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Five Best Fiverr Gigs for Girl Bosses

I first bumped into Fiverr (every job starts at only $5) through one of my entrepreneur networks.  When you are a startup, Fiverr can literally be a life saver!

As I've gotten more used to hiring talented Fiverrs using the platform, I realized that there are many more valuable $5 gigs that can help other Girl Bosses save time and money!  Isn't that what we ALL want?

And if you are a fan of Tim Ferriss' best selling blockbuster The 4-Hour Workweek, then hiring talented people on this platform will be familiar to you.  Fiverr was inspired by Tim Ferriss book except in this case, unlike when Ferriss first started with random outsourcing of projects, Fiverr  offers a secure platform (with client ratings) in which to hire people all over the world.

So, here are my best five, highly rated Fiverr gig categories to help you save time, money and hire someone who is willing to deliver a lot of value!

** All the examples below are the results from actual Fiverr Gigs completed!

Fiverr Gig #1: Logo Design
For professional graphic designers, they maybe appalled that you can get a logo starting at $5.  If you are a big company, I am not implying that the Fiverr logo services are comparable to a $2,000 graphic design job (what I was quoted when I first started my company).

I (and many, many others) have been satisfied with logos I have had created on Fiverr!  From bloggers to startups to nonprofits to community sports teams, this service is a great value to create your logo.

Helpful Note: keep in mind that you normally have to pay (on average) $40 to upgrade your logo to a higher resolution than a pdf or jpeg. This is still MUCH cheaper than a normal logo price.

Here are some examples from Fiverr:

Fiverr Gig #2: Landing Pages
If you own a small business, conduct training or seminars, are a direct seller, blogger or any other profession whereas you have a need to:
  • capture emails to build your email list, 
  • have a landing page to increase your professional look,
  • don't need a full website to convey your brand,
  • have a place to send followers for a specific project or temporary collaboration, etc.
More businesses use landing pages than you are likely aware of....that's normal.

A gorgeously designed landing page will get you more business and give information without you always needing to answer a phone call, answer basic, routine questions about your project, etc.

Here are some examples from Fiverr:

Fiverr Gig #3: eBook Covers
I can not tell you how many amazingly great people I bump into who have a burning desire to become an author.  Yes, there is still the complicated, big budget, you must know someone at a publishing house way to become an author.

Again, this recommendation is for the person who wants to self-publish, have no publishing house connections, big budget and/or who wants to expand their current brand to include an eBook in their arsenal.  It's almost becoming required on the speaking circuit. And for those who want to grow their email list by creating an entry-level (normally free) informational offering, an eBook is a must.

eBooks are the perfect way to do all this and even more so, a beautiful eBook cover is the best way to capture attention!

Helpful Note: Fiverr has several gigs that can help you fully publish an eBook...just search the categories!

Here are some examples from Fiverr:

Front and Back Cover

Fiverr Gig #4: Proofreader
This gig is perfect for solopreneurs, bloggers, authors and small business owners because it gives you a second set of eyes to review your writings.  This is especially helpful for presentations or any other writing where you want to increase the clarity of your message to your intended audience.

Helpful Note: I would not suggest this gig for those whose writing requires highly technical knowledge or industry jargon such as lawyers, engineers, medical personnel, etc.

Here are some examples from Fiverr:


Before and After (with Formatting)

Before and After (with Formatting)

Fiverr Gig #5: Voice Over
Everyone who meets me always says I have a very unique voice.  It's such a great, endearing compliment BUT...that does not mean I have a great voice for my business needs.

I can be loud and trip over words.  I don't mean this as a bad thing towards myself. I am mentioning because there's a difference between my often complimented voice, and a voice that is needed for videos or any other audio business project where you need someone who can execute pitch, tone, articulation and more!

This gig is a life saver for people like me, especially as video and audio are becoming more necessary to reach your intended audience of clients and customers.

Voice over work on Fiverr gigs can include (I'm telling you because I had NO idea that all this was even possible!):

  • commercials, radio advertising
  • website welcome pages
  • voicemails
  • audio books
  • presentations
  • narration
  • training tutorials
  • YouTube videos (or other videos)

I can't copy the audio examples of the Fiverr Voice Overs. Just use the link and you can see examples for yourself and pick your project!

I hope this is helpful to all you Girl Bosses out there...I did research and posted this with heartfelt care because when I first started as a Girl Boss, I didn't even know resources like Fiverr existed! And trust me when I say, I would have saved literally thousands of dollars.

Find (or continue to evolve) your purpose, get help using one of these or other Fiverr gigs (grace) and go change the world in your authentic style!

It's Curva-Lish...

"Power of Broke" by Daymond John

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