Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Who is Winning the Pandemic's Digital Lifestyle Retail Race?

As Pier 1 just announced it's permanent closing, another once preeminent brand that has lost it's luster in modern consumerism, I was curious which lifestyle retailers are winning in the digital landscape during our pandemic times (excluding the obvious Big 3: Amazon, Walmart, Target).

Here are the numbers I ran according to website metrics for April, 2020 (and the brand's month over month change):

* Trendyol (Turkey): 115.0M (increase 47.6%)

* Sephora (USA): 44.0M (increase 41.92%)

* Gap (USA): 48.84M (increase 23.13%)

* H&M (USA): 81.68M (increase 18.0%)

* Nordstrom (USA): 35.62M (increase 17.86%)

What does this mean from a lifestyle brand perspective?

* USA based companies are dominating global shopping

* Sephora (with it's over 41% website visit increase in one month smack dab in the middle of the pandemic) shows that even despite a world catastrophe, beauty will always be a powerful category with women

* Gap appearing in the top 5 is indicative of many consumers shopping with the mentality of "Essentials"

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

When Your Problem Maybe You

I just received a notification from a lady who has one of those "buy my $1,299 program and you'll succeed" brands that said she's leaving Facebook because it doesn't have the high vibration that she wants for herself and the group.

I can respect that but guess what?? If you look at her posts, SHE'S the one posting negative, instigating, divisive content and shares!

When you are a grown person, at what point do you stop blaming others, media, or some other scapegoat and truly ask yourself: maybe it's ME!

Like, for real!

At what point do you make self-care and self-awareness balanced and asking yourself: If I keep getting the same results in my life, maybe there is some dysfunction in my life that I need to face.

Do you keep losing friends? Maybe it's you.

Do you keep losing opportunities? Maybe it's you.

Do you keep missing your goals, no matter how earnest your intentions? Maybe it's you.

Surrounded by negative people that is always gossiping about other people's lives? Maybe it's you.

Going on 100 dates a year and still can't seem to find "the one"? Maybe it's you.

Does other people's achievements deter you from focusing on your own lane? Maybe it's you.

Instead of looking for some scapegoat to blame...seriously ask yourself:




Dr. Lauren Ives, Licensed Psychologist

I asked my friend Licensed Psychologist Dr. Lauren Ives to weigh in: "In today's society people are quick to point the finger at others when really they should be taking a long hard look in the mirror. So the next time you want to blame others for your shortcomings, just remember that positive energy attracts positive energy...don't be the source of negativity in your life!"

That's it! "...don't be the source of negativity in your life!" YOU get to decide. Not Facebook. Not your co-workers. Not your high school teacher from 30 years ago. YOU get to decide if YOU are the source of your negativity or not.

And the easiest way to know that is to determine whether you are taking ownership of it or blaming everyone and everything else around you...thanks Dr. Ives!

If you need help with identifying what is your "Maybe it's you" issue, check out Talkspace and with the current discount code you can try it!

If you are already on your journey but need further support, I advise checking out the Coaching Federation and their tips for hiring a Coach that helps you continue to move forward without the baggage of past dysfunction.

If you don't know the difference between needing a therapist versus needing a Coach, check out my comparison included in my popular new beginnings post (scroll down).

And again, don't be afraid to admit that the reason you aren't moving forward in life in a particular area is because: Maybe it's you.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Future of Urbane Herb Gardening

One of the things I missed the most about attending 2020 SXSW (due to cancellation by City of Austin) was doing media coverage on the #futureoffood and how we will be eating in 10 years and beyond.

Also, the focus of my lifestyle brand is clearly on an urbane way of living: I'm literally obsessed with the migration towards city centers. The International Organization for Migration in 2015 estimated that around 3 million people are moving to cities every week. Approximately 54% of people worldwide now live in cities, up from 30% in 1950.

This means that from a lifestyle perspective, there will be a continued need for companies who are creating solutions for how the majority of us will be living in the future. 

Two brands have/are creating solutions for how the urbanite will be growing vegetables and herbs: Gardenuity and FarmShelf.

Gardenuity Co-Founder Donna Letier says it best: "Our mission is simple- we make gardening accessible to everyone."

Gardenuity does this by creating gardens that can literally be grown in their signature black bag that can be placed any many sized homes, but especially tiny balconies in urban cities.

That may already be impressive but even more cool, Gardenuity creates specific bag gardens depending on what you will using the herbs/plants to make.

These are my favorite garden bag options:

And don't forget that Gardenuity also offers a one-time payment subscription service that takes all the guess work out of growing your seasonal herbs. Brilliant.

FarmShelf is innovating the way #urban homes and businesses (from restaurants to office buildings) around the world will have the ability to grow greens and #herbs (from a choice of over 40 options). Insert seedpods and crops grow 3x faster than outdoors.

My focus is on the Farmshelf as a home solution. Farmshelf automates the hardest parts of growing a garden and with it's fast growing shelving unit can produce pounds of fresh produce per week. When you consider the costs and savings, it will be a major competitor for urbanites who frequently buy fresh herbs and produce at farmer's markets or pricey grocery outlets such as WholeFoods.

And the best thing is you can grow as much or as little produce as you need without wasting like when you buy normal store bought produce—you harvest only what you need while the rest keeps growing. 

Here’s a typical week:
  • 8 heads of lettuce (ex: Romaine, Bibb, Butter)
  • 8 bunches of herbs (ex: Basil, Chives, Parsley)
  • 8 bunches of greens (ex: Kale, Arugula, Mustard)

This is pure brilliance in innovation that also lessens waste, adds nutrition options AND saves money for people like me who frequently shops at weekly #farmersmarkets

FarmShelf pre-orders going on NOW at $4,950 with only a $100 deposit required (compared to upcoming retail price of $6,450). Hit the link to learn more: