Monday, May 23, 2022

Living a Life of Proactive Evolution

One of the hardest things to articulate to another human being is the depth in which evolution occurs in a person. I really believe the reason this is so difficult to articulate is because we are so pre-wired to communicate in a way that impresses the person we are talking to...

You see, real life evolution is deeply personal.

And what maybe a huge life shift to you may seem boring or mundane to the person hearing about it. 

So that really got me to thinking: do we choose to evolve because of real personal life satisfaction or is our real motive how impressed we think the people who learn about or know about the evolution will respond?? 

There's a difference. 

And we must challenge ourselves to know the difference because that motivation in our intentions is critical. 

I have been repeatedly challenged with asking myself the motivation behind my personal aspirations to evolve because like everyone, there are so many triggers, information and dialogue we're exposed to that subconsciously steers our minds towards outcomes. 

There's nothing wrong with being inspired but if the inspiration to evolve comes based on envy or jealously (of another person's giftings, skills, access or any other perceived advantage) , the real outcome of an evolution will never be achieved. 

So in that way, we all have to be proactive in seeking our personal evolutions so that it's not inspired by defaults of other people's lives. And therein will give you the deeply important drive to continue when it gets tough because every evolution is tough. It requires something more deep in you than what you've ever been required to have to do, think and behave. It's mental focus can't be over emphasized. 

So then why would someone choose to evolve, proactively? 

Because the only other choice is to choose to stay the same, in the safe harbour of life while also feeling like you are not living a life on purpose, with purpose, by your own design. 

In other words, you will never know what it means to live a life of fulfillment. 

And that, is worth it all. 

Be proactive. 

Live your life. 


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Is Black History Month Still Relevant in 2022?

I was raised in the South (or, some people consider Texas Southwest) so my upbringing was filled with both some of the most inspiring and miraculous accomplishments of African Americans while also being always reminded of the cruelties and barbaric nature of our country's history from slavery to police brutality today. 

 This duality has shaped my lifelong thoughts on how at any given point, no matter what you are experiencing in life, it can be both amazing AND be littered with hardships, some completely outside of your control.
black dancers in hopeful stance
So when I think of Black History through the lens of this viewpoint, I really think it's sad that our American History, which has been so richly shaped by innovations and contributions by African Americans despite such a horrible past, has to be carved out so that those contributions aren't white-washed or lost...or worse, ignored in the name of ensuring that only one race gets credit for the vastness of America's greatness.  

And it has not only been just African Americans. 

The contributions and impact of immigrants in building some of America's greatest and most pioneering products, services and technology can't be ignored because without it's highlight, we'd have to erase the very inventions that have made our modern day American lives brilliant. 

And I don't proclaim to know or understand the divergence of Critical Race Theory because in my world of arts, culture, business and food, there is not the polarizing negativity of race, politics, and religion. Diversity is apart of invigorating discourse of these cultural communities. 

But what I do know is that to not envelop the contributions of all who have made our country the model of hope, we are only telling a segmented part of our history. And unfortunately, the only way to ensure that the full story is told, is to highlight segments along racial lines. Thus, Black History seems to be as needed and prevalent today as it was when first added to America's bicentennial (1976), which, ironically, is close to my age. 

My question is: will there ever be a time when Black History Month will be considered an antiquated idea because, dare I say, full acknowledgment of the full history of America will not be buried, but will be given it's full, truthful spotlight and while parts maybe ugly, what will hopefully overshadow the dark will be the hopeful light of an America of (all) the people for as our Ancestors desired, "We, the People..."