Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luck
What do all high-achieving entrepreneurs have in common? CEO advisors, venture capitalists and authors Tjan, Harrington, and Hsieh reveal the traits of those who “make it.” What are they? Heart, smarts, guts and luck.

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"Self Confidence Personal Assessment"

All strong achievers seem to have one quality or characteristic overwhelmingly in common: self confidence.  As you well know, self confidence can make you more imaginative, more creative, more willing to take risks, more powerful and more successful.  Even if you already enjoy self confidence, this quiz will help you access your current confidence factor.

And remember, everyone can improve in life!

Take your FREE self-confidence personal assessment and calculate your scoring to empower the achievement of your dreams and fulfill your life's goals!  

Confidence is the game-changer to make that happen!

Don't let your lack of self-awareness about your self-confidence sabotage your purposeful pursuit of your goals!

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Add-On: Get the most from the assessment wish a 55-minute "Self-Confidence Coaching Session" that will further help you interpret your assessment results, specifically show you how to increase your self confidence and determine your BEST strategy for using your confidence towards your goals! This is not about just motivation; this is about tangible results to get you positioned to WIN in what you want from life! Only $79+taxes!

Coaching session includes:

  • Ways to utilize your scoring to increase your self-confidence
  • Specific clues to what actions are sabotaging your self-confidence
  • Indicators of high self-confidence and how to effectively target your weakest and strongest indicators
  • An individualized strategy to use your assessment results to execute your goals

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