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Curva-Lish Woman: Carla (United States)

One of our series is "Curva-Lish Woman" which is a highlight of women around the world who does something unique that we believe can give you an insightful idea or inspire you to create or develop something unique in your own life.  It is a part of our commitment to celebrate you and inspire others.

Our Curva-Lish Woman series does not focus only on what the woman does but more importantly: who the woman is (that then impacts what she does).

Curva-Lish Woman Carla
We selected Carla as our Curva-Lish Woman because she is not only a great mother and wife, but is also a kind and gentle-hearted woman who created (along with her husband Rashard), an annual get together called Dialogue Parties.

Dialogue Parties grew out of Carla's need to have an outlet for adult, intellectual conversations while at home raising her daughters.  The annual party has grown in popularity over the years and is now an eclectic group that is comprised of artists, politicians, community advocates, business people, etc.

We are inspired that she took something that was a need in her own life and expanded it to include a great group of people who travel from great distances to be a part of the open and honest dialogue about current events and life in general as apart of a respectful and sincere platform.

Curva-Lish:  We selected you as our Curva-Lish Woman highlight because of your unique idea regarding Dialogue Parties and your overall beauty and kindness to others but please introduce yourself to our readers.

Carla: I am honored to be considered a Curva-Lish Woman and appreciate the recognition.  I am a wife, mother and pharmaceutical sales professional.  I love to travel, spend time with family and recently rediscovered a love for reading.  I am blessed to have a husband who encourages me to make my dreams a reality and the Dialogue Party is a prime example of that.
Carla and her husband Rashard at the Dialogue Party

Curva-Lish:  When you and your husband Rashard began the Dialogue Parties, what were your hopes with how the party would take shape?

Carla: We were hoping to simply bring together a diverse and enthusiastic group of people to discuss current events, trends and issues that impact people of color.  We wanted the event to be organized, yet casual and comfortable so that people could openly discuss their views and opinions on various topics.  Although some discussions were lighthearted, revolving around pop culture, others uncovered deeper issues on race relations, education, health, and socio-economic disparities.

Curva-Lish:  What are some of your plans in how Dialogue Parties will take shape in the future?

Carla:  In 2012, we developed a Facebook page to continue the dialogue year-round.  The goal was for it to serve as a virtual portal for our Dialogue Party family members to share information regarding new perspectives, entrepreneurial ventures, volunteer activities, healthy living, career challenges, personal finance and other topics.  While most of these things are already being done by the audience members, we simply keep those things top of mind in the discussions as reinforcements about their importance and impact on themselves and society at large.

Curva-Lish:  You just celebrated a wedding anniversary with your husband.  What advice do you have for women around the world in balancing the needs of your career, family, and community while dedicating time to your relationship with your husband?
Carla hiking Mountain in St. Kitts

Carla: Although time management helps tremendously with balancing most priorities, dedicating time for your marriage can be the toughest.  You would think this happens naturally, but sometimes you have to set time aside.  Companies outsource all the time, so as a family we outsource certain things so that we can spend that quality time together in other areas.  My advice is to leverage the services of baby sitters, housekeepers, etc. and use that time for date nights, staycations, or quiet dinners.  On a daily basis, you should take a few moments to ask your spouse, "How was your day?" and actually wait attentively for the response.

Curva-Lish:  You have two young girls...what is your hope for their futures?

Carla: After obtaining higher education, I would like my girls to find their passion and pursue their dreams.  They should leave a positive impression on the world and I have been encouraging them to seek their highest potential and expand their comfort/skill sets.  As an example, my oldest daughter now wants to be the next Gabby Douglas and I support her enthusiasm as she pursues her passion in gymnastics.

Curva-Lish:  What is the best piece of advice you have ever received (read, heard or told)?

Carla: A mentor once told me that the only way to grow is to push outside of my comfort zone and embrace nervousness as a sign of that growth.  Anxiety and discomfort are parts of life and therefore, understanding and embracing those feelings are a part of one's development and growth.

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