Six Years Curating My Best Life: Oprah's "Live Your Best Life", Coaching, Cooking Healthy for Families, White House Guest, Boutique Pop Ups Supporting Woman Owned Businesses, Texas Conference for Women

curating life with style...

Established: 2012

Focus includes:
* Lifestyle Experiences, Tabletop and Gifting
* Retail Charity Fundraisers
* Curated & Subscription Boxes
* Blog: Life+Style

My name is Que and I created Curva-Lish and it's mission to meet a need that I saw...a go-to source to clear through the clutter of so much information on products, resources and services and be a curated destination to support your desire to live an authentic life with style!

What does living an authentic life with style? Living life on your own terms but not in a boring way of how most philosophies tell you to pare down to the point where your life loses its essence of uniqueness.  There is no reason that you can't design your life, career, purpose, and hobbies in a way that has your unique style associated with it.

How does Curva-Lish curate the BEST?

With over 100+ partnerships, from retailers to woman-owned small business to big brands offering the latest information you need to know, we obsess about what really matters to those people and organizations whose interests align.  As people and organizations get more savvy, no longer is it good enough to be told information.  

Curation is about filtering through the noise and honing in on what cultivates a more richer life experience, career incentive, organizational purpose or enhanced opportunities to explore a more broader way to experience the things you care about.

Consulting services are geared towards working with individuals and brands on how to more strategically get products and brands in front of those most interested in experiencing the benefits of what the product, service or resource can offer to a curated group of people and organizations. 

That's what Curva-Lish is all about!

Let's Collaborate! Email me curvalish@gmail.com

Lifestyle Expert on KDAF's CW33 Morning Show

I hope you will be inspired by each and every post no matter if it's giving you a recommendation for your holiday party, inspiring you to reach further in your career, passing on information to you from a trusted source or empowering you with the latest information that causes you to make changes and be more authentic.

Subscribe and drop me a line if you ever have an idea or want to see something reflected on Curva-Lish...curvalish@gmail.com.  I'd love to hear from ya!

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