Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lifestyle Event Recap: Mogul Collaborates for Photographer Dixie Dixon's Book Launch

I was so excited to attend the Fort Worth Camera hosted event that featured brilliant photographer Dixie Dixon's new book "Fashion & Lifestyle", with famed business mogul Kathy Ireland attending and providing the forward to the book for the photographer that has photographed her for years.

One of the Photographs for Auction
It was a unique lifestyle event in that I don't know if I've ever attended an event whereas a famed photographer collaborated with a modeling icon turned business mogul for a book launch and auction of limited edition prints.

The crowd included luminaries from the worlds of business, style, philanthropy, and more!  There were also many photography enthusiasts in the crowd who jumped at the chance to be the first in line to purchase a signed copy of Dixon's "Fashion & Lifestyle" book and bid on one of the limited edition prints.

The diverse mixture of the crowd lead to an absolute fun evening celebrating two brilliant women who came together to toast a powerful night of inspiration to reach for your dreams!

Fashionable Crowd: Theresa York & Friend

Fort Worth Native Kathy Page

Diverse Crowd from Multiple Disciplines

Me with Local News Icon

"Don't put off your passion, now is the time if you're going to go for it. What is there to lose?" --Dixie Dixon Book Quote


I had the pleasure of briefly interviewing Kathy Ireland and it was five minutes of brilliant inspiration as only a woman grounded in who she is could be able to describe what it's like going from a modeling icon to a business mogul.  Statistics say that we will all have at least three evolutions in our lifetime and so I wanted to hear directly from Ireland on how she did it!

Me: How were you able to take the leap of faith and transition from being known as a model to now being known as a business mogul who appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine?

Ireland: I would say to really focus on your dreams and your passions. 

Don't let fear get in the way. Don't let someone else's opinion of you or your circumstances define you or destroy you. Don't let someone put you in a box. Don't put yourself in a box (and limit what you think you can achieve).

Figure out your values, your priorities and put boundaries in place to protect them because they are definitely going to be challenged.

For me it's my faith, family and then being in service to The Word.  If I don't do that in that order, I'm a disaster.

Me at Meet & Greet with Ireland and Dixie Dixon
Me: With all that's going on in our world, how do you believe your faith fits into your success personally?

Ireland: I don't define success in terms of dollars. 

To me it's common sense: how we treat one another. 

And for me, it's my faith in Jesus Christ.  I have my struggles daily but I try to live a life that is a reflection of Him.

Me: What has been a particular highlight of your long, illustrious career?

Ireland: I love the people I get to meet.

Even right here tonight, talking with you.  I love your joy.  It shines right through you.  I love that.

And, being here with Dixie Dixon, an amazing person. That's encouraging.

And in maturing, I'm recognizing is the blessing in being exposed to needs so much bigger than me. And to opportunities that are so much bigger than me.

And to really be open to that.

To really focus on these things and really be a great steward of the different ways in which I can be a vessel or part of these needs and opportunities. 

Me: What transferrable skills would you say you use now in your life as a business mogul that you learned from modeling that's been particularly helpful to you?

Ireland: Dealing with rejection.

There is so much rejection in the modeling world and I didn't realize what a gift that was. 

When I started in business people laughed in my face and told me my ideas were stupid (and worse).

It didn't destroy me. Instead I thought, "Now we're talking! I'll come back tomorrow! Maybe your circumstances would have changed or maybe you'll be in a better mood."

And I encourage people, when you get rejected, don't give up.

Learn from it.  Maybe there could be something better in your approach.

Maybe don't go back the next day...(laughter from the both of us when Kathy admitted she was stalk-y in the beginning in chasing her dreams)

Mark it in your calendar and go back in six months. In that time, learn all you can about the person, the company or event so that when you go back, you can use all that knowledge to approach them again.

Me at Meet & Greet with Ireland and Dixie Dixon

By the time I left the event I felt an empowerment like I haven't felt in a long time!  

Kathy Ireland is the real deal when it comes to authenticity and living life in her own lane.

Dixie Dixon is beyond talented and I am so glad I was there to support her launch in sharing her gift with the world.

Authenticity. Living in your own lane. Finding your unique talent. And sharing it with the world.

Yes, I'm empowered!

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