Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Perfect Pizza to Get Rid of Winter Blues

For outdoor pizza oven fans, winter can put their weekly family pizza nights on hold.

But no more!

You can still get a brick oven pizza without needing to go outside in sub zero temperatures!

This Pizzacraft stove top pizza oven is perfection.

With a stoneware bottom, you won't miss your outdoor pizza oven during the cold.

Unlike your regular oven that cooks pizza in about 45 minutes, this stove top oven heats up to 600 degrees and cooks your pizza in about six minutes!

Yep, six minutes!

It is worth every penny for the fresh from the oven pizza that has unlimited types of pizzas you can make.

Special Note: you can only make pizza on a Pizzacraft from a gas top stove, not an electrical stove.

You're welcome.

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