Monday, July 16, 2018

The Pursuit is Happiness

Pic Credit @katcoleatl (Instagram)

Like most of you I’ve seen the fabulously inspiring movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith as real life overcomer Chris Gardner.

But at the stage in my life where building Curva-Lish into an inspiring and authentic lifestyle brand, this picture I saw from Kat Cole on Instagram accurately depicts where I’m at in my life.

My life is no longer about pursuing happiness as some elusive destination.

My life is now about the pursuit is happiness.

Almost everyday.

Do you get the power in this one degree mindset shift?

Make happiness your everyday being-ness.

Even if it’s small, like sipping your coffee during a great summer sunrise.

The old way of elusive happiness would call this activity pursuit of happiness.

Instead, live in the moment of that sunrise and know that your coffee time pursuit is (already) happiness.

Just be.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

You Are Not Alone: Suicide Prevention and Therapy Help

Get Therapy Support

Like most people I was shocked and saddened by the recent suicidal deaths of two illustrious and inspirational people: Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

The shock felt around the world centered around the perception of two people who appeared to have lives that was the envy of others, including family and friends who never predicted their untimely deaths.

What added an additional layer of shock was the fact that both Kate and Anthony inspired a lot of people around the world to live their best lives and do it with compassion (Anthony encouraging fans to explore and learn from other cultures through food) and a whole lotta style (Kate encouraged fans to envelop the joy from bright colors that added aliveness to your outfits and home).

Get Therapy Support

In my own personal life I have been indirectly touched by suicide.

I've had to talk at least three people out of committing suicide (of which two incidents I had to franticly show up at their residence and one over a long distance phone call).

And more recently, two weeks before the Kate Spade suicide a young man jumped from the balcony of his luxury highrise apartment building in a neighborhood I frequent. All the other high achieving professionals in this compact urban Uptown area were shocked but you also saw some faces of acknowledgement.

The acknowledgement was one of questioning whether the cost and sacrifice of the high level of success they were experiencing is giving them a life of happiness and wholeness that they always assumed came with success.

Instead of being like most of the world who only talks about the tragedies, I found an anonymous resource that is an every day option to support you long before you get the points of feeling hopeless.

Get Therapy Support

With the advancement of technology, thankfully that is making traditional models of accessing resources and support more widely available, including therapy.

TalkSpace is anonymous therapy platform that matches those seeking help for life's tough situations with a professional therapist.

And I'm not talking about a therapist he you have .make a complicated appointment and take a half day off work to physically show up at a counselor's office.

TalkSpace gives you affordable options (plans start at $49/week) of communicating with your matched therapist through texting and emailing or one on one voice calls.

You get to decide how you want your therapist communication and frequency to be applied.

Here's some of the ways in which therapy can help, including those who feel their hope being impacted by all that's going in in their lives and and what going on in the world...

I pray you know that you are not alone and that help for processing life's tough situations is only a click and matched therapist away with TalkSpace...blessings to you.

Dining Amongst Art with Bernardaud

Every since I purchased my first set of fine dinnerware from Williams Sonoma when I was 23 years old, I've been obsessed with gorgeous fine china and beautiful dishes.

No matter how casual our culture gets, if you can get a few people to gather for a sit down dinner with food served on elegant fine china and dressed tablescape, you will create a sense of special-ness that is rare.

No need to wait until the holidays or special occasions.

You can create a sense of special-ness at anytime!

Pictured in this blog post are by Bernardaud, considered one of the premier brands in fine china.

It's like dining amongst art masterpieces.

You could serve a simple dinner of roasted chicken with a couple sides and it would be just as special as serving something more fancy.

Bernardaud offers investment worthy fine china and I have included links to The RealReal's Bernardaud that is consignment level prices.

And I hope you find a set that inspires you to plan a sit down dinner amongst yourselves favorite family and friends.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Beyond the Sea with Michael Kors

Michael Kors Sloan

If you want to get your fix of the sea, what better way to do it with this gorgeous Michael Kors Sloan shoulder bag.

It will keep you pacified until your next beach vacation!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Celestial Design That Reflects and Refracts to Light Up Your Life

Pictured: Lee Broom, Aurora Chandeliers

To those outside of the core design world, approaching a design project is mostly about selecting pieces that can inspire everyday life but that doesn't venture too far into the sphere of being dynamic.

That was my general thoughts when I had the pleasure of attending one of the North American tour stops for Lee Broom's "Observatory" lighting collection at Scott+Cooner in Dallas' Design District.

I would never call myself a design novice. This lifestyle blog is filled with mind bending stories of great design and decor with people whose passions celebrate how we live in our everyday surroundings. However, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

But after seeing the vibrancy of the illustrious crowd who had gathered to celebrate Lee Broom, I knew there was something different about this collection than anything I had ever seen.

To introduce you to "Observatory", listen to this short video of Lee Broom describing the inspiration for this four part series...

As you can tell, like all great fashion designers, Lee Broom chose an inspiration from one genre of our world (space, ceestials) and used it to create mind bending pieces that create synergy with the world of design.

And what was even more surprising to me was how practical Lee Broom's pieces are to everyday life!

I had always relegated fussy design into the same bucket as haute couture: jaw dropping to look at but not really serving a useful purpose for living.

How Lee Broom is able to strike a balance of reimagining high design with celestial inspiration and pieces serving a real practicality is what makes the Observatory collection genius...even obvious to someone like me who is outside the core design community.

Here are some of my specific notes and descriptive thoughts on Lee Broom's "Observatory" Collection and I can say I certainly understand why he has already won a couple of global awards while showcasing this powerfully practical high design collection.

But unlike haute couture, it is offered at chicy design showrooms like Scott+Cooner, therefore making preeminent design available to all...and that's fabulous!

Eclipse: Front View, Wall Cutout

Eclipse: Side View, Wall Cutout

Four Sub-Collections: Aurora, Eclipse, Tidal, Orion

Collection Collective: Seven individual pieces

Key Aspects: Solar system, celestial bodies, simplicity in shape and silhouette, constellation, modernity

Stand Out Features: reflection and refraction using lenses and light

Brilliant Aurora LED Chandelier

Orion: Horizontals and Verticals

Scott+Cooner Lee Broom Launch Party Pics

Lee Broom at Scott+Cooner

Lloyd Cooner and Party Attendees

Up Close and Personal: Eclipse Chandelier

Vibrant Crowd (Lens Flair Pieces in Foreground)

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Dare to Own Your Space

In West Village Dallas, most restaurants and store fronts are occupied with just the standard red and tan building construction the developers created. 

And then there is Suit Supply!

Suit Supply is in a league of its own. 

Instead of having the typical brick storefront, they first created their standout space with a black vertical, textured facade.

And they didn’t stop there...they also created a side walk appeal that hardly any other West Village store front ever does! They regularly change out the plants bordering their sidewalk space and the plants in their vast flower pots. 

I caught these pics as they were changing over and installing their fresh seasonal plants. 

In other words, Suit Supply takes command of their space and #ownit!

Question: are taking command of your space and owning it? 

You can never hope to stand out and be considered a game changer if you are just operating amongst the tan and red standard bricks. 

Own it!

Reminder: Being Yourself

This was my look doing freelancer press for Dallas Diner en Blanc. 

Just because I was doing media coverage didn’t mean I wasn’t going to show up with a unique look based on their all white party theme.

I painted my hair white and added these faux diamond appliques to my avant garde!

I loved my look until I started sweating and the appliqués started coming off one by one! 

No worries though because I danced the night away! 

By the end, I had no appliqués left was a fantastic night!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Get the Look: Using Candles for Budget Friendly Tablescapes

Instagram @lewismillerdesign

You can never go wrong with adding candles amongst low lighting to your tablesetting. It is the most budget friendly decor and with the highest level of impact you can do for your dinner entertainment.

The most economical is to put tea lights onto trays or in an existing household container. 

But if you want to add the most elegant drama, use candles of varying sizes and use candleholders that add texture or decor to your tabledecor theme. (Cute options here and here and a masterpiece here)

Also, if you plan on using a lot of candles and making them your intentional focal points, then be mindful of the height of your flowers so that they don’t detract from your intended focal points.

Lastly, don't ever use scented candles for tabletop decor. The fragrances from scented candles will impact the taste of your wine and food.

Romantic, chic, elegant and urban are the words I think of for this table setting. 

Effie's Paper: The Future is Female

I know a few women who have earned some hard fought promotions in their organizations and this is what I plan on gifting to them: a travel mug with a chic, of the season floral design.

This travel mug is by Effie's Paper and it will empower their morning java run!

So chic and a great reminder: The Future is Female

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Megan Hess Illustrates Parisian Mouse Dreams

Credit: @MeganHess_official

Just in case you didn't know it I'm obsessed with Australia and it's people.

I've had this obsession since I served on a Habitat for Humanity trip to New Zealand and became besties with my witty Australian roommate.

We connected instantly over her humor, wit and one-liners that made even building a house in the heat and using port a potties humorous.

So I'm so excited to tell you all about a new project by my favorite illustrator Megan Hess!

She has a new children's book out starring a chic little mouse living her dreams in Paris, the city of lights.

The launch part dinner with it's florals and gorgeous tablescape was nothing short of whimsical and and what fantasy pink dreams are made of!

I love a great launch party!

And you can pre-order the book HERE

Credit: @MeganHess_official

Credit: @MeganHess_official

Credit: @MeganHess_official

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Testimonial: "President Of" or Be It?

Credit: @ruthie_davis

My 3rd job in footwear was VP Women’s Footwear at Tommy Hilfiger.

I took all-American preppy into a new chic, fashion street direction.

One day between work trips, my husband asked, “I’m curious…is your goal to be President of Tommy Hilfiger or Tommy Hilfiger?”

My answer was clear and soon thereafter I launched Ruthie Davis.

I love this startup testimonial by Davis because as a coach I have found that there really are two types of people in this world and that's okay!

There are those who aspire to be what I'm calling "President of", meaning you work brilliantly for and with someone else who calls the main shots.

And then there are those whose visions are so strong and innate that their brilliance shines the best when they "Be it", meaning the person calling the shots to make sure the vision happens.

Neither is right or wrong.

Just make sure you play the game according to your most brilliant lane!

Throwback Thursday: Just Say Yes!

One day out of the blue I received a call from a friend panicked that she was asked to be on live tv and she couldn’t do it.

She said she was calling because she thought I’d be perfect as their Lifestyle Expert.

Before the voices in my head could argue I immediately said “Yes!”

I then ask her when is it and she replied, “In two days”....


I’ve never desired to be a celebrity but I do desire to convince as many people as I can that you can curate your life with a cultured style that is authentic and deeply satisfying. Exposure helps me do that soooo...

I still committed to my Yes and immediately went into prep mode.

I went over and over the speaking points, the goals and objectives of the national campaign, practiced my best angles in the mirror and my smile and on and on!

The funniest part is that I wasn’t so freaked out by the LIVE tv. I was the most freaked out when I first saw my models and finally understood what a size 0 looked like and that I’d be standing right next to them on LIVE tv!

Thank God I practiced those angles!

If you need help saying “Yes!” more in your life, I recommend Shonda Rhimes' book. It’s brilliant and will help you make the connection to stop overthinking things and say “Yes!” to life!

Mood: Phenomenal Woman

Credit: @justineskye

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fit Men Cook: Lamb & Rice

From @fitmencook (Instagram) - Meal prep feeling bland? Spice it up with my flavorful and low-carb Indian-inspired Lamb & “rice” dish! 

I got all the ingredients from @Krogerco, including the lean lamb meat, so it should be easy to find and afford! 

It's great spicy comfort food!

Recipe at or at app below...

Monday, March 12, 2018

When Passion Ignites Activism

It's taken me a few days to write this blog post because my heart was still hurting over the recent mass shooting at a highschool in Parkland, Florida. Seeing the faces of the victims broke my heart.

When I think of how every post on Curva-Lish is to inspire you to curate your life with your own unique style, I think the state of our world is causing more people than ever to extend their passions towards being more active in changing antiquated ways in which politics and major issues has negatively impacted the lives of so many.

I am one of them and so are students around our nation.

The most recent news I read in response to the 20th school shooting so far this year is that students around the nation will be staging a walk out in solidarity and protest of what they believe are the root causes to shootings in school.

The most brilliant thing about thecwalk out, in my humble opinion, is that students are doing this on behalf of their fellow students, not just themselves.

Their passion for wanting change is causing an activism for students everywhere. Brilliant.

I'm also being impacted.

This past Saturday I participated in my first political social activism event. Yes, I'm 43 and it was my first political social activism event.

I received an invite to attend a Black Joy brunch hosted by ColorofChange. I didn't know what to expect and frankly, I was a bit nervous. All I knew was that one of the goals of the Dallas Launch of ColorofChange is to highlight candidates running for Judge seats who have a direct impact on incarceration rates amongst African American men.

Unfair incarceration policies is important to my community. And even though I'm not married or have a son, I'm choosing to be active for what I've always learned being a Christian: advocating on behalf of the poor and voiceless.

So I'm using my passion for others in the same way as the students walking out and advocating on behalf of other students. It's the same principle but different passions and advocacy.

The ColorofChange brunch far exceeded my expectations in that the setup, commaraderie and attendance was amazing!

There was young, old, experienced, not experienced, politically active, politically not active, and everything in between.

It was a beautiful sight to behold knowing that our common goal was to lock arms and advocate on behalf of others.

And my brunch table sisters were particularly bold and brilliant women! We talked amongst ourselves as we ate absolutely delicious food from Aloft Downtown Dallas. Topics ranged from raising children of the next generation to marriage to careers to thoughts on current topics. The responses ranged but there was also common threads given that our table crew was aged from late 20s to a grandma in her 70s who was in attendance at Martin Luther King, Jrs last speech in Memphis, TN.

One of the outcomes of the ColorofChange brunch was to not only meet again before the primaries to make sure we had enough information to make informed decisions as voters but to also promise to encourage our network and community (including using the Hustle app) to turn their passions to activism and join us!

I really believe this is a new era in which you'll see people no longer sit on the sidelines but will get engaged. I just pray that engagement is not on behalf of just themselves but is on behalf of the poor and the voiceless.

That's truly an amazing way to curate your life with style...

Monday, February 12, 2018

Fantasy Hollywood Star Looks

I have genuinely never strived to be a celebrity because I believe it's not as sexy as we all imagine.

But, I must admit I'm infatuated with this site that translates your average Facebook profile pictures into the looks of a Hollywood's completely addictive.

Here are my original Facebook profile pictures and their Hollywood Star counterpart from the site...I felt like a celebrity for five seconds, minus the celebrity drama!


Me as Hollywood Star


Me as Hollywood Star


Me as Hollywood Star


Me as Hollywood Star

Original (Corporate Board Pic)

Me as Hollywood Star


Me as Hollywood Star


Me as Hollywood Star

See your Hollywood Star HERE