Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Awareness: The Eye Has to Travel

In her aptly titled 1980 book, Allure, Diana Vreeland wrote, "The eye has to travel." She wrote these words in her firm belief that her life, including her children, were exposed to every culture, religion, and race.

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"The world had no borders in her mind," says one of her sons. "I was brought up with that, and it became the cornerstone of my life." Her exposure and travels informed her styling in everything she did and became the foundation in which she would be considered a style icon.

In order for the "eye to travel", you not only have to be exposed to different cultures, and thus traveling to different states/countries/continents, but you also have to expose yourself to anyone that thinks differently or can offer a different perspective.  Countless people have an immediate circle of friends who are people that think, talk and are the same as they are...we at Curva-Lish believe that leading an authentic and sincere life should involve close friends (or insightful conversations) with those who can offer you a different perspective and cause your "eye to travel".

Here are some tips to help you develop as a person whose "eye has to travel" and facilitate insightful conversations whether as a dinner party guest, at a cocktail party, networking event or company function:

  • Have a positive attitude towards meekness
  • Live in the present moment
  • Listen intently to others (listen twice as much as you speak)
  • Look people in the eye when they speak to you

To help you further, here are some ideas that our Curva-Lish Team put together as examples to incorporate the tips above:

Have a small dinner party and make sure the guests are from various professions, backgrounds and have diverse interests.  Have each person bring their favorite ethnic dish and make it a cocktail cuisine party.  We guarantee every person will learn something.

Ask someone at work in a different department/unit out to lunch and ask them whether they can tell you about what they do and how it impacts what your department of our Curva-Lish Team members has received many glowing performance reviews by doing this simple thing and thus, exhibiting an understanding of how the company works.

Ask an interior decorator whether you can take them to lunch/dinner/coffee for an hour and discuss some ideas of how you can finally get around to changing a boring room into a creative space that fuels your passion.

Have a get together where everyone shares their favorite travel destination pictures and include tips.  Accumulate the tips and pics into a notebook as a party favor for all.

Make a commitment that you will do something that causes your "eye to travel".

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