticated

This past weekend India Hicks celebrated the extraordinary heights of her lifestyle brand with the gathering of Ambassadors from all over the United States in Palm Beach.

As I've mentioned before ("Elegance, Grace and Style with India Hicks"), I joined India Hicks in the early stages of her company and blogged about what an adventure I knew it would be...boy, has it lived up to that!

Since the beginning, the company has launched about four collections, each building upon the other.

This most recent collection has struck a specific chord with me like none other.  Just when we think we know what India will come out with based on the London and Harbour Island inspiration of the lifestyle brand, she surprises us with an even more inspiring collection that lives up to our company promise: accessible luxury.

The Fall, 2016 collection is all about chic, urban sophistication. As an urbanite, I love the many possibilities of what this collection will do to compliment the wardrobe of women around the United States (the only territory that India Hicks services for now).

Here's a highlight and shop all new Fall pieces...

Saturday, July 16, 2016

How Limits Can Help You Achieve Greatness

Copied from one of my favorite books: The Power of Less

I've shared how once I became an entrepreneur, I also started adopting principles associated with Essentialism.

This passage captured in The Power of Less is a perfect description of why I choose to live a simpler (but thriving) life...

Going from a limitless life that's overwhelming and not very effective to a life with limits, focus and power is an incredible transformation.

Here are just a few benefits of setting limits on everything you do:
* It simplifies things. Your life becomes more manageable and less stressful.

* It focus you. Instead of diluting yourself, you focus your energy on a smaller number of things.

* It focus on what's important. Instead of trying to do everything and not having enough time for the important things in life, you do only what's important to you.

* It helps you achieve. Many times, when we are spread too thin, we only make incremental progress on important projects and goals. But if we focus on just a few important things, we can actually complete them. You'll achieve much more by focusing on the essential.

* It shows others that your time is important. When we try to take on everything that comes our way, the people around us get the message that their time is more important than ours, that we'll say yes to whatever requests they have. If, however, we have firm limits on what we do, we send the message that we value our time and our priorities. Others will value our time in return.

* It makes you more effective. By doing less of the busy work, and more of the important work, you are spinning your wheels and using your limited time and energy on something with lasting impact. That helps you make the best use of your time, and eliminates much of the nonessential in your life.

I hope this empowers you to set the type of limits that will cause you to thrive and focus on what gives your life it's most valuable meaning.

Shopping with Eloqui

Shop with Fitlosophy

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Goal Setting 2.0: Speak Up & Ask For It

90% of my career has been working in male dominate industries. So I was able to directly observe how men go about positioning themselves for promotion, going after their goals and assembling a team or resources to support that goal.

This brings me to the purpose of this post: I have seen and known of more people not successfully meeting their goals because they didn't make clear, well articulated statements about what it is that they want! This was one of my most key observations from seeing the men I worked with achieve their goals time and time again.

Read that paragraph again. And again.

I know there's plenty of research and gurus that talk about the importance of your mentality (what you think), your execution, etc. These are important.

But ask yourself, can you tell me in 30 seconds or less what it is you REALLY want?

Most people can't.

And to clarify: you will know whether you are being clear in describing what it is you want because I should be able to "see" it too just by you describing it.

Why is this important?

You can't expect other people to know how to support or help you if you don't even know what it is you want!

Let me give you two examples:

Example #1: there is a kind woman I met about two years ago. Since we met through a mutual connection, I have made repeated requests to her in supporting the growth of my business. She is a great person who has repeatedly come to mind when I needed support for unproven products or ideas.

But here's the interesting part...she rarely  asks for my help or support in return. I've almost had to stalk her to accept help from me or to create an idea for her on how I can help.

And guess what: I wouldn't be surprised if she felt like our relationship was one-sided. But that was not my intention in making repeated asks. I'm just comfortable with asking and being clear about what I want!

Here's the key idea: you cannot be upset with someone who you may feel isn't being supportive all because YOU haven't been clear in what it is that you want!

You are to blame. Not them.

So imagine my shock when, after two years of a growing friendship, she sent me note asking for my support of her most direct and clear request to date! I was almost stumbling over myself typing out the "Yes!"

Note: this is not about a "tit-for-tat", I do for you, you do for me. This is about a genuine desire to be of service to help other people win while you also pursue those things that will help you win by directly and clearly asking for what you want!

Example #2: I bumped into a very old friend who told me she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to her limited energy from radiation treatment and challenging work as a corporate attorney, she needed personal assistant help.

She was very clear in what she needed and how much time and pay that would require. Because she was so clear, another friend who has time but needs to earn some extra cash popped into my head!!!

I immediately described my other friend, her professional background and the specific amount of time and money she needed.

It was a perfect match... all because my breast cancer fighting friend was clear! My breast cancer fighting friend cried from utter relief knowing that professional help was on the way!

And this positions her to focus all her energies on what matters the most to her...winning her fight with breast cancer.

And let me repeat it: all because she was clear and could communicate what it is she wanted, she was going to be able to achieve a (life saving) goal.

What do you REALLY want?

Once you know that, go tell it (in 30 seconds) to at least five people that you think maybe able to help you (meaning, step outside your comfort zone; spouses and children don't count).

Love ya and go be great!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Declaration of Independence by Angel Quintana

My Declaration of Independence

I will no longer...
Apologize for doing what makes me happy
Respond to anyone who is passive aggressive
Dim my light because it makes you feel uncomfortable
Feel bad about something I did not do
Encourage mediocrity
Be friends with people I don't trust
Be friends with people whom don't trust me
Pretend I'm okay when I'm not
Wonder if you like me, it's cool if you don't
Say I'm bad at public speaking, I'm pretty fucking good at it actually
Forget to send texts to people who mean the world to me
Invite people to hang out who wait weeks or months to respond
Care what you think of me or believe in your negative mind to be true about me
Read emails or listen to messages from people I don't like
Worry about my thighs
Worry about my hair
Be a sucker for your sales pitch
Trust a salesman who treats me like a dollar bill
Talk about the weather or engage in small talk - it's so boring I could die
Talk down to a customer service agent (this will be very difficult)
Hold on so tight I can't let go
Accept a friend request from someone I don't like
Bite my tongue- if it bugs me it's worth saying
Allow manipulation to be engaged in any rhyme or reason

This is my life. I am independent and take responsibility for myself and for myself alone. If I feel I have wronged someone, I will reach out. If you don't hear from me it's because I am independent of you. I don't beat around the bush, pussy foot around, or keep you hanging- so don't think I will let you do that to me.
Be nice. Be confident in who you are. And most of all be real!
Life's too short to expend energy that is not yours, to care what people think about you, what they say behind your back or what they post passive aggressively on fb or any other social platform. Acknowledge the fact that people are insecure and will raise their voice so you hear them, but refrain from engaging in such behaviors. Acknowledge the fact that there are people who might want to stir you up so they can take you down. It's true, people will want to see you fail.
But you aren't here to be liked, you are here to be loved. Surround yourself with people who love you, ONLY.
You are independent and so am I. We were given the freedom of choice and that includes who is allowed to be in your world. Choose wisely and then celebrate the ones who stayed. Show gratitude to them, for it is these special few who will be there for you when success shows up, victory is won and when life throws you major curve balls.

Happy Independence Day.

Angel Quintana is the Founder of Holistic Fashionista, a community of women who believe every woman has the ability to use her femininity and her brain to change the world. Angel is leading a group whose goal is to pioneer a movement to support holistic leaders and lightworkers who want to make the world a happier, healthier, and more stylish place to be by offering holistic solutions to every day problems. From getting clear skin, to having healthier relationships, to learning to love ourselves unconditionally, the Holistic Fashionista mission is to celebrate life and it’s potent natural healers.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Splurge vs Steal: Easy Breezy Blue & Boho

Banana Republic is having a 50% off sale right now and I found this lovely #splurgevssteal dress that I'm in love with!

Inspiring actress and entrepreneur Lala posted this pic of her Fendi dress.

I found this comparison by Banana Republic that's already a fraction of the cost and is even more of a steal with their sale!

The dress is their Long-Sleeve Print Boho Dress in blue dusk.

Close up

Friday, June 24, 2016

Reframing Your Fears: Rise

It happened again...

I was all set mentally to have a session with a coaching client. I really believe in this client so I almost couldn't contain my excitement that she was my first appointment of the whole day would be great because the tempo from working with this great client would be high level awesome!

I just had to stop by 7-Eleven really quick to grab a sausage biscuit...and then I was confronted with one of my greatest, most paralyzing fears as a single woman: at the corner of the 7-Eleven building was a single, homeless, desperate woman who was crying so hard because she was hungry and so thirsty (it's been near 100 degrees in Texas all week).

I tried to walk past her fast because I needed to get to my office but like always, I can not ignore someone who's asking for such a basic need: food.

Not money. Not drugs. Not something illegal. Food.

I told her to hold on while I go buy it in the store.

Ice cold bottled water and pizza slices at the cash register, and then the lady next to me asks if I'm buying this for the lady outside. I say yes.

She hands me $2 to put towards the purchase and I recognize the same fear I have in her was unspoken: that lady outside so desperate and yet ignored could be us.

I purchased everything and walked outside. The lady had been crying so hard and desperate hoping someone would notice her (she didn't ask for help, I just so happened to have noticed her) that her face was covered in tears and her nose was profusely running.

I will never forget the look she gave me when I handed her the ice cold water bottle and hot pizza slices.

I had to walk away fast because I was about to breakdown crying...

What does this have to do with reframing your fear?
Fear is not something that is permanently deleted.

Fear is something that is managed...the more experience you have managing it, the stronger you get in dealing with it.

But in case no one ever told you: fear never gets permanently deleted. Ever.

Since this event tapped into one of my greatest fears, once I got back to my office I spent 15 solid minutes going over fear scenarios of how that could happen to me...

And then I hit a fork in the road.

It was 20 minutes before my client meeting and I had to make a decision: set the tempo of my day with one of fear and thoughts of homelessness (and likely cancel my meeting) OR rise up in courage and tell my fear to shut up!

I chose to rise. This is reframing.

For 20 minutes before my meeting I took back my courage and focus and prayed.

Long story short, the meeting went well and I was able to quiet my fear.

Your greatest fear(s) may not be like mine. But what I know for sure is we all have at least one paralyzing fear that is triggered when we least expect it to.

When an event triggers that fear, I hope you come back to this post and that it encourages you...

To Rise.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Pineapple Moment

If you haven't noticed, we are definitely going through a pineapple moment!

Repost food52: Pineapple Tumblers at Brooklyn Foodie Event

I first bumped into the awesome-ness of how pineapple can add some whimsy to your décor when I purchased some pineapple shaped pillows at a boutique in California about 10 years ago.

Everytime I had guests for one of my dinner parties or family events, there was always a fascination and discussion about my pineapple pillows!

Fast forward to 2016 and pineapples are having a major "moment"!

The cutest way I've seen a pineapple theme was in the architecture on Harbour Island.

Pineapple Fences on Harbour Island

If you can't make it to Harbour Island, don't fret!

I've got you covered.

These pineapple tumblers from food52 are a super cute way to incorporate this design element into your current for a but if whimsy and fun!

They come in silver and a metallic finish.

Even better, you can use them for multiple things: tablescape décor, desk décor, shelf décor and more. Use your imagination!

Silver and Metallic Tumblers at food52

Pineapple Tumbler on Side Table

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Coming Full Circle...with Time

I have written several posts before about how experience, patience and time can help you fulfill your dreams.

I was reminded of how strongly I feel about this from a Facebook reminder of a post I made in 2014.

The Facebook reminder post included this picture from a Dallas Farmers Market farm to table event.

It (and farm to table hosting I want to do) represents and is symbolic of what I desire as I continue elegance in the midst of rustic sensibility, especially involving good food, friends, family and hopefully lots of wine!

How is this connected to coming full circle?

You see, my farm to table obsession began in 2014 and because I have consistently talked about it, posted about it, etc, I have some Fall lifestyle farm to table events obsession is continuing to come full circle (and has no limits).

As a coach, I can tell you that there are numerous people who won't ever experience the exhilaration of a passion evolving and maturing (stages of coming full circle) because they abandon it before it gets fully exposed. Being lukewarm about your passions before they have an opportunity to let time allow it to evolve with your personality won't give you the exhilaration I'm talking about.

I know we live in a culture of non-commitment and lukewarm interests...don't let that effect you.

Apart of living a life of wholeness involves having passions that have a time investment that also has evolved into an activity people associate with who you are.

And for you women out there, I am not talking about your passions towards your family, kids, friends, other words, I'm not talking about those things that you do for others.

I'm talking about those passions that make YOU happy!

Commit (or renew) your passions, let time cause your passion to be enriched and experience the exhilaration of it coming full circle as you age.

Be whole...

Thursday, June 9, 2016

No Regrets: Reviving What Once Made You Happy

#NoRegrets: Do you have anything you look back on and regret you didn't continue it? A hobby that gave you peace? A dream you let people talk you out of? A relationship only you believed in? A career that paid less but gave you more joy? An adventure that made no practical or logical sense that you aborted?

While I don't believe in living a life of regret wallowing in "what could have been", I do think it's healthy to remember (and sometimes go back to) things that you once loved.

This image is one of my regrets that I'm going back to...a year after starting my company I made these #inspiring videos. People liked them so much I opened myself up to make them for others. That's when things went wrong...

Continuation from my Instagram post:
You see, I genuinely enjoyed the creative process of figuring out how to inspire people through a two minute video. Inspiring people is like breathing for me. It's completely effortless and fun!

What went wrong is that I saw how video was going to be huge in telling the story of people and brands so I took what was effortless and fun for me and tried to make it commercial by making money from others.

And guess what? Making creative, inspiring videos for people and small brands who are paying you doesn't work the same as doing it for the love and passion in building your own brand.

I won't go into details but let's just say my money making commercial idea to create videos for other people and brands was a flop.

But the bigger flop was that I let the critique and criticisms of commercial clients talk me out of a passion project that gave me great joy! I completely stopped making videos (even my inspiring ones for my own brand) after my commercial flop.

Here's the wisdom from this series of events...

I accidentally bumped into one of my old videos (I loaded them on YouTube) and I cried. I cried mostly because I was having an awful day and that video inspired me so much that I was moved to tears...and I was the one that created it!!!

The images in the post are stills from the video. And here's the video titled "Destined to Be Great"

If you are reading this post, I pray it crossed your path for a reason.

Sometimes our timing maybe off, our attention gets diverted or we just lose steam. No matter what happened, I challenge you to revive something that once gave you an immense sense of self, pleasure, service, contentment and/or peace.

Revive it.

Go back to it.

And I pray it makes you live a life of no regrets!

P.S. I have a fairly new friend revive an old blog idea she had and y'all, her writing and point of view is completely brilliant! She has survived breast cancer and a list of other life challenges but I was one of her cheerleaders telling her to revive can check out her blog Salt, Sandy and Happy.

P.S.S. There are plenty of people who have commercialized a passion project...this blog is an example! Just know and distinguish what's not your calling and gifting. Video making is not where I needed to expend my efforts in building it into a company. I'm clear on that, lol!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Inspiration: What To Do When It's Your Turn

#MyStarbucksLife: I'm a a big believer that sometimes books have a way of finding you (if you stay open) my Starbucks neighbor told me about this book and little did he know, it's by one of my favorite people: Seth Godin!

Ironic? I think's the best summary of this book that was self published by Godin... (you can get it on Amazon)

What To Do When It's Your Turn (and it's always your turn)

Your Turn To:
Speak Up.
Stand Out.
Build a Following.
Market a Product.
Make a Connection.
Solve an Interesting Problem.
Write, sing, invent, create, ask a question, launch a project, organize a protest, open the door for someone, question authority, make a short film, direct, produce, create or adopt.
Learn a new skill.
Help someone who needs you.
Be missed if you're gone.

Your turn to make a ruckus.

This book is about an opportunity. The opportunity to take your turn and make a difference. The opportunity to contribute, to lead and to live your life fully.

The thing is, there's no easy way to do this.

This might not work.

It might not be fun.

I hope you'll do it anyway.

I couldn't have said it better Godin and I hope that all these #CurvaLish posts inspire you to do all these things in your lifetime!

Monday, May 30, 2016

I'm Making This Up As I Go Along...

The other day as I was texting a friend, I told her about how my newest Curva-Lish project was something that I was making up as I go along because the learning curve is so steep!

For those who know me from my corporate career, that phrase is the exact opposite of what I was paid well to do.

My corporate career involved compliance and risk assessments. The primary goal of both these is risk reduction..or, said another way, keep any surprises of the accomplishment of corporate goals to a minimum or near zero.

This frame of thinking is the absolute antithesis of what it takes to be a great entrepreneur.

And, to be honest, I think this thinking from my 17 year corporate career is what has served as an anchor to my progression as as a thriving entrepreneur.

And you don't have to be an entrepreneur to understand this...

Normally, new moms focus on trying to do everything right with their first child.  By the fourth child, that same parent knows that you can't "prepare" for every challenge that will arise. You make it up as you go along...

An inexperienced speaker focuses on following a preset script and deviates minimally from what was previously prepared. An experienced speaker can be given any topic related to their area of expertise and considering the audience...they can make it up as they go along.

And to be clear, I am NOT implying that it is not fruitful to be prepared and to plan. Those are good things...

What I am saying is that there are some things in life that no amount of preparation can give you ALL the facts before making a decision.

There are some things that you are just going to have to have faith (in a higher being and in yourself) that it will work out...

And make it up as you go along...

FYI, the new project I was texting my friend about has to do with a new affirmations adult coloring downloadable page on my new Etsy store.

Most people have experienced some form of coloring but normally the exercise doesn't guide people on what to meditate on while coloring. As a coach, it is a best practice to have a client focused on an objective or target to get best results.

The Curva-Lish coloring pages give you an affirmation to focus on while you meditatively color.

Here's an example of one of my Curva-Lish coloring pages...#OwnIt! It includes a mini coaching booklet that will guide you towards how to #OwnIt in your life and career.

Get your affirmations adult coloring page on my Curva-Lish Etsy store and more will be added every week!

And thanks for your support...I'm making this up as I go along!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Revisiting the Legacy of Madame CJ Walker

For people who know me well, I'm a huge long time fan of Madame CJ Walker.

Madame Walker is on record as America's first self made female millionaire.

I have a long term fascination with Madame Walker because to just say she became a millionaire in the early 1900s would not tell her full story.

The full story is she accomplished this feat in the midst of every obstacle you can imagine! Poverty, abuse, unstable home name it and Madame Walker had to overcome it.

So it was my pleasure to see that her namesake brand is getting revived by the brand that's also behind the popular Shea Moisture, Sundial Brands.

You'll be reading more posts here as they continue to roll out products that we are all hoping continues on the legacy of such an illustrious and hard working woman.

If you want to try a Madame CJ Walker product, they are available exclusively at Sephora.

The model below used Jamaican Black Castor and Murumuru Oils to get this carefree look!

And FYI, her lip gloss (which I love) is Givenchy Le Rose Revelateur.