Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mix Matched Style

Last week was New York Fashion Week and while I don't follow trends in fashion, I love how fashion week inspires millions around the world! Me included!

I shared this write up on Instagram and wanted to share here:

#CurvaLishStyle #ootd style challenge: earlier I shared a post saying that Michael Kors was my favorite designer presentation at #NYFW this past week. Here's another great example of his collection that so matches my #40plusstyle aesthetic. 

My "newer" way of dressing can best be described as mix matched: mix & matched patterns, mixmatched colors, mixmatched separates pairings...being matchy matchy can sometimes come across as lacking imagination or lacking style so don't be afraid to dare and mixmatch it up! 

Here are two looks that show you how to wear and add mix matched style to your current wardrobe:

Michael Kors 

UK Singer/Actress Cynthia Erivo (NYFW)