Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Rewind: If It's Not Working, Create It!

Trina Turk Desk Calendar Re-Configured

A while ago I blogged about how sometimes you have to create what doesn't exist for you and this post is a rewind to remind you to always do and create what will allow you to live your best life.

As a creative, entrepreneur and blogger, my life doesn't fit into a nice little box.

I require different needs when it comes to how I stay organized or my life gets out of control pretty fast!

And when my life gets out of control, I miss appointments, project deadlines, details about clients, events, etc.

In other words, my livelihood literally depends on me keeping my life and work as organized, balanced and prioritized as possible.

That's where creating an executive notebook with parts from many different sources makes the most sense for me.

I searched for a "perfect" planner literally for years before getting so frustrated that I decided to create my own version of a perfect planner.

For this post, I am highlighting the part of my executive notebook that gives me the 5,000 foot view of my calendar based on which part of my life it correlates to.

My planner hack is to purchase desk calendars and fold them into my notebook. Not only are desk calendars (much) cheaper than regular calendars, they also give you a "layout" view of upcoming events, project deadlines, etc.

And I'd also suggest you train yourself to use a color coding system (color pens work brilliantly for this) that correlates to the life or work calendar item OR use highlighters to color code the calendar item.

So you could technically open your folded desk calendar and know within seconds whether you need to buckle down and get something done, whether you can attend an event, whether you are working more on a specific area of your life/work life (based on the color taking up the most of your calendar) and not enough on another area.

Again, don't be afraid to take a part that works for something else and translate it to a system that can help you live a life by design and instead of feeling like life is leading you, you are leading your life.  That's an empowering feeling that will keep you motivated, content and filled with joy.

It's Curva-Lish.

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