Sunday, February 21, 2016

What's Your Obsession?

I'm obsessed with people or organizations who are obsessed with their craft, product or service. This image depicts the craftsmanship and precision of Alexander McQueen. Haute couture is a level of obsession to realize a vision that few get to experience but we all get to see it on runways for London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week (both occurring this month).
Question: what is your life's obsession? Don't know? Find out and let the world experience it in your lifetime!
For the record, Curva-Lish is my obsession! Creating a lifestyle brand that includes the elements I think that gives people a sense of real wholeness: 
"Live authentically with purpose, with a whole lot of grace and do it in your unique style"
I'm obsessed! 
And it just so happens that this is how I define what being Curva-Lish means...that's why it's the mission statement.
So, what's your obsession?

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