Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Matcha for the (Healthier) Win

I know I am probably late to the matcha lovers club but seriously: I'm obsessed!

Considering that a few of my favorite health focused Instagrammers have posted repeatedly about their love of matcha, I never associated it with something that everyday people could love.

Due to its green coloring, I assumed it's like a few things health junkies lie about...how tasty cardboard or tasteless foods are and we're all missing out on how wonderful it is.

But in the case of matcha, ummm, it really is delicious!

What is matcha?
Simply: concentrated Japanese green tea in finely ground powder form, which makes it easy to mix in with any liquid from water to milks to vegan inspired food recipes (think matcha cheesecake).

Healthy Benefits?
Many, mostly due to matcha's concentration of antioxidants and just enough caffeine to notice an increase in your energy level (but no highs/lows like the caffeine from coffee).

My Matcha Love Affair
I first encountered matcha about two months ago when I was in the Starbucks line waiting on my coffee and the barista yelled out a mobile order of a matcha water.  It was a brilliant green hue and seemed a more refreshing take on our hot Texas day than my boring coffee.

I ordered one and was instantly hooked.  Meaning, no need to grow on me, no need to give me a minute. Instant.

Since my first encounter, I have had a blast exploring all the ways in which matcha is used in drinks and foods.

I had no idea!

It's like being apart of some cool club, lol.

And for this club, no need to be a health freak who thinks eating tasteless or cardboard textured food is cool.

Currently, my favorite way to drink matcha is just mixed in ice water and a tablespoon of vanilla soy milk.

Tonight, I had a special treat in ordering a matcha lemonade...serious yum!

Tip #1: don't feel like your only options for matcha on-the-go drinks is Starbucks. I purchased a box of individual Rishi matcha premium Japanese tea packets at WholeFoods, but here's a better price for two Rishi travel packet boxes on Amazon!

Tip #2: if you're like me and you like sipping on drinks, you'll need to stir your drink frequently as match powder has a tendency to float to the bottom. Stir frequently as you sip and you'll get a consistent taste.

So whether you are busy running around town, need a quick pick me up (without a high/low crash) or a jetsetter that wants to be in control of your drink choice while traveling, these Rishi packets make it super easy! (And fyi, I'm all about what fits my lifestyle and makes it easy for 2019!)

Do you drink matcha? Have you tried it?  Do you like it? Let me know!