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According to research firm eMarketer, Google is projected to hold 80% of the search ad market by 2019. As of last year, Google held 75.8% of the search ad market and this year it is currently holding on to 77.8%. - Search Engine Journal

Even though it is well known that Google is the premier, most trusted source of information, many brands overlook how important it is to have a good representation of how their brand is reflected to the millions of people around the world searching for their first impression of a company or organization before buying, visiting or recommending.

Curva-Lish is a helpful resource that helps brands manage their Google brand image by performing reviews and taking real iPhone photos that both highlights the best of the brand's products or services and gives a tangible impression to visitors on what they can expect, not just a positive or negative review.  

As a Google Level 6 "Expert Reviewer" and "Expert Photographer", Curva-Lish can be trusted to amplify how the world experiences your brand in their search for the products and services that they need information about and who they buy from among the competition.

Curva-Lish lifestyle verticals include:
  • #FoodxDrink
  • #StylexDesign
  • #ArtxCulture
Below are some examples of Google content, reflective of the Before and After. If you are interested in having Curva-Lish perform Google Branding Services, reach out HERE.

BEFORE #StylexDesign: Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams (aka MGBW)

No Photos ✅ 
No Showroom ✅
Limited Reviews ✅
No Distinction ✅

AFTER #StylexDesign: Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams (aka MGBW)

Gorgeous Photos ✅
Showroom Featured ✅
Colorful Review ✅
Distinction ✅

See full review and over 25 photos added HERE

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