Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Simple Illustration to Finding Your Purpose

I loved this and wanted to share with you!

If you are like me, even at age 40 years old, I'm still seeking my purpose.  Don't get me wrong, I'm literally doing what I love and feel extremely blessed to be able to say that but I've learned that purpose can change and evolve as you evolve as a person.

Be inspired to find the profession that matches with your vocation that will allow you to mix your passion with your mission!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Six Words That Rocked the World

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I've written about Nobel Prize Winner Malala before but the six words she said in her Nobel Peace Prize speech is worth repeating and has given me so much inspiration as I pursue my own dreams.

Malala, in recounting the effects of what it was like to have been shot by extremists for being firm in wanting an education (something not allowed in her home country), said:

'My Weaknesses Died on That Day'

When Malala said these six words, the room of attendees and those watching live from around the world wept, cheered, and were deeply touched that such a young girl could exhibit so much character and courage.  I really believe her words were so impactful because all of us can identify with how much it takes to have courage in the face of insurmountable odds, let alone the courage it takes to believe in something so strongly that has yet to be unfolded.

So my question to you today is: What weaknesses need to die in you today before the pages turn into a new year?

When you think about that, don't think of it in the context of new year's resolutions.  Think in terms of what weaknesses have held you back from maximizing your potential and being your best light in the world? 

Here are some tips for using the last couple weeks of this year to finally decide to let your weaknesses die so that you are no longer held back from your highest potential:

Tip #1: Let go of your is impossible to move forward unless you make a conscientious choice that no matter who has hurt you, how awful of a tragedy you have experienced or how many disappointments you feel were unfair, YOU MUST LET IT GO! 

Tip #2:  Don't contain yourself into only one way that your dream can be realized...there is no one person on this planet that has the exact same experiences as the next person.  Variables and scenarios are always different. Malala had no idea that her brave choice would one day cause her to win the Nobel Peace Prize! So don't look at your dreams being realized in a vacuum; stay open!

Tip #3:  Be resolved in your mind and spirit that whatever you do to pursue your dreams will take courage.  Those butterflies in your stomach, those negative voices telling you you can't do it, those given traditions (like the case with Malala) aren't going to go away.  Keep pressing forward anyway!

Tip #4:  Get a support Malala's case, she has a very solid support system in the form of her gracious parents.  Long before the world cheered for her courage, Malala's parents stood in solidarity with her to get an education.  But keep in mind your support system won't always be family and friends.  Sometimes it will come in the form of a group of people who share an interest, an association of members, etc.  And you don't need many, even one person that can serve as unconditional support is enough (quality over quantity)!

And here's an exercise that I have done before that was ceremonially very powerful:  
  • Write down your biggest weaknesses on strips of paper.  As you write each one, crumble it up into an open container.  
  • Once you are finished writing down your weaknesses and things that have held you back, take each piece, read it out loud and then say out loud "I will no longer allow this weakness to hold me back".  
  • And then light that piece of paper on fire.  Yes, I said it...light each piece of paper on fire as you read the weakness aloud and follow it with your power statement.   (Please be safe and be near water so that as each piece disappears from the fire, you can put it in water.)
Here's hoping  you are inspired by Malala and this post to make your weaknesses die the last two weeks of this year so that 2015 can be your best yet!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

When You're on Top Stay Humble, When You're Low Stay Hopeful

Unlike times of past where business was all about getting big, squeezing out profits no matter how much it hurt employees and fulfilling capitalistic self interest...we have never seen so many companies adopting social missions balancing profit with doing good by both company employees and clients/customers.

One example of this phenomenon is a company I recently bumped into called lokai (all lowercase). What intrigued me was the mission of their small company. The company is centered around a bracelet that has particular meaning in the story of lokai (as noted on their website):

Sometimes you’ve hit a low, Stay Hopeful.

A few years ago, Steven found himself in a moment of sadness, for his grandfather who had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The black bead of the lokai bracelet holds mud from the Dead Sea to represent this moment, when he felt at his lowest point.

Sometimes you’re on top of the world, Stay Humble.

Yet at the same time, Steven was struck by a feeling of immense gratitude for where he was in life. The white bead of the lokai bracelet carries water from Mount Everest to represent this moment, when he felt like he was on top of the world.

Find Your Balance

Steven brought these two key elements together because life is full of cycles. The rest of the beads are clear, because we all have our own story of balance to tell.
Life is full of joy and sadness, and we can all relate to its highs and lows. I hope that lokai will remind you to stay balanced and centered along your journey.

-Steven Izen, Founder of lokai

Adding to all this positive and authentic goodness is 10% of proceeds are donated to charity!

Purchase your $18 lokai bracelet and let it be a reminder to stay hopeful, stay humble and always find your balance in authenticity along your journey.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's Never Too Late!

A few weeks ago I was speaking with a friend sharing our goals. One thing I had thought about during our discussion is that she seemed to be on a fast track to make all her dreams come true in the shortest period possible.  She had some big goals so I was a bit perplexed at what the rush was???

And then she made a statement that answered the need to hurry...harboring in the back of her mind was the fact that she had children at a young age, which lead her to just now study for her four year degree in her 40's. So even though she is a fantastic mom and friend, inspired believer and overall great human being, she still felt like she was behind and needed to somehow catch up to other people her age.

I was shocked!  I think the world of this friend and just because her journey is different from someone else's journey, doesn't make it too late.

During our conversation, she actually said, "I feel like I'm running from behind and it's too late."

So I told her that for the next few days, I was going to send her texts that encouraged her and gave her examples of people who have done things at the ages of 40 and above with the tagline: "It's Never Too Late" #INTL.

Here are a couple of texts I sent to her as examples of it's never to late:
  • Man gets fired, becomes successful...then comes back to buy the building: Raymond Hill was fired from his sales job--get this--for making too many sales, then started out on his own and eventually bought the same building where he worked before.  He was entitled to $1 million in sales commissions that wasn't paid to him by the owner.  He struck out on his own and ten years later, due to the success of his company, he was about to purchase the building that once housed the company he used to work for! It's never too late. See full story here.
  • Estee Lauder
  • Quote from Estee Lauder in her autobiographical book "Estee: A Success Story": "I started late.  It's never too late to start a business just as it's never too late to make yourself beautiful.  Women of a certain age are seasoned enough to bypass frivolities.  It takes a certain tunnel vision...older women are not quite so easily distracted.  Whether they've decided to improve their faces or their fortunes, women are usually more successful when they have an advantage of years." Love this's never too late! (FYI: the book is old but is a constant source of inspiration for me as I build Curva-Lish)

This morning, one of my good guy friends Rob posted a link to Bernstein's TEDx Talk about the dialogue we tell ourselves that we have to live up to some pre-set rule on when, where and how we can do something or accomplish something.

As Godin says on his blog, he hears this quite often "I'm too old to make a difference, take a leap, change the game..." This is a seductive story, because it lets us off the hook. Obviously, the thinking goes, the deck (whichever deck you want to pick) is stacked against me, so no need to even imagine the failure that effort will bring. Better to just move along and lower my expectations.
Hannes Schwandt has published some interesting research on this. Regret seems to peak at 50, and then, as people start rationalizing that they're not expected to make much of a difference going forward, life satisfaction starts to increase. Of course, this is doubly backwards... we can (and must) contribute as we get older, and freedom is nothing to fear."

Robin Sharma, motivational guru, said it best in his principles of success: "Always consider your reference point. Your 60's is not too old if you've ever seen Mick Jagger in concert.  Make him your reference point of what it means to age well. He rocks during a two hour concert with more energy than most people in their 30s."

It's Never Too Late

Throw out those negative voices telling you it's too late, stop comparing yourself to someone else's journey, create a new reference point of someone who's done something pretty amazing in an unorthodox way and go for it!


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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How Andy Puddicombe Defines Success

Recently, The Wall Street Journal asked an illustrious group of people how they defines success.  Andy Puddicombe's response was profound and I wanted to share:

"When I was young, I thought success was defined by others.  I've realized that, for me, success is caring less about what other people think and it's getting out of my own way.  What I often hear from people at the top of their fields is that they feel trapped.  They've sought this idea of success, and they've projected that image to the world, even if it's not who they really are.  In kind, the world has projected that image back to them, creating a sense of obligation.  They've worked so hard at being what they think everyone else wants them to be.  It can take quite some time to unravel all that and find out, what am I really about?  The answer very often is, not as much as people might think.  We all do it..."

Have you ever felt that way?  How do you define success?

Puddicombe is a mindfulness expert and the founder of the meditation platform Headspace. You can sign up for free and find out how meditation and mindfulness have benefits for you and those around you.  

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Headspace also has its "Take 10" program of practicing mindfulness 10 minutes a day that can help you "smile more,  sleep better and love better".

And you can always comment or send me an email if Headspace (or another resource) has helped you define success.  I'd love to hear about it!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quick Inspiration: Making a Difference with Your Life

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Make the most of your dash!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Planning with Your Passion In Mind

In my research to blog and write about all things that can inspire and empower women towards a lifestyle of authenticity, I have the privilege of bumping into some pretty amazing things.

Recently, I learned of a Kickstarter project whose aim is to provide a tool for people to not just plan, but plan with their deepest passions in mind.

This project is the work of a dynamic young lady named Angelia Trinidad.  According to Kickstarter, the planner is an appointment calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, gratitude log & personal and work to-do lists all in one notebook.

Passion Planner is a paper planner designed with your passions and personal goals in mind. It seamlessly balances functionality, personal reflection and goal setting in one beautiful handcrafted planner.

What's even better is that until 12/3/2014, you can download a the Full PDF version of Passion Planner 2015 for you to print and use to chase your passions!  All you have to do is make a minimum $1 contribution to get the full PDF!  If you want, you can also make a contribution to get the full planner sent to you starting in December.

It is not too early to start thinking about how you can accomplish your goals for 2015.  The brilliance of the Passion Planner is that instead of planning according to some goals that won't make you happier, you can plan according to your passion!

Have fun!