Thursday, December 18, 2014

Six Words That Rocked the World

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I've written about Nobel Prize Winner Malala before but the six words she said in her Nobel Peace Prize speech is worth repeating and has given me so much inspiration as I pursue my own dreams.

Malala, in recounting the effects of what it was like to have been shot by extremists for being firm in wanting an education (something not allowed in her home country), said:

'My Weaknesses Died on That Day'

When Malala said these six words, the room of attendees and those watching live from around the world wept, cheered, and were deeply touched that such a young girl could exhibit so much character and courage.  I really believe her words were so impactful because all of us can identify with how much it takes to have courage in the face of insurmountable odds, let alone the courage it takes to believe in something so strongly that has yet to be unfolded.

So my question to you today is: What weaknesses need to die in you today before the pages turn into a new year?

When you think about that, don't think of it in the context of new year's resolutions.  Think in terms of what weaknesses have held you back from maximizing your potential and being your best light in the world? 

Here are some tips for using the last couple weeks of this year to finally decide to let your weaknesses die so that you are no longer held back from your highest potential:

Tip #1: Let go of your is impossible to move forward unless you make a conscientious choice that no matter who has hurt you, how awful of a tragedy you have experienced or how many disappointments you feel were unfair, YOU MUST LET IT GO! 

Tip #2:  Don't contain yourself into only one way that your dream can be realized...there is no one person on this planet that has the exact same experiences as the next person.  Variables and scenarios are always different. Malala had no idea that her brave choice would one day cause her to win the Nobel Peace Prize! So don't look at your dreams being realized in a vacuum; stay open!

Tip #3:  Be resolved in your mind and spirit that whatever you do to pursue your dreams will take courage.  Those butterflies in your stomach, those negative voices telling you you can't do it, those given traditions (like the case with Malala) aren't going to go away.  Keep pressing forward anyway!

Tip #4:  Get a support Malala's case, she has a very solid support system in the form of her gracious parents.  Long before the world cheered for her courage, Malala's parents stood in solidarity with her to get an education.  But keep in mind your support system won't always be family and friends.  Sometimes it will come in the form of a group of people who share an interest, an association of members, etc.  And you don't need many, even one person that can serve as unconditional support is enough (quality over quantity)!

And here's an exercise that I have done before that was ceremonially very powerful:  
  • Write down your biggest weaknesses on strips of paper.  As you write each one, crumble it up into an open container.  
  • Once you are finished writing down your weaknesses and things that have held you back, take each piece, read it out loud and then say out loud "I will no longer allow this weakness to hold me back".  
  • And then light that piece of paper on fire.  Yes, I said it...light each piece of paper on fire as you read the weakness aloud and follow it with your power statement.   (Please be safe and be near water so that as each piece disappears from the fire, you can put it in water.)
Here's hoping  you are inspired by Malala and this post to make your weaknesses die the last two weeks of this year so that 2015 can be your best yet!

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