Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Difference Between A Hobby vs An Obsession

I belong to a few entrepreneur and creative groups who consistently cite the greats of business and leadership as examples to follow in being successful and living with joy.

You know the names: Oprah, Jobs, Blake Mycoskie (TOMS Founder), Branson, Martha Stewart, Carolina Herrera, Sara Blakely.

So what does that mean for people who have not discovered their purpose yet or who don't know whether their purpose in life is to be great?

First of all, let me tell you this loud and clear: WE ARE ALL MEANT TO BE GREAT

Does that mean that your own greatness will be at the level of Oprah?  Maybe not.  But if you want any chance at making a great impact on this world and live a life you believe is according to your purpose, you have to shift your mindset and look at the pursuit of your purpose as an obsession.

Hobby vs Obsession
One thing most psychologists all agree on is that when you give people too many choices, it creates a paralysis in their ability to make a decision.  This is especially true in our current environment where any and all information is at the touch of a few keystrokes on our iPhone and Googling it.

Whatever happened to a world where people would spend their lifetimes perfecting a single, worthy vocation, goal or charity work that was their life's passion?

Whatever happened to people who focused so intensely on a goal that some people called them mad but they ended up being the history makers that thrust humanity forward (think Einstein, Michelangelo, Thomas Edison, Harriet Tubman)?

What has happened to our ability to focus without that negative self-talk telling us that if we don't do a whole bunch of things, we're going to "miss out" on something important?

What happened to children focusing on an afterschool activity or play whereas you could see their gifting and it would make you cry?

Here's the difference: A hobby is something you enjoy where you explore, venture and stay open to discovery.  You can get really good at a hobby and even be highlight complimented on it but when it comes to getting great at something...that's rooted in obsession.

An obsession is when you make a choice about what "pulls" you toward a vision that has yet to be created...what's even better is when that vision will help and equip humanity. (Note: an obsession can start from a hobby but as Geoff Calvin writes in "Talent is Overrated", you will know when a hobby becomes an obsession because you will make a conscientious choice to do "deliberate practice" to be great at it.)

 Why We Don't Obsess
I really believe the main reason we don't choose our life's obsession is because of the following:
  • Information Overload:  as I mentioned, psychologists have done many studies that has helped them conclude that information overload leads to your brain not being able to choose it's preference.  For example, one study was conducted in a grocery store where they were giving sample of ten different new jams and asked shoppers to select their favorites to purchase.  Due to so many choices, the shoppers couldn't decide.  They then gave out three new jam samples and in nine out of 10 scenarios, the shoppers made a selection and ended up purchasing the jam of their choice.
    • Lesson Learned:  Forcibly limit the information you follow, read and view and stick with it.  For example, if you know that Tony Robbins is your preferred choice of motivational speakers because you have had repeated positive results following his programs, then don't then go and listen in on 10 other motivational speakers operating in that genre.  Choose and block out all other influences!
  • Fear:  this might strike you as a surprise but fear is really at the root of why we don't have an obsession towards something that is meaningful to us.  Why? Because our minds tell us that by choosing, we could be missing out on something really important to us.  And guess what, you are correct.  Yep, by choosing, you have the potential to be missing out something else.  That's where your friends and network can come in though.  We all have varied interests and so the best way to balance out the fear of missing out is to network, have dinner with and befriend someone who is obsessed about the choice you didn't make.
    • Lesson Learned: you are not meant to do it all by yourself.  Let your support system balance out the areas where you can't dedicate time and energies to and see that activity and world through their eyes! It's fun that way!
  • Busy-ness vs Effectiveness:  our current world convinces us that the more busy we are, the more we're getting things done.  I disagree.  People use buys-ness almost like a badge of honor when in fact, I have seen people live quiet lives of desperation because they feel pressure to "do it all".  You can live your whole life being busy but not really making your greatest impact because you haven't disciplined yourself to focus on what's the MOST important to you.
    • Lesson Learned:  disciplining yourself to focus on areas that can maximize your greatest potential is the best way I know to live a life of satisfaction, love, joy and with peace.  That doesn't mean that you will busy but it will lead to a greater level of effectiveness in what you do decide to focus and commit to.
Let me know what you think of how a hobby versus an obsession has helped or hindered your ability to be of your greatest service to humanity...also, would you add anything else?

Let me know...

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Freebie Saturday with Julep!

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Have fun!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Power of Exponential Living (Recap)

Tonight I attended a great call hosted by Steve Harvey called "The Power of Exponential Living".  The call was led by speakers Sheri Riley and facilitated by Doreen Rainey.

The call was focused on discussing how powerful it is to know your purpose, your gift and what you want to do.  However, if you aren't living that out, it can be frustrating and lead to a lack of fulfillment.

That's where Exponential Living comes's the process of moving from knowing what you want to do - to doing what you want to do.

That was the topic of the night and here's a recap just for you:

 Exponential Defined: (of an increase) becoming more and more rapid

My background is as the Director of Marketing for LaFace Records (for R&B legend Babyface). I was traveling, living a big life with celebrities and an unlimited expense account...but I was miserable.

I knew how to pursue success but I didn't know how to live with it.

Dreams don't become realized without a process...the process is intended to teach you to LIVE YOUR POWER.

Most people have dreams but don't have visions.  What's the difference?
  • Dreams are those big picture things 
  • Vision is when you nail it down; what are the steps; the reality of the pursuit
You have to make the focus: "I want to serve in the highest capacity of my talents and giftings"
I am not talking about a to-do list....focus is what can I take off of my list. Ask yourself, "What are my 2, 3 or 4 best power steps?" and make that your list of focus.
Focus on consistency to get you through the 'No's' as you pursue your vision.

Living the Vision
What was difficult for people to understand when I resigned from LaFace Records is that I recognized my career success was leading me further towards my Plan B and taking me further from my Plan A.  My Plan A was to get married and have a family.  My Plan B was to excel in my career. Plan A comes before Plan B.

Our mistake is that we never re-visit what are our priorities.  At one time in my life, Plan B was my priority but I never went back to assess whether that was still my truth.  If I had stayed at the record label, I would continue to feel stuck because my Plan A was not getting done.

Never let your Plan B take the place of Plan A.  Sometimes you have to "give up" to "go up".

Takes Courage
It takes courage to live your vision.  It takes courage to leave old friends. It take courage to seek other opportunities.  It takes courage to change gears.

How do you get through this hard part?  Recognize the difference between confidence vs drive.  
  • Confidence allows your vulnerability to create (real) strength to step up.  Confidence says: "No matter what happens, as I pursue my vision, I'll BE OKAY!  I know this is the BEST for me."
  • Drive is protective strength that is not rooted in your vulnerability.  
To succeed at your goals, you can't have one foot rooted in Plan A and one foot rooted in Plan B.  You have to decide. 
What is Exponential Living?
  1. Pursuit of Peace
  2. Choosing Clarity
  3. Living Courageously
Pursuing titles, seeking validation, etc. is not going to get you to exponential have to face the truth about yourself.
Homework to get you to Exponential Living
Ask yourself this question:  What are the five things you value most?
  • Now write down how much time you spend per week on each one of those five things? 
We have to constantly check on ourselves of whether we are aligning our priorities with where we spend time.
When you are clear about your five top priorities, it will better help you make courageous choices about your life.  You will be clear. You can't serve others from fumes. You can only effectively serve others from your fuel (overflow). Be clear on your priorities to serve from you fuel.
What do you see yourself doing and being this time next year?
  • What do you need to focus on?
    • Where do you need to stop going?
    • What do you need to stop doing (stop trying to do everything)?
    • Sheri Riley
    •  What is causing you to keep going in circles?
Kill your distractions: it's not about adding to your list, it's about subtracting from your list.

What do you need to implement?

How are you going to ensure you stay consistent?


No matter how big your vision is, you have to stair step your way to your success. 

Final Thought:  Stop spending 100% of your time on 10% of who you are.

You can catch Steve Harvey, Doreen Rainey, and Sheri Riley at Steve Harvey's "Act Like A Success Conference" March 6th-8th, 2015 in Washington, D.C. or catch it live streamed.


A Key to Happiness: What Do You See?

How to Create Your Reality with Perception
Perception is a very interesting subject. "How" and "what" you see is a very crucial element in the fabrication of your reality.  With a slight tweak of your expectations yuo have the ability to see what you desire. 

Take this image for example: What did you see first?

Was it the white vase or a silhouette of two faces?

Isn't it interesting how it's only when you're told that it is one or the other that you begin to actually see it?

These same principles apply to your everyday life.

Psychiatrists exercise the use of ink blots in order to understand what goes on in their clients subconscious mind.  Why this method is often effective is because what your mind is mostly comprised of is what your perception will output.

As we've mentioned before, what lies within your subconscious mind is an indicator of what is active within your vibration.  In other words, your most frequent thoughts and beliefs forms your reality.  The more those thoughts begin to reside deeper within your mind, the more you will eventually reflect and manifest it into your life.

Now, because that which is in your subconscious effects your perception (and perspective), it's a pretty good idea to note what you notice in your surroundings most often. 
  • Are you someone that see's opportunity in the midst of adversity or do you simply see despair?
  • Do you happen to check your bank account ONLY when the balance is low?
  • Do you happen to see cards on the road of only the type of car that you have your eyes set on?
  • Do you always happen to find things online that reinforce your current business plan or do you find things that oppose it?
If you want to know what's active in your subconscious, start monitoring what you notice most often.  You see mostly in your life the things you WANT to see, and what you want to see eventually becomes your reality.

Start today by affirming the opposite of the negatives you see most often. 

Low account balance? Rubbish - I always have tons of money in the bank!

My business plan might not be successful? Lies! I always come up with plans that bring about great success.

Feel never going to get promotion amongst two other male colleagues? Contradict that lie! You are more than capable to be the one that gets promoted and leads your team.

Remember, your life is yours to see, and soon your visions will come to be!

Guest Post by Minding Her Business

Minding Her Business is a great group I discovered that is geared towards women that provides "motivational tips on how to enrich your life, business tips, and special offers."

Monday, February 16, 2015

Bouncing Back from Rejection

This past weekend at the Entrepreneur Magazine's Growth Conference, Shark Tank member Barbara Corcoran shared an inspiring story of how she was originally chosen to be on Shark Tank but at the last minute was rejected in favor of a "busty blonde half her age".  Corcoran has never revealed this aspect of her journey towards being the sharp, witty and focused business woman we know today on the show.

Image Credit: Richard Drew/AP
When Corcoran was first offered a role on "Shark Tank," she signed the contract immediately and told everyone in her life she would be heading to Hollywood. Four days before she was set to fly, she was told by the production company that her spot had been given to someone else: a busty blonde half her age.

Devastated, Corcoran shame-spiraled. She kicked herself for ever believing that, at her age, she would be cast on a hot, new TV show.

Her private pity party quickly morphed into something else. "I did what I do best," she says. "I got pissed."

The real-estate mogul wrote a brief email to Mark Burnett Productions and had an employee hand it to Mark Burnett directly. The email read: "I consider your rejection a lucky charm, because everything that ever happened in my life came on the heels of failure." Corcoran proposed that she compete with the other woman for the spot.

Burnett agreed, and the rest is history. "Five years, 37 businesses I've invested in — eight of which are hugely successful. Look at the wonderful second life I've given myself," Corcoran says.

What an inspiring story of what could have been permanent rejection and turning it into an opportunity where it allowed Corcoran to win!

Based on Corcoran's tips for success and her steps in this story, here are some tips to turn around your own story of rejection into one where you WIN:

Tip #1: Be honest about the circumstances.  Don't sugar coat it, don't be pie-in-the-sky about it, don't lie to yourself.  Be real with yourself about where things stand and how it effects you and what you're committed to do.

Tip #2:  Figure out a plan where you can put yourself in the best circumstance to win.  That winning circumstance should be based on your best talents and gifting. Notice how Corcoran took something out of her court and pulled it into her court...the area where she knew her experience would help her win.

Tip #3:  Keep rejection in its proper perspective.  Instead of choosing a path where the rejection could make Corcoran lose out on a great opportunity, she chose to take action that would cause the circumstances to line up with her perspective that she was the best one for the job on Shark Tank.

Tip #4:  Fight not to compete, but to dominate.  Notice that Corcoran didn't reply to Burnett on circumstances of being blonde and young (like the replacement they were considering).  She replied to Burnett in a way that would make him take notice on its impact to the success of the show.  Shark Tank is a hit because all the panelists have many years of business experience that they get to let shine in assessing the viability of the entrepreneurial ventures that make it to the show.  That bottom line has nothing to do with being blonde or young.

Tip #5:  You must believe in yourself and what you bring to the table.  Confidence is essential to achieving anything noteworthy as I wrote about for "A Tool for Your Goals".  Confidence under girds your ability to be able to look at any situation and use the tips above to orchestrate your own path to bounce back.  Confidence changes your perspective and causes you to muster up the will to win!

The confidence writeup includes a link to take "The Confidence Factor" for free.  After answering the 50 questions, be clear on where you stand, improve where you need to and do it now so that when it's your big opportunity, you play big and WIN!

Do you have a story of rejection?  How did you bounce back?


Sunday, February 15, 2015

The REAL Cindy Crawford (Un-photoshopped)

Like most people who read magazines, you'd almost forget that the images you see are filled with photoshopped models, women and skin who are already generally blessed with great looks and plenty of resources that keep them looking exceptional.

So I was surprised to see the story about Cindy Crawford without any photoshopping.  I think most people would agree that Cindy is gifted and for her great age of 48, she's a role model of health and beauty.

She posed for a photo that was photoshopped in Mexico but somehow made it's way to America without any photoshopping.

In a feathered coat, fedora, and sexy lingerie, Crawford stands proud and regal, happy to show off her body. The photo was released with Cindy's permission so it wasn't a leak. By releasing these photos, she proves that beauty isn't about washboard abs or impossibly toned legs; it's about being comfortable in your own skin.

And as she told Marie Claire at the premiere of her new documentary last week, "I really think — at any age — it's learning to be comfortable in your own skin. ... If women would treat themselves with the same kind of love they give to their friends, that would be such a great gift we could give ourselves. ... What makes you the most attractive is self-confidence. That's what people see."

I honestly wish more media outlets would show more women in this fashion so that we can all know that an aging woman's body is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of!  Women bear children, sometimes have to have their breasts removed from breast cancer, go through battles of hair loss, get wrinkles from laughing so much (signs of a great life!), etc.

And this doesn't change the fact that women are kind, maternal, loyal, emotional, caring, hopeful, brave and overall amazing!

What do you think of this viral photo?  Do you think it will impact media's photoshopping standards?


Thursday, February 12, 2015


Get inspired with this 1.5 minute video dose of major inspiration! 

Play, shout, close that business deal, exceed those sales goals, change up your hair, renew your love for your career, fall in matter what it is, believe that #ThisGirlCan


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

High Productivity & Company Growth for #LoveWeek with Mindvalley

I am always inspired when there are companies who choose to do something different that puts the impact on people above profit-only considerations.

A couple of days ago I bumped into a company called Mindvalley, a global brand that invests in, creates and builds businesses that aligns with its goal to push humanity forward.  Their company philosophy is based on a quote by Buckminster Fuller:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

I don't know about you but that's one powerful statement!  However, it's something they are doing this week that has inspired me to write about them even more...

Mindvalley is behind a global movement called "Love Week". Love Week was a crazy tradition created five years ago to test the effect of what would happen in their workplace if "Love" was apart of the job description of every employee for five days.

Why Love in the Workplace?
Several years ago, we decided that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be a day for lovers – so we planned a takeover that resulted in Love Week – when everybody gets to experience some love and appreciation at the workplace. And because love and appreciation lead to happiness, it boosted our productivity dramatically. - See more at:
Several years ago the team at Mindvalley decided to take over the week before Valentine's Day to not just be for lovers but to see how love can influence the productivity of work when everybody gets to experience some love and appreciation in the workplace.

When you make love and care part of your company's culture, you create an environment that encourages and enables employees to bond and connect with each other.  Various studies have proven that friendships at work boost productivity and company growth!

How It Works
Love Week takes place for five days before Valentine's Day (February 9th-13th), for five amazing days of giving and receiving in the office.  Each person plays a secret angel and "a human" to somebody. A week before Love Week starts, everyone draws a name of someone to be a secret angel to for Love Week without revealing their identity.

So even though we are already in the midst of Love Week, I still believe it is not too late to gather your board, your organization, your team, your family or your charity group and get inspired to create a Love Week that works for you.  It's about how powerfully impactful the concept is for those involved! 

And here's a warning from Mindvalley should your company, group or organization choose to conduct something similar for your employees: this will shift your company culture. (See a full list of statistics and information on how participating in Love Week will transform your organization HERE.)

Be great...

Several years ago, we decided that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be a day for lovers – so we planned a takeover that resulted in Love Week – when everybody gets to experience some love and appreciation at the workplace. And because love and appreciation lead to happiness, it boosted our productivity dramatically. - See more at:
Several years ago, we decided that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be a day for lovers – so we planned a takeover that resulted in Love Week – when everybody gets to experience some love and appreciation at the workplace. And because love and appreciation lead to happiness, it boosted our productivity dramatically. - See more at:

What Happens When You Make “Love” Part of Your Job Description for Five Days

It all started as a ‘crazy’ tradition in Mindvalley to take on Valentine’s Day five years ago. Now it’s been turned into a global movement for companies worldwide. Get your team on board to spread the love, and watch your workplace transform.

- See more at:

What Happens When You Make “Love” Part of Your Job Description for Five Days

It all started as a ‘crazy’ tradition in Mindvalley to take on Valentine’s Day five years ago. Now it’s been turned into a global movement for companies worldwide. Get your team on board to spread the love, and watch your workplace transform.

- See more at:

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Creative Day with Southern Elle Style

Image Credit: Lauren Spann
I consider myself pretty crafty. Well, I did until I attended a Valentine Class at Paper Source – Northpark!
Last weekend, I kicked off the month of February by attending a crafting class with the Dallas Tri Delta Alumni Association and it did not disappoint! 

Paper Source gives you the opportunity to host private parties, so a group of 10 of us gathered around a table with some sweets and treats to learn how to make fabulous valentine cards. 

Our lovely leader then walked us through several demonstrations that we would be utilizing during our session. To name a few, we learned how to line an envelope, use a tape runner, emboss, make stickers, and even how to make an origami heart!

My favorite skill to learn was embossing. It is such a pretty way to decorate cards and invitations, and this way it doesn’t cost you a fortune. There’s even a way that you emboss your very own handwriting!

The great thing about Paper Source is that not only do they teach you skills that most people pay top dollar for someone else to do, but they also provide all the necessary products at a price that won’t break the bank! I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would go back to take another.

Check out Paper Source online here and learn more about private parties here.

Have fun!

Check Out Lauren's Valentine's "Macaroons and My Girls"

Lauren Spann is involved in fashion 24/7. During the day, so works in the merchandising department for the Dallas Cowboys, and at night she sews custom bow ties for and writes blog posts for You can follow her on Instagram @ElleSpann, as well as on Twitter and Pinterest.

February 11th Valentine's Day Chat with Tony and Sage Robbins

One of the couples who really seem to get it right is Tony and Sage Robbins.  Their connection to each other, support of each other and genuine affection towards each other has been inspiring for many couples.

On February 11th at 8pm EST, you'll get your chance to attend a FREE intimate Valentine's Day video chat with Tony and Sage.

Join Tony and Sage for this intimate live chat and discover the keys that create a lasting, loving relationship.

Whether you are in a relationship or looking to be in one, there are patterns that create deeper intimacy, passion and connection.

Discover what these patterns are with Tony and Sage if you want to have the ultimate relationship that inspires you and everyone around you — not just on Valentines Day — but for life.

FREE Trial - Tony Robbins Ultimate Relationship Program
Also, try out this powerful love series from Tony and Sage called "The Ultimate Relationship Program" for FREE (just pay shipping and handling)!

About "The Ultimate Relationship Program": What if you could ignite more love, joy and excitement in your relationship starting right now? And if you're not currently in a relationship – isn't it time to have a proven approach for attracting your ideal mate… someone who loves and cherishes you, who lights you up and charges you? If you want your relationship to be an area of excitement, juice, passion and aliveness, then you need to know the tools that can give you the ultimate advantage. 

The program is broken down into eight segments, so you can work with the program to get the maximum impact for you—in seven or eight days, or use it once a week for eight weeks. You will have the time of your life and find that things you thought were impossible to change can be shifted in a matter of days.

Happy Valentine's Day and make your relationship solid and renew your passions by attending Wednesday's video chat and getting "The Ultimate Relationship Program".



Disclosure: "The Ultimate Relationship Program" is an affiliate link.  Curva-Lish will receive commissions from sales using link above.  I only recommend the best there is to offer and thus, Curva-Lish has an affiliation with Tony Robbins company (the best!).

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Valentine's Day Love Videos!

I love, love!  Love is the root of everything!  And in celebration of love,  Curva-Lish is offering a Valentine's Day special that is meant to celebrate YOUR love! Whether you are single, dating, engaged or married...we have a Valentine's Day video for you!

If video example from YouTube doesn't show above, click here.

This video is our one-minute video feature but we also offer two other video lengths for you to choose from...see below:

What We Need From You
  • Full name(s) of the couple (or single) as you want it to appear in video
  • At least 4 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) photos you want to appear in the video*
  • Short quotes you want included in video (a line from a favorite poem, a famous quote)**
  • Any other text you want included in video
  • Music (choose one): 
  • Video Length Choice (choose one) and PayPal Payment Link:
    • One Minute Video: $9.99
    • One Minute, 30 Seconds Video: $19.99 (Recommended!
  • Email information to
* We are not responsible for low quality photos sent to us; we will also be adding Valentine's Day themed images to video
** All text needs to be short (think Twitter 140 character length) for each slide

What You Will Get:  
  • 1st Draft averages only 3 days to complete once all items above are received
  • After 1st draft, one additional opportunity to revise
  • A link dedicated exclusively for your video for you to share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and through email, etc.
All videos ordered by midnight February 11th has a "before Valentine's Day" guarantee.  But don't wait until then! We will close this video special based on volume...don't be left out!

Note: by you becoming a customer, you agree to allow Curva-Lish to use your video in our marketing and promotional efforts and thus, release Curva-Lish from any wrongdoing or liability.

So support Curva-Lish and celebrate your love!  Order your video now!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Call for Global Citizens with Bill and Melinda Gates

Image Credit: Gates Foundation
Today on Twitter, I noticed two posts from Bill Gates' account posting a call for Global Citizens.  On one post, Gates noted that he was on a trip that was truly "...enriching his life".

What is a Global Citizen?
First of all, let me say that anyone who cares about the eradication of poverty can become a Global Citizen. It is not a full-time commitment where you'll have to change your job, etc.  As a Global Citizen you will be the first to hear about exciting events and how you can take action in the fight to end extreme poverty.

Also, according to the Gates' site, they are enlisting the world as Global Citizens to support their Big Bet:

---Our Big Bet---

The lives of people in poor countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history. And their lives will improve more than anyone else's.

We see an opportunity and we want to make the most of it.

"We're putting our credibility, time, and money behind this bet — and asking others to join us — because we think there has never been a better time to accelerate progress and have a big impact around the world.

Some will say we're irrational to make this bet too. A skeptic would look at the world's problems and conclude that things are only getting worse. And we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that a handful of the worst-off countries will continue to struggle.
A Call for Global Citizens
But we think the next 15 years will see major breakthroughs for most people in poor countries. They will be living longer and in better health. They will have unprecedented opportunities to get an education, eat nutritious food, and benefit from mobile banking. These breakthroughs will be driven by innovation in technology — ranging from new vaccines and hardier crops to much cheaper smartphones and tablets — and by innovations that help deliver those things to more people.
Bill and Melinda Gates in Tanzania
Image Credit: Gates Foundation

The rich world will keep getting exciting new advances too, but the improvements in the lives of the poor will be far more fundamental — the basics of a healthy, productive life. It's great that more people in rich countries will be able to watch movies on super hi-resolution screens. It's even better that more parents in poor countries will know their children aren't going to die." Read More

I can't think of a better way to live a life of purpose than to join the Gates as a Global Citizen.  I have already signed up...join us!


Curva-Lish New Brand Ambassador for "Renegade Collective"!

Image Credit: Renegade Collective
This year is turning into quite a lucrative year for me and Curva-Lish thus far!  I was so happy to hear that the magazine brand "Renegade Collective" out of Australia selected Curva-Lish to be one of its Brand Ambassadors!

Why Renegade Collective?
Their website says it best: "The Collective is a monthly 176-page lifestyle magazine that brings together entrepreneurial and creative minds from across the globe. True to our name, we are a collection of game changers, rule breakers, thought leaders and style makers with a common appetite for challenging the status quo

If you’re looking to catch up with us, we can be found in 30 countries worldwide – from the humid streets of Turkey to the Fjords of Norway, The Collective is a universal movement. Through personal stories, in-depth interviews, investigative features and practical tips, The Collective aims to inspire and inform. Whether you are looking for a boost of creativity, business advice from industry professionals or a friendly pep talk, this mag is your guide to making an impact in this world."

Isn't that cool???

I am obsessed with any brand, business, company or organization that provides an avenue for people to live a life that they know counts, serves others, spreads notable ideas and overall allows for authenticity to shine through...this is a NO BRAINER match for Curva-Lish to be a Brand Ambassador!

So stay tuned to future blog features from my Ambassadorship!  There will be giveaways, featured articles, ideas to help you grow and more!  Subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the "Subscription" panel on the right hand side.

Email Me

Monday, February 2, 2015

How to Make 2015 Legendary with Robin Sharma

One of my favorite life maximizers is Robin Sharma.  I know him from my involvement in the business world but Sharma has a way of inspiring everyone to achieve their personal best.

Sharma is best known for his book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", a fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny. The book is an inspiring tale that provides a step-by-step approach to living with greater courage, balance, abundance and joy.

More recently, Sharma continues to sell-out venues, partner with huge organizations while maintaining a personal touch with his fans through phone chats and video uploads from his vast travels that are filmed right from his iPhone while running in Budapest, running on the beaches of Laos or in his hotel room in Johannesburg!

So I was super excited to get a notification of an upcoming webinar that Sharma has scheduled for anyone around the world who truly wants to make 2015 the year their life changes the game...not competing with anyone or challenging something that you don't care about.

This webinar is about YOUR life and how you can finally make this the year you live authentically from a place of power, core living and with massive focus towards the life you have always dreamed of...and it's FREE.

The last global call Sharma conducted broke down the system because 25, 000 people around the world all signed in at the same time (they had to have an encore due to the unexpected volume)!

This time you must sign up!

Webinar: February 5th, 11:00 AM EST
Time Length: About 60 minutes
RSVP Link: Here
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Go Get 'Em Girl

This is the first week of the 2nd month of a brand new year...choose one goal that you REALLY want to see results in your life that will help you live from a place of authenticity and go after it this week!

Be Brave

Live with Faith

Believe in Yourself

Ignore the Naysayers 

Increase Your Wants

Never Give Up

Quiet Your Fear

Take Just One Step 

Visualize Your Success

Renew Your Joy

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Going for the Looong Shot!

This past week I applied for the Conde Nast Style Society because I am adding a style page to this blog and wanted to join a group that are the pioneers in style.  Conde Nast is the publisher behind some of the greatest fashion and style brands such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour,, etc. Their Style Society is "“social hub for forward-thinking, style-focused women." They only accept 2,000 to be apart of the style society at any given time.

So upon me applying, negative thoughts entered my head saying things like "You are no trend setter", "You would be out of your league", "Conde Nast would never approve you being apart of such a selective community", etc, etc.  Literally as I was answering each question, a different worry kept coming up!

Have you ever had that happen?  You wanted to join, be apart of or get accepted to something that will help you meet a goal but you know going in it's a looong shot?  This seems to be the story of my life!

I am not sure when it happened but since I come from such a poor background, I knew that I'd never be able to be all that I wanted to become if I didn't at least try!  One of my favorite quotes is by Michael Jordan:  

"I can accept failure but I can not accept not trying."

To make a long story short, I was accepted and am the newest member of the Conde Nast Style Society...yippee!

For the same reasons why I started this blog in the first place to evangelize authenticity, I applied for the style society... I am seeing a gap. In this case, I am seeing a gap in the world of fashion and style as it applies to the evolution of style for a woman over 40. 

I am a 40-year old woman who has been reading Vogue since I was 14 years old but as my life has evolved so has my style.  I am no longer interested in wearing some pre-determined look out of a catalogue.  I want my style to be reflective of who I am, where I am and what makes me look my best!  And statistics say there are more women like me than are women who want their look to be dictated!

So, our new style page (debuting this week!) will be focused on what I will explore in how style (not fashion per se) plays a role in the life of an evolving, mature woman as we all continually seek out how our authenticity unfolds in our everyday style...from clothing to accessories to home decor to our hobbies!

Another Example of the Looong Shot
Image Credit: Kerrie Hess
Also in this past week, I finally heard from a potential client that I have been professionally "stalking" for months!  A contract with them for my strategic advisory firm would take me life and business' work to a whole different level!  There were many times when I thought about just stopping the emails or voicemail messages but Grant Cardone's craziness in "The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure" kept popping up...don't give up!

I have a meeting scheduled with this potential client in about a week and I am prepping for it now!  Getting inside this organization is like winning the gold ticket to the Chocolate Factory.  It was a looong shot that took several months but finally, I am on my way!

So my question to you:  what have you not pursued because someone (or you told yourself!) that it can't be done? Whatever it is, circle back to it!  Don't let self or imposed limitations restrict you from going for the looong shot!  Life is too short!

Leave a comment below of your looong shot.  Also, Make 2015 Your Year and get some coaching that will help you drive towards results!

It's February 1st and it's just the 2nd month of the new year so stay focused and go for that looong shot!

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