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Curva-Lish Woman: Carla (United States)

One of our series is "Curva-Lish Woman" which is a highlight of women around the world who does something unique that we believe can give you an insightful idea or inspire you to create or develop something unique in your own life.  It is a part of our commitment to celebrate you and inspire others.

Our Curva-Lish Woman series does not focus only on what the woman does but more importantly: who the woman is (that then impacts what she does).

Curva-Lish Woman Carla
We selected Carla as our Curva-Lish Woman because she is not only a great mother and wife, but is also a kind and gentle-hearted woman who created (along with her husband Rashard), an annual get together called Dialogue Parties.

Dialogue Parties grew out of Carla's need to have an outlet for adult, intellectual conversations while at home raising her daughters.  The annual party has grown in popularity over the years and is now an eclectic group that is comprised of artists, politicians, community advocates, business people, etc.

We are inspired that she took something that was a need in her own life and expanded it to include a great group of people who travel from great distances to be a part of the open and honest dialogue about current events and life in general as apart of a respectful and sincere platform.

Curva-Lish:  We selected you as our Curva-Lish Woman highlight because of your unique idea regarding Dialogue Parties and your overall beauty and kindness to others but please introduce yourself to our readers.

Carla: I am honored to be considered a Curva-Lish Woman and appreciate the recognition.  I am a wife, mother and pharmaceutical sales professional.  I love to travel, spend time with family and recently rediscovered a love for reading.  I am blessed to have a husband who encourages me to make my dreams a reality and the Dialogue Party is a prime example of that.
Carla and her husband Rashard at the Dialogue Party

Curva-Lish:  When you and your husband Rashard began the Dialogue Parties, what were your hopes with how the party would take shape?

Carla: We were hoping to simply bring together a diverse and enthusiastic group of people to discuss current events, trends and issues that impact people of color.  We wanted the event to be organized, yet casual and comfortable so that people could openly discuss their views and opinions on various topics.  Although some discussions were lighthearted, revolving around pop culture, others uncovered deeper issues on race relations, education, health, and socio-economic disparities.

Curva-Lish:  What are some of your plans in how Dialogue Parties will take shape in the future?

Carla:  In 2012, we developed a Facebook page to continue the dialogue year-round.  The goal was for it to serve as a virtual portal for our Dialogue Party family members to share information regarding new perspectives, entrepreneurial ventures, volunteer activities, healthy living, career challenges, personal finance and other topics.  While most of these things are already being done by the audience members, we simply keep those things top of mind in the discussions as reinforcements about their importance and impact on themselves and society at large.

Curva-Lish:  You just celebrated a wedding anniversary with your husband.  What advice do you have for women around the world in balancing the needs of your career, family, and community while dedicating time to your relationship with your husband?
Carla hiking Mountain in St. Kitts

Carla: Although time management helps tremendously with balancing most priorities, dedicating time for your marriage can be the toughest.  You would think this happens naturally, but sometimes you have to set time aside.  Companies outsource all the time, so as a family we outsource certain things so that we can spend that quality time together in other areas.  My advice is to leverage the services of baby sitters, housekeepers, etc. and use that time for date nights, staycations, or quiet dinners.  On a daily basis, you should take a few moments to ask your spouse, "How was your day?" and actually wait attentively for the response.

Curva-Lish:  You have two young girls...what is your hope for their futures?

Carla: After obtaining higher education, I would like my girls to find their passion and pursue their dreams.  They should leave a positive impression on the world and I have been encouraging them to seek their highest potential and expand their comfort/skill sets.  As an example, my oldest daughter now wants to be the next Gabby Douglas and I support her enthusiasm as she pursues her passion in gymnastics.

Curva-Lish:  What is the best piece of advice you have ever received (read, heard or told)?

Carla: A mentor once told me that the only way to grow is to push outside of my comfort zone and embrace nervousness as a sign of that growth.  Anxiety and discomfort are parts of life and therefore, understanding and embracing those feelings are a part of one's development and growth.

Help us celebrate Carla as a woman who is inspiring and Curva-Lish!

If you know of a woman who we can highlight as our next Curva-Lish Woman, send us an email!

Curva-Lish Team

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thank You! Gracias! Merci! Spasibo! Makasih!

No matter your language, we hope that you hear our hearts in saying "Thank You!" (And don't forget that we offer translation if you click the drop down menu to the right.)

Curva-Lish was started a short time ago and we are overwhelmed with the amount of viewers from so many different countries who choose our blog as apart of their must-read no matter their busy schedule!

Our top five countries viewing our site hails from the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, India and Canada!  Wow!  Talk about an international audience of women!

We want to take this time to re-enforce our goal and hope that you can know that there are women just like you behind each and every post. Our Advisory Council member recruitment is almost complete and we have a great schedule of posts planned for you and your girlfriends, neighbors, fashionistas and family to share in our growing message of what Curva-Lish embodies!

Our Goal
We can't say enough how much we hope that our posts inspires you to live your life in a very real and authentic way whether you are talking fashion and home decor, constant learning and growing in our careers or personal lives, sharing stories of lessons learned, relationships, highlights of women doing unique and interesting things and all about the highlights of life that can inspire you to continue to live the life that makes you authentic, content and loved.

With this goal in mind, Curva-Lish believes that geographical nor racial boundaries is about the common experiences that unites us as women that is also encouraging, comforting and produces growth in your life.

Our Hope
We hope that you make Curva-Lish a valuable resource which you constantly refer to when you have a peaceful moment to read our blog, view how-to videos, get an idea for your next party, seek out ways in which you can take an online learning class, or just plain get a good laugh!  We hope that you will smile with us, laugh with us, cry with us and share with us.

We also hope that you would support our partners so that we can continue to bring you the best that we can offer.  Your support of our partners gives you an opportunity to purchase valuable products and utilize services that saves you time and money but also provides revenue to our company and will enable us to continue to grow. And as we give a percentage of our profits to non-profit organizations throughout the world that "empowers women, support girls and nurture children", we will make posts so that you can feel apart of our mission and apart of the lives of the beneficiaries.
Thank you again and please subscribe to our blog, send emails to your friends, family and neighbors and keep checking back for more posts.  Also, remember, when you sign-up to follow us via email, you are automatically entered to win the current month's give-away.  We randomly select on the last day of the month and contact the winner via email.

This month's giveaway is in honor of one of our newest partners, Swarovski Crystallized, and are gorgeous blue crystal earrings (a $75 US value)!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fall into New Beginnings (Part 1)

New beginnings are always a great way to try out a new fashion choice, re-assess where you are in your life or just plain take time to pamper yourself for the busy time that can be spring and summer.  The kids are back at school and the holidays are fast approaching.  So we hope that these next few posts are insightful, inspiring and gives you an opportunity to assess your life before the holidays are in full swing!

Your Style, Your Fashion
Every season has a cache' of publishers highlighting what's new for the season so we are going to do something different and highlight what we consider to be the essentials of what can get you through fall/winter when you don't have time to know what trends are in/out...

Turtleneck : beautiful blonde girl covers her mouth with a black turtleneck on black backgroundBlack Turtleneck
A black turtleneck is great because it can be worn for almost a solid 6 months (Fall thru to the end of  Winter).  You can dress it down with a great pair of jeans and black boots with the jeans cuffed to show more of the boot or you can dress it up and wear with your favorite leather skirt for a pulled together look with no fuss.  Black turtlenecks are also great for making everyone look thinner and streamlined no matter your size or shape.

Also, as you age, turtlenecks are also great to continually upgrade.  You can start with a great basic Gap turtleneck, a fit pullover, and eventually work your way up to a great cashmere choice.

Knee High Boots
Knee high boots are a great way to make your fall/winter wardrobe updated without purchasing several pieces.  Most people tend to purchase a new set up boots each season but we at Curva-Lish believe that you should purchase the best knee high boots that your money can buy and then get them re-polished and re-soled when necessary so that they become a signature item.

Here are some other suggestions when considering what knee-high boots you want to buy to update your look:

  • If you tend to have a classic wardrobe of beiges, browns, and blacks that makeup the bulk of your wardrobe, why not venture out a bit and purchase a pair of colored Foot Candy knee-high boots that gives your wardrobe a beautiful injection and adds a dimension of personality.
  • If you tend to have a colorful wardrobe with lots of colors or patterns, a great pair of black, deep tan or grey/slate boots.
  • If you are a person who has many different types of looks in your wardrobe, many different types of boots already and you are not afraid to dare and take a chance on a new look, try a great pair of cowboy boots (see these affordable and fashionable Western-style boots from our partner), native american inspired boots, zebra print or a cute pair of Wellingtons.

  • Leather (or Faux Leather) Jacket
    Things can get very interesting here because there are so many different types of leather jackets to choose from and here are some ideas to help you decide on which one is best for you:
    • Petite: if you are shorter in stature and petite, we recommend a waist-cynching jacket that shows off your petite curves but also helps you define your waist, thereby lengthening your frame.  Make sure the cut is waist-cynching so that the jacket's silhouette doesn't "cut-off" your height.
    • Plus-size:  a biker, bomber or mustard bomber jacket is a great way to tell the world that you love your shape and you are not afraid to wear a bold fashion choice.  It is even better if you dress the jacket up with classic pieces or make your "tough biker chic look" complete by adding tight skinny jeans (or form-fitting skirt).
    • Tall: this might sound unlike any other fashion advice you've ever been given but we think tan or beige leather jackets look great on tall people because it gives you an elongated look that highlights your height!  For our tall London readers who want a fashion forward option, check out this gorgeous asymmetrical jacket from Saks.

    Unlike these days and times, women used to be known for their scarf choices and how it accentuated their wardrobe.  In our ever increasing casual world, scarves are a great way to add a bit of pizzaz without needing to make a huge, permanent investment.

    We like scarves that are small and easy to tie if you have a smaller neck, shoulder and bust line...big scarves on a smaller frame is too over powering.  We like bigger scarves for those women with larger shoulders and/or bigger bust lines.

    Bold Jewelry
    Purchasing a bold piece of jewelry is always a fail-safe way to add punch to your fall wardrobe and can also take you through the holidays (check out the bangles in the jewelry section of our partner).  What we mean by bold jewelry is a statement necklace, affordably gorgeous bracelets, Kate Spade earrings or clearance Oscar de la Renta rings.  If you really want to go big, we recommend this Versace stunner. Whatever your preference, make it count!

    Leopard Print
     No matter if it is shoes, a handbag, shirt, skirt, pants or some other fashion choice...leopard print looks great on everyone and can usually match with just about anything in your wardrobe.  The key is to not wear leopard print all over at the same time (i.e., wear a leopard print shirt, skirt, hat and shoes at the same time!).  The best way to wear leopard-print is to add complimentary colors (black, beige, red, etc.) so that your leopard print item can stand out on its own!

    Different seasons bring about different feelings and one great way to express how you are feeling is to add a new scent to your "wardrobe".  Since there are so many perfumes, body oils, lotions and other scents out there, we highly recommend requesting a sample from your local department store, checking out the pages of Fall magazines that give you a preview of a new scent or visiting a who can tell you the ingredients of any scent you are curious about purchasing.

    We hope you enjoyed this list as apart of our Fall into New Beginnings series and check back soon for Part 2!

    Curva-Lish Team

    Monday, August 6, 2012

    4 Keys to Life Satisfaction: Your Talents, Your Gifts, Your Potential, Your Adventure

    One day we sat back and asked ourselves what gives a person life satisfaction.  You can probably think of a long list of characteristics, milestones, accomplishments, etc. but there are four common denominators that each of these listed items should have in common:

    Your Talents, Your Gifts, Your Potential, Your Adventure

    TALENTS (work/earn income doing what you are talented at): to experience satisfaction in your work life, you have  to make it a life priority to find work and/or earn income doing what you believe you are particularly talented at doing.  This single factor in life will make you feel more satisfied and rewarded.

    Doing work that rewards the usage of your talents is something that gives your life purpose and adds value to society.  Hard work and being apart of team is also something that gives life a reason to show up.  This doesn't imply that you won't have learning curves but life satisfaction comes using your talents in your work. (talents): a special, natural ability or aptitude; a capacity for achievement or success  

    Helpful resources:

    GIFTS (volunteer your time doing something that you are gifted at):  this initially may have sounded totally odd to you but just hear us out.  Giftings are those things that you could truly say you would do for free just for the opportunity to give it away and help people/organizations.  Initially keep your giftings category general.  As you go through several cycles in your life journey of figuring out your life's work, you will get more clear/focused on your giftings.  The great thing about giving your giftings away is that you can gain powerful insight and attributes in way that is nurtured (if you are unsure and developing them), re-enforced (feedback from those who are in positions of observing your gifts) and taken to the next level (by providing clarity about what you are gifted at).  This insight is very powerful as you go along and figure out your life's work. (gift): something given voluntarily without payment in return

    'Gift Box' photo (c) 2009, Ken's Oven - license: resources:

    POTENTIAL (educate yourself where you need to grow your potential):  once we graduate from high school, college or other type of educational institution, we get to a point where that genuine thirst for knowledge ends and it becomes a matter of education in the form of what it takes to keep our jobs or other type of learning that is forced.  While this is important, what we are referring to is what type of educational learning will help you grow your potential.  Yes, that can be in the form of taking classes at a college to get an additional degree but what about education to help you return to your love of cooking?  Or what about developing your potential of inspiring others and thus going to speaking seminars to develop your craft?  These types of education in growing what is your potential are just as important as classes and ongoing training for your job.

    Get going! (potential): possible as opposed to actual; capable of being or becoming   

    Helpful resources:

    ADVENTURE (create a sense of fun and play in your life and commit to it):  when was the last time you can say you went on a genuine adventure that was fun?!?!  Just because we are no longer in our teens doesn't mean that life has to cease from having a sense of adventure and fun!  Have a slumber party with your girlfriends! Have city-wide treasure hunt with your friends that ends in a fun location filled with dancing around a fire!  Dress up in a super hero outfit while serving your child breakfast on the day of a big test or birthday!  Creative adventures are limitless!

    Helpful resources:

    And all throughout your life, hit REPEAT

    Here's to you and having a Curva-Lish life of amazing satisfaction!

    Cura-Lish Team

    Thursday, August 2, 2012

    Being a Friend

    In today's world of social media where it is not unusual for any given individual to have 1,000 Facebook friends, a LinkedIn network of 500+, a Twitter following of thousands, etc., etc.  so we at Curva-Lish are wondering: Are we losing our ability to determine who is a friend and what it means to be a friend?

    We found these definitions of friend on the World English Dictionary Site: a person known well to another and regarding with liking, affection, and loyalty; an intimate; an acquaintance or associate; an ally in a fight or cause; supporter.

    So, with that said, you can think of your Facebook friends, LinkedIn acquaintances or associates or Twitter allies/supporters as technically friends based on the definitions above.

    However, we weren't satisfied that someone who we call a friend would also have the definition of an acquaintance so we looked deeper.

    In the hit book Chicken Soup for the Girlfriend's Soul, the sub-title is called Celebrating the Friends Who Cheer Us Up, Cheer Us On and Make Our Lives Complete.

    Wow, that sub-title is a lot different than just someone you like, an acquaintance or association who is a supporter.  The authors seems to go much deeper than that...with a special emphasis on celebrating this person for their loyalty in helping our lives be complete.

    Is it possible to play this part in someone's life?  Well, we would be the first to say it is hard to do that if you have over 1,500 friends, acquaintances or associates.

    Just in my experience alone, I have had someone who I consider to be a friend be there for me during my mother's death (flying from out of town at the last minute even though I didn't even ask), holding my hand when I had to be brave and make a big life decision, sending a note to a friend for her first day back at a job after having spent 10 years at her job at home raising her kids, or having a wine party with girlfriends to celebrate the fact that one of you got a promotion that was overdue from a thankless job.

    Would I call what they did for me or what I did for them that of a friend or that of a person who helps to complete my life?

    24850_Shop Daily Deals at Always Free Shipping.We guess the difference in viewing people as an English World Dictionary defined friend and what that looks like in real life boils down to whether you can say that friendship completes you and is instrumental in making you who you are (and vice versa)'s called being a friend.

    Curva-Lish Team

    Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    Awareness: The Eye Has to Travel

    In her aptly titled 1980 book, Allure, Diana Vreeland wrote, "The eye has to travel." She wrote these words in her firm belief that her life, including her children, were exposed to every culture, religion, and race.

    To look inside Allure, click image below:

    "The world had no borders in her mind," says one of her sons. "I was brought up with that, and it became the cornerstone of my life." Her exposure and travels informed her styling in everything she did and became the foundation in which she would be considered a style icon.

    In order for the "eye to travel", you not only have to be exposed to different cultures, and thus traveling to different states/countries/continents, but you also have to expose yourself to anyone that thinks differently or can offer a different perspective.  Countless people have an immediate circle of friends who are people that think, talk and are the same as they are...we at Curva-Lish believe that leading an authentic and sincere life should involve close friends (or insightful conversations) with those who can offer you a different perspective and cause your "eye to travel".

    Here are some tips to help you develop as a person whose "eye has to travel" and facilitate insightful conversations whether as a dinner party guest, at a cocktail party, networking event or company function:

    • Have a positive attitude towards meekness
    • Live in the present moment
    • Listen intently to others (listen twice as much as you speak)
    • Look people in the eye when they speak to you

    To help you further, here are some ideas that our Curva-Lish Team put together as examples to incorporate the tips above:

    Have a small dinner party and make sure the guests are from various professions, backgrounds and have diverse interests.  Have each person bring their favorite ethnic dish and make it a cocktail cuisine party.  We guarantee every person will learn something.

    Ask someone at work in a different department/unit out to lunch and ask them whether they can tell you about what they do and how it impacts what your department of our Curva-Lish Team members has received many glowing performance reviews by doing this simple thing and thus, exhibiting an understanding of how the company works.

    Ask an interior decorator whether you can take them to lunch/dinner/coffee for an hour and discuss some ideas of how you can finally get around to changing a boring room into a creative space that fuels your passion.

    Have a get together where everyone shares their favorite travel destination pictures and include tips.  Accumulate the tips and pics into a notebook as a party favor for all.

    Make a commitment that you will do something that causes your "eye to travel".

    Get Ripped in 90 Days
    Curva-Lish Team