Monday, August 6, 2012

4 Keys to Life Satisfaction: Your Talents, Your Gifts, Your Potential, Your Adventure

One day we sat back and asked ourselves what gives a person life satisfaction.  You can probably think of a long list of characteristics, milestones, accomplishments, etc. but there are four common denominators that each of these listed items should have in common:

Your Talents, Your Gifts, Your Potential, Your Adventure

TALENTS (work/earn income doing what you are talented at): to experience satisfaction in your work life, you have  to make it a life priority to find work and/or earn income doing what you believe you are particularly talented at doing.  This single factor in life will make you feel more satisfied and rewarded.

Doing work that rewards the usage of your talents is something that gives your life purpose and adds value to society.  Hard work and being apart of team is also something that gives life a reason to show up.  This doesn't imply that you won't have learning curves but life satisfaction comes using your talents in your work. (talents): a special, natural ability or aptitude; a capacity for achievement or success  

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GIFTS (volunteer your time doing something that you are gifted at):  this initially may have sounded totally odd to you but just hear us out.  Giftings are those things that you could truly say you would do for free just for the opportunity to give it away and help people/organizations.  Initially keep your giftings category general.  As you go through several cycles in your life journey of figuring out your life's work, you will get more clear/focused on your giftings.  The great thing about giving your giftings away is that you can gain powerful insight and attributes in way that is nurtured (if you are unsure and developing them), re-enforced (feedback from those who are in positions of observing your gifts) and taken to the next level (by providing clarity about what you are gifted at).  This insight is very powerful as you go along and figure out your life's work. (gift): something given voluntarily without payment in return

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POTENTIAL (educate yourself where you need to grow your potential):  once we graduate from high school, college or other type of educational institution, we get to a point where that genuine thirst for knowledge ends and it becomes a matter of education in the form of what it takes to keep our jobs or other type of learning that is forced.  While this is important, what we are referring to is what type of educational learning will help you grow your potential.  Yes, that can be in the form of taking classes at a college to get an additional degree but what about education to help you return to your love of cooking?  Or what about developing your potential of inspiring others and thus going to speaking seminars to develop your craft?  These types of education in growing what is your potential are just as important as classes and ongoing training for your job.

Get going! (potential): possible as opposed to actual; capable of being or becoming   

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ADVENTURE (create a sense of fun and play in your life and commit to it):  when was the last time you can say you went on a genuine adventure that was fun?!?!  Just because we are no longer in our teens doesn't mean that life has to cease from having a sense of adventure and fun!  Have a slumber party with your girlfriends! Have city-wide treasure hunt with your friends that ends in a fun location filled with dancing around a fire!  Dress up in a super hero outfit while serving your child breakfast on the day of a big test or birthday!  Creative adventures are limitless!

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Here's to you and having a Curva-Lish life of amazing satisfaction!

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