Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dave of Dave Matthews Meets the Good Luck Beetle

As an India Hicks Style Ambassador, I'm always intrigued by the interesting people that visit India and her beloved Harbour Island.

Today India posted the most funniest picture of Dave of the Dave Matthews Band sporting our Siren Beetle scarf (and some great tequila) when he visited the island with his family.

Good luck for you, the Beetle scarf is on sale for only $34 (normally $58) for our flash sale! The sale ends tonight so get it HERE!

Dave of the Dave Matthews Band & Siren Scarf

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Gorgeous Simplicity: White Spa Towel Set

As I've written about before, about four years ago I started my evolution of adopting a simpler life.

My evolution has been both inspiring, happy, sacrificial and beautiful.

One of my main hang ups with getting inspiration from simplicity has been a lack of beautiful design and inspiration... what I call stylish living.

Every time I read or looked for inspiration on Simplicity, the examples were of people I did not identify negativity intended but I love great design. Many examples of Simplicity that I saw were boring and frankly, un-inspiring.

So I'm going to create more blog posts (that will also be added to my Curva-Lish Pinterest board titled "Essentialism: Thriving in a Simple Life") on how you can achieve Simplicity without sacrificing Style, design or Beauty!

And yes, you can also do it on a budget!

It's the difference between buying well, less often and buying often items you don't necessarily love.

Here's an example of Stylish Simplicity to me:

This perfect spa towel set from One Kings Lane.

In my childhood, my Mom had a rule to never purchase non-white towels because non-white towels couldn't be bleached or sanitized with hot water in the washer.

I still stick to this rule today!

These towels in this set are plush, quick drying cotton with a high 600-grams-per-square-meter (same concept as a high thread count for sheets).

The set includes two wash clothes, two hand towels and two bath towels.

This beautiful set is not only Simplicity defined but it is also gorgeous (with a honeycomb border) and will last a long time (thus reducing your environmental footprint).

Simple, gorgeous,'s Curva-Lish's way of defining Simplicity!

P.S. This spa towel set is on sale for $29 (normally $65 retail)!

What's Your Obsession?

I'm obsessed with people or organizations who are obsessed with their craft, product or service. This image depicts the craftsmanship and precision of Alexander McQueen. Haute couture is a level of obsession to realize a vision that few get to experience but we all get to see it on runways for London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week (both occurring this month).
Question: what is your life's obsession? Don't know? Find out and let the world experience it in your lifetime!
For the record, Curva-Lish is my obsession! Creating a lifestyle brand that includes the elements I think that gives people a sense of real wholeness: 
"Live authentically with purpose, with a whole lot of grace and do it in your unique style"
I'm obsessed! 
And it just so happens that this is how I define what being Curva-Lish means...that's why it's the mission statement.
So, what's your obsession?

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Five Best Fiverr Gigs for Girl Bosses

I first bumped into Fiverr (every job starts at only $5) through one of my entrepreneur networks.  When you are a startup, Fiverr can literally be a life saver!

As I've gotten more used to hiring talented Fiverrs using the platform, I realized that there are many more valuable $5 gigs that can help other Girl Bosses save time and money!  Isn't that what we ALL want?

And if you are a fan of Tim Ferriss' best selling blockbuster The 4-Hour Workweek, then hiring talented people on this platform will be familiar to you.  Fiverr was inspired by Tim Ferriss book except in this case, unlike when Ferriss first started with random outsourcing of projects, Fiverr  offers a secure platform (with client ratings) in which to hire people all over the world.

So, here are my best five, highly rated Fiverr gig categories to help you save time, money and hire someone who is willing to deliver a lot of value!

** All the examples below are the results from actual Fiverr Gigs completed!

Fiverr Gig #1: Logo Design
For professional graphic designers, they maybe appalled that you can get a logo starting at $5.  If you are a big company, I am not implying that the Fiverr logo services are comparable to a $2,000 graphic design job (what I was quoted when I first started my company).

I (and many, many others) have been satisfied with logos I have had created on Fiverr!  From bloggers to startups to nonprofits to community sports teams, this service is a great value to create your logo.

Helpful Note: keep in mind that you normally have to pay (on average) $40 to upgrade your logo to a higher resolution than a pdf or jpeg. This is still MUCH cheaper than a normal logo price.

Here are some examples from Fiverr:

Fiverr Gig #2: Landing Pages
If you own a small business, conduct training or seminars, are a direct seller, blogger or any other profession whereas you have a need to:
  • capture emails to build your email list, 
  • have a landing page to increase your professional look,
  • don't need a full website to convey your brand,
  • have a place to send followers for a specific project or temporary collaboration, etc.
More businesses use landing pages than you are likely aware of....that's normal.

A gorgeously designed landing page will get you more business and give information without you always needing to answer a phone call, answer basic, routine questions about your project, etc.

Here are some examples from Fiverr:

Fiverr Gig #3: eBook Covers
I can not tell you how many amazingly great people I bump into who have a burning desire to become an author.  Yes, there is still the complicated, big budget, you must know someone at a publishing house way to become an author.

Again, this recommendation is for the person who wants to self-publish, have no publishing house connections, big budget and/or who wants to expand their current brand to include an eBook in their arsenal.  It's almost becoming required on the speaking circuit. And for those who want to grow their email list by creating an entry-level (normally free) informational offering, an eBook is a must.

eBooks are the perfect way to do all this and even more so, a beautiful eBook cover is the best way to capture attention!

Helpful Note: Fiverr has several gigs that can help you fully publish an eBook...just search the categories!

Here are some examples from Fiverr:

Front and Back Cover

Fiverr Gig #4: Proofreader
This gig is perfect for solopreneurs, bloggers, authors and small business owners because it gives you a second set of eyes to review your writings.  This is especially helpful for presentations or any other writing where you want to increase the clarity of your message to your intended audience.

Helpful Note: I would not suggest this gig for those whose writing requires highly technical knowledge or industry jargon such as lawyers, engineers, medical personnel, etc.

Here are some examples from Fiverr:


Before and After (with Formatting)

Before and After (with Formatting)

Fiverr Gig #5: Voice Over
Everyone who meets me always says I have a very unique voice.  It's such a great, endearing compliment BUT...that does not mean I have a great voice for my business needs.

I can be loud and trip over words.  I don't mean this as a bad thing towards myself. I am mentioning because there's a difference between my often complimented voice, and a voice that is needed for videos or any other audio business project where you need someone who can execute pitch, tone, articulation and more!

This gig is a life saver for people like me, especially as video and audio are becoming more necessary to reach your intended audience of clients and customers.

Voice over work on Fiverr gigs can include (I'm telling you because I had NO idea that all this was even possible!):

  • commercials, radio advertising
  • website welcome pages
  • voicemails
  • audio books
  • presentations
  • narration
  • training tutorials
  • YouTube videos (or other videos)

I can't copy the audio examples of the Fiverr Voice Overs. Just use the link and you can see examples for yourself and pick your project!

I hope this is helpful to all you Girl Bosses out there...I did research and posted this with heartfelt care because when I first started as a Girl Boss, I didn't even know resources like Fiverr existed! And trust me when I say, I would have saved literally thousands of dollars.

Find (or continue to evolve) your purpose, get help using one of these or other Fiverr gigs (grace) and go change the world in your authentic style!

It's Curva-Lish...

"Power of Broke" by Daymond John

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Celebrating National Wine Day!

Did you know that today is National Wine Day?

I didn't know either!

To help you celebrate, I wanted to connect you to a wine resource that is run by one of my entrepreneur heroes Gary Vaynerchuck.

Most people have no idea who Gary V (as he is known by) is because he is not your a-typical entrepreneur.  He curses like a dirty sailor because he gets so passionate about educating others on what will help them win at being an entrepreneur.

I absolutely adore him and his passion!

He has written some best selling books, is on the key note speaking circuit and is very active on Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat. He was also a brilliant, early investor in Twitter, Uber, Snapchat, Tumblr and my personal favorite Birchbox (he invested in these women when no other venture capitalist would).  Gary V knows what wins!

I am highlighting him for National Wine Day because his beginnings started as an immigrant at his father's wine store where he spent 10+ years learning about wine so that he could help eradicate the stigma of wine and increase the awareness of everyday wine lovers!

This passion lead to him becoming one of the pioneers in using YouTube to expand brand awareness...he recorded over 1,000 (yes, thousand) Wine Library videos to help educate the public and collectors on great wines.  These videos were so popular that it made his dad's wine store go to over $6 million (yes, million) in sales from their local wine store!

So here is the details of Wine won't see some elitist branding.  You will see raw insight into what are great wines offered at a discounted price.  Period.

Hope you enjoy!

Casey Flat Ranch 2012

First of all, I absolutely love that their company mantra is "distinctively authentic". Authenticity will always speak to me and be featured on this blog!

Even more so, Wine Library made this one of their top picks in all of 2015! It has been one of their best sellers over the past year.

Wine Enthusiast concurred saying:

"This finds a very happy medium between hyper fruit and sweetness, and firming tannins and supportive acidity. It smells like dark cherries and cocoa, tastes like chocolate-covered cherries and finishes like an espresso. The blend is 56% Cabernet, with Syrah, Cabernet Franc and 1% Viognier."

You can get this spectacular wine HERE at the Wine Library discount of $29.99 (compared to $45 retail). Save even more when you purchase a case!

2013 Tyler Pinot Noir Santa Barbara

Any premium Pinot Noir buyer who already love a good Pinot Noir should get to know the wines from Tyler right away.

Wine Advisor stated: Fresh, lively, and elegant, the Tyler Pinot Noir offers up notes of red and black berries, hibiscus, tea, and toast. The palate is vibrant, showcasing plenty of fruit that is light on its feet, hints of spice and savory notes. It finishes clean with a striking purity of fruit and a classic Pinot profile. This will continue to evolve and hit its peak in another 4-5 years."

You can get this spectacular wine HERE at the Wine Library discount of $38.95 (compared to $48.99 retail). Save even more when you purchase a case!

And here's my favorite under $10 and $20 Wine Library Winners:

2014 Las Vides Torrontes

An Argentinian Wine, it's not only extremely popular amongst wine drinkers, it's also described as:

"Floral aromas and delicate citrusy favors wrapped in a crisp acidity. Enjoy with seafood, spicy favorites or buttery creamy dishes." Winemakers Tasting Notes

Even better, it's only $9.99 at Wine Library!

2013 The Competitor Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is also extremely popular amongst wine drinkers and it's described as:

A rustic style, with bold red fruit notes, subtle, earthy undertones, and silky tannins that provide texture without being overly grippy. On the dinner table, it teams up perfectly with red meat, tomato-based sauces, and roasted vegetables.

Even better, it's only $19.99 at Wine Library!

I hope you enjoy these suggestions!  I have linked all these using my partner links whereas I receive a small commission on all sales, of which a portion will be donated to our Curva-Lish Kiva Community! Your purchase and support of all our partners helps fulfill our mission in a very real way...making Kiva microloans to women around the world to support themselves, their family and community with just a $25 (base) microloan!

Thank you and happy wine drinking!

P,S, For those of you in the Texas area, stay tuned for Wine Library Curva-Lish wine tastings!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Curva-Lish Boss Highlight: The Ichcha Sisters

It's been proven that women business owners are restricted in access to startup and growth capital...this is especially sad because it's also proven than when a woman succeeds financially, she directs 60% or more of her income to support her children, family and community.

So I am going to start new posts dedicated to women owned businesses. Since I am always on Instagram, LinkedIn or going to a women's network event, I always hear great stories of fabulous women owned businesses.

If you are inspired and love what you see, hear or what these amazing women recommend, please don't hesitate to visit and patronize their sites, products, services or recommendations.

The Ichcha Sisters
I first bumped into the brand Ichcha on Instagram.

What does "Ichcha" mean? Ichcha means a "wish, aspiration".

The brand is run by three sisters who create Home + Accessories products on Etsy.

And what is their goal: to create beautiful products to support conscious living. Each item is produced using an artisan tradition of block printing on natural products.

Here are a few of my favorites from their curtain series (some are currently on sale!):

Direct Link

Direct Link

Direct Link

Direct Link

Hope you enjoy this first Curva-Lish Boss highlight and look for many more in the future!

B(u)y From Women... It's Curva-Lish!

An Easy Modern Update on a Classic Audrey Hepburn Look

Y'all, some days I wake up really late but don't want to sacrifice style...especially if I'm meeting someone for coffee!

I have updated a signature Audrey Hepburn look in a modern way that works for me and my personal style. I thought I'd share for some inspiration for you to re-create this look for your own quick, easy look!

Audrey Hepburn's Signature Look

My Simple Go-To Outfit Update
A modern take on Audrey Hepburn's classic black turtleneck, leggings and ballerina flats outfit:

My Curva-Lish Update

This outfit is perfect for staying chic even on those days when you wake up late! 

***For your convenience I have included my partner links so you can shop the look!

Here's an update to this outfit styled with a different top (and in a purple, red and pink print that goes well with red scarf). Everything else the same!

Same Curva-Lish Update Idea, Just Different Top

Monday, February 15, 2016

An Affirmation for Your Next Level

Out of all my years of being in corporate leadership, advising clients, friends, family, sitting in countless Human Resources closed door meetings and strategizing with executives/board members, people who show an ability to embody this statement has lead to more promotions than technical knowledge or ability EVER has! 

I was blessed to be sent this pic from someone I was advising yesterday who put this at their desk.

You want more clients? Solve a problem.

You want a promotion? Solve a problem.

You want to stand out amongst your peers? Solve a problem.

Want to become invaluable? Solve a problem.

Don't be one of the complainers, gossipers or haters.

Solve a problem.

It's Curva-Lish!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Super Easy Morning Detox

I have been looking for a super easy way to get in a daily detox. So when I saw this posted on Instagram I instantly thought: "I can do that!" and more importantly, I know I can do it consistently without any complicated ingredients or prep!

Since I reposted this image on Instagram, I've had some fabulous followers comment that also adding maple syrup and/or dash of cayenne pepper increases the detox effects of this simple water concoction even more!

And on the topic of detox, I never wanted to do a detox before because when people described what they were eating and drinking during their detox I thought: yuck!!!

Well, alas, detoxing is no longer about eating bland, boring food that has you running to your nearest fast food place by Day 3 of your detox from gastly food.

For examples of the "new" way to detox, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite recipes from my Curva-Lish partner food52's recipe page. All you have to do is go there and search "detox".

Their detox recipes include the following:

Orange & Green Tea Detox Smoothie

Author Notes: Full of fiber and slightly sweet, this detox smoothie will fill you up and keep you going! —garlic and zest

Salmon & Orange Detox Packet

Author Notes: Fish is a great ingredient for a detox plan. Especially if we’re talking a gourmet detox! I found inspiration for this dish on the Real Simple magazine site. Claudia | Gourmet Project

Apple Detox Salad

Author Notes: Just 4 basic ingredients – apple, beetroot, orange and raw spinach. This salad is exactly what it says – it’s a mixture of ingredients that cleanses and invigorates  —Maria Teresa Jorge

Detox Hot Chocolate (Great for those sweet cravings!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The First #CurvaLishGives with Kiva

#CurvaLishGives I am so excited to tell you that I've made the first Curva-Lish microloan through the Kiva giving platform whose goal is to eradicate global poverty through economic empowerment! Anytime you shop (with one of our links to Curva-Lish partners such as

* food52 
* Target 
* Rent the Runway, etc OR 

on our "Shop & Give Grace" page), a portion of earned commissions will be donated to the Curva-Lish Kiva Team. Micro loans only start at $25 and team giving will target requests that directly or indirectly support women and girls. You can also directly join the Curva-Lish Kiva Team...just click on link in profile and go to "Shop & Give Grace" page. There's a direct link to the Curva-Lish Kiva Team page.

The first Curva-Lish micro loan was to Theopista (her hand is raised in picture), a 57-year-old widow with six children, living in Fort Portal, Uganda. She owns two businesses; selling fresh food and a retail shop.

Fifteen years ago, after losing her dear husband, she realized it was time to stop being a traditional house wife and begin to support her children. That is when she ventured into the above businesses.

She is proud that with the proceeds she has been able to pay school fees for her children and renovate her house. Bad debtors and inadequate capital to meet the high demand, are her major challenges. Her dream is to own a wholesale shop.
Her loan is administered through a partner of Catholic Relief Services.

Join me! 

Disclaimer: Kiva is a giving loan platform that filters requests. However, like all loans, you could lose your principal. Participate at your own risk.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Beauty Through the Eyes of Matteo Pugliese

I recently shared these images on Instagram of a sculptor named Matteo Pugliese that I'm absolutely obsessed with.

Pugliese's sculpture inspires me to be great at what I do.

People who are great always have a way of inspiring others to be great too.

And yes he is greatly talented but more importantly, he is bringing his authenticity to the crowded world of art.

His signature is sculpting figures emanating from the wall with body and face shapes that evidence identifiable human emotion.

You can see more about Matteo Pugliese HERE