Thursday, January 25, 2018

AERIN Launches "Hibiscus Palm"

Pic Credit: @bagsnob

Last night Aerin Lauder launched her newest fragrance, Hibiscus Palm, at her namesake lifestyle company.

Set amid the paradise of Hotel Estencia in Mexico, Aerin hosted an impressive lineup of beauty influencers and #AerinAmbassadors with a kickoff dinner inspired by the flower, from decor to food infused pairings.

Hibiscus Palm captures the island scent of brilliant sunshine on a lush beach. Accords of Lotus Flower and Hibiscus Palm mingle with Ylang and exotic Ginger. Frangipani blends with a heart of fragrant White Blossoms, wrapped in the velvety warmth of Coconut Milk, Vanilla and Musk.

Get a free sample of Hibiscus Palm HERE

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Perfect Pizza to Get Rid of Winter Blues

For outdoor pizza oven fans, winter can put their weekly family pizza nights on hold.

But no more!

You can still get a brick oven pizza without needing to go outside in sub zero temperatures!

This Pizzacraft stove top pizza oven is perfection.

With a stoneware bottom, you won't miss your outdoor pizza oven during the cold.

Unlike your regular oven that cooks pizza in about 45 minutes, this stove top oven heats up to 600 degrees and cooks your pizza in about six minutes!

Yep, six minutes!

It is worth every penny for the fresh from the oven pizza that has unlimited types of pizzas you can make.

Special Note: you can only make pizza on a Pizzacraft from a gas top stove, not an electrical stove.

You're welcome.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Style Inspiration: Urban, Timeless and Badass

My personal style aesthetic is a combination of Urbanessence + Timeless Style + Some Element of Badassery

This style inspiration fashion mood board I created is all three of these elements in way that's seemless and chic!

Get the handbag and accessories from India Hicks (counterclockwise):
* Komboloi necklace is so urbane, city chic
* Lady P leather cuff is badass style
* Gold hoops are as timeless as you can get
* Solitaire tote is the best chic carryall for city life and boss babes on the go!

And don't forget to always show your personal style...

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Retail Charity Fundraiser: Kendra Scott & Children's Hospital LA

Congratulations to the Kendra Scott Los Angeles team on a phenomenal Fundraiser for Children's Hospital, Los Angeles.

Curva-Lish became an e-commerce with Kendra Scott because not only does the company make incredible jewelry based right here in Texas but beyond that, social impact has been apart of the company from the beginning.

In other words, the Kendra Scott company epitomizes doing good business plus making an impact through its pioneering in-store charity fundraiser events.

And these aren't just some boring in-store shopping events.

The #KendraScottGivesBack events are replete with DJs, fabulous bites, photo booths, drinks and representatives from the designated charity to connect the purpose for fundraising with shopper dollars.

It is a winning formula that has allowed the company to his hundreds of fundraising events while donating thousands to worthy causes with 20% of sales proceeds donated.

Special Note: unlike most retailers that requires the designated charity to be an IRS designated 5013c, Kendra Scott doesn't have this requirement to have one of their in-store retailvarity fundraisers. Whether it's a national charity, a home town crisis, a local organization, or a friend in need, you can sign up for a fundraiser with Kendra Scott!


Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Mature Glow of My Golden Globe Favorites

I don't understand the overall obsession with youth.

I grew up during a time were you aspired to be one of those elegantly mature women who had style, sophistication and knew what you wanted.

And at the recent Golden Globes awards, my two favorite women of style was Viola Davis (age 52) and Sharon Stone (age 59).

These two women epitomize everything I aspire to as I age:


Badass Aesthetic


Comfortable in their own skin and a deep sense of self

Exhibit forgiveness...

Yep, that's how you age well!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I Don't Need Your Permission

I feel very strongly about this blog post. I have noticed some things over the last several months that continues to shock me and have me scratching my head.

Scenarios from last few months...

I've gone to a few events where I'm describing a life situation that I think is funny because it's some decision or thing I did that clearly shows I know how to laugh at myself.

And it never fails that I get the same weird response, "That's okay."

They normally say more but these few words are uttered the same no matter what situation or story I'm sharing.

It started happening so frequently that I told a friend how frustrating it can be because it comes across as extremely patronizing.

And it's not just these scenarios...on more than a dozen occasions I will reach out to someone to become a new client or purchase one of my company's products or services.

In these scenarios, the person I'm speaking with proceeds to tell me that they are not interested.

That's fine! But here's the crazy part: they then go on to tell me their opinion about what they think of my product or service in a way whereas you'd think I had asked their opinion!

I'm of the same mentality as Brenee Brown: unless you are in the ring (or apart of my existing clientele/business group) getting your butt kicked too, you don't get an opinion, especially from the sidelines!

Last scenario I'll share before I get to what I believe is going on: I was at Starbucks the other day and I complimented a young lady on her boots, telling her I also loved the heel height (see picture).

She then proceeds to tell me it's the highest heel height she wears.

With a befuddled look on my face I inquire why. She replies, "Because people with my height don't wear high heels."

Ummmm, huh?

I then inquire how tall is she. She responds that she's 5'7".

I started laughing telling her I'm close to 5'9" and I've worn 4 and 5 inch heels my whole life. She looked shocked.

I then continue: "So you're telling me you're going to let the opinions of people you don't even know dictate what you will or will not wear? Hmm. Do you like heels?"

Of course she responds that she loves heels.

I then thought to ask her how old she was...she replied that she was early 30s.

Ahhhh, there it was...a light bulb sorta went off in my head.

For every scenario that I shared with you above, one of the consistent chords is that the other person was younger than 40 years old.

This is not a post about bashing young people or anything like that.

My point is that in our age where social media Likes give us confidence about our choices and we regularly ask for Recommendations on Facebook about what to do when we go on vacation or go out to eat, I'm concerned that it's causing us to believe that people need our permission to edify their life choices and we need their opinions to make us feel good about ours.

I'm 43 and grew up in a time and household that taught that sure, you may get a few key inputs from mentors, pastors, parents, etc before you make life decisions but at the end of the day, YOU make the choice AND live with the full results of that choice.

There was never a "decision by committee" or group vote or escapism from responsibility when it was time to make your decisions about life.

It's all I know.

And what this way of making decisions does is creates valuable experience, self confidence, courage and an ability to "make the call" in your own life.

What I've realized is that the people in the scenarios above weren't being patronizing. They are just so used to being surrounded by others (social media, strangers and friends) who all give them their opinions (and indirectly, their permission) about how they live their lives and the decisions they make about it.

Please don't weigh a Facebook recommendation for a travel destination or Yelp! recommendations for the new pizza joint with the same brevity as making life and business decisions.

They are not the same!

You don't need permission to pursue that second career. #OwnIt

You don't need permission to go salsa dancing in Peru to relive an old memory that made you feel alive. #OwnIt

You don't need permission to leave that unhealthy relationship that your spirit has told you wasn't good for you. #OwnIt

You don't need permission to call that long lost love that you've never stopped thinking about. #OwnIt

You don't need permission to wear red lipstick everyday as opposed to only special occasions when you absolutely love it. #OwnIt

You don't need permission to put together your proposal to HR demonstrating why you know you deserve equal pay. #OwnIt

You don't need to continue to be apart of a group whose members will never accept you as one of their own. #OwnIt

And lastly, when I say #OwnIt, I mean own the fullness of the good and bad that may come from your decision. Don't pass off the responsibility of what that decision can lead to, good, bad or indifferent.

I really do believe that people who make life and business decisions by huge committees made up of people who have no "skin in the game" towards their success are also trying to muster courage and bravery from the outside (meaning, from the approval and permission from as many people as possible), instead of mustering the courage and bravery from the inside to make a brave and unique choice.

You don't need permission.


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