Sunday, June 12, 2016

Coming Full Circle...with Time

I have written several posts before about how experience, patience and time can help you fulfill your dreams.

I was reminded of how strongly I feel about this from a Facebook reminder of a post I made in 2014.

The Facebook reminder post included this picture from a Dallas Farmers Market farm to table event.

It (and farm to table hosting I want to do) represents and is symbolic of what I desire as I continue elegance in the midst of rustic sensibility, especially involving good food, friends, family and hopefully lots of wine!

How is this connected to coming full circle?

You see, my farm to table obsession began in 2014 and because I have consistently talked about it, posted about it, etc, I have some Fall lifestyle farm to table events obsession is continuing to come full circle (and has no limits).

As a coach, I can tell you that there are numerous people who won't ever experience the exhilaration of a passion evolving and maturing (stages of coming full circle) because they abandon it before it gets fully exposed. Being lukewarm about your passions before they have an opportunity to let time allow it to evolve with your personality won't give you the exhilaration I'm talking about.

I know we live in a culture of non-commitment and lukewarm interests...don't let that effect you.

Apart of living a life of wholeness involves having passions that have a time investment that also has evolved into an activity people associate with who you are.

And for you women out there, I am not talking about your passions towards your family, kids, friends, other words, I'm not talking about those things that you do for others.

I'm talking about those passions that make YOU happy!

Commit (or renew) your passions, let time cause your passion to be enriched and experience the exhilaration of it coming full circle as you age.

Be whole...

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