Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fit Men Cook: Lamb & Rice

From @fitmencook (Instagram) - Meal prep feeling bland? Spice it up with my flavorful and low-carb Indian-inspired Lamb & “rice” dish! 

I got all the ingredients from @Krogerco, including the lean lamb meat, so it should be easy to find and afford! 

It's great spicy comfort food!

Recipe at FitMenCook.com or at app below...

Monday, March 12, 2018

When Passion Ignites Activism

It's taken me a few days to write this blog post because my heart was still hurting over the recent mass shooting at a highschool in Parkland, Florida. Seeing the faces of the victims broke my heart.

When I think of how every post on Curva-Lish is to inspire you to curate your life with your own unique style, I think the state of our world is causing more people than ever to extend their passions towards being more active in changing antiquated ways in which politics and major issues has negatively impacted the lives of so many.

I am one of them and so are students around our nation.

The most recent news I read in response to the 20th school shooting so far this year is that students around the nation will be staging a walk out in solidarity and protest of what they believe are the root causes to shootings in school.

The most brilliant thing about thecwalk out, in my humble opinion, is that students are doing this on behalf of their fellow students, not just themselves.

Their passion for wanting change is causing an activism for students everywhere. Brilliant.

I'm also being impacted.

This past Saturday I participated in my first political social activism event. Yes, I'm 43 and it was my first political social activism event.

I received an invite to attend a Black Joy brunch hosted by ColorofChange. I didn't know what to expect and frankly, I was a bit nervous. All I knew was that one of the goals of the Dallas Launch of ColorofChange is to highlight candidates running for Judge seats who have a direct impact on incarceration rates amongst African American men.

Unfair incarceration policies is important to my community. And even though I'm not married or have a son, I'm choosing to be active for what I've always learned being a Christian: advocating on behalf of the poor and voiceless.

So I'm using my passion for others in the same way as the students walking out and advocating on behalf of other students. It's the same principle but different passions and advocacy.

The ColorofChange brunch far exceeded my expectations in that the setup, commaraderie and attendance was amazing!

There was young, old, experienced, not experienced, politically active, politically not active, and everything in between.

It was a beautiful sight to behold knowing that our common goal was to lock arms and advocate on behalf of others.

And my brunch table sisters were particularly bold and brilliant women! We talked amongst ourselves as we ate absolutely delicious food from Aloft Downtown Dallas. Topics ranged from raising children of the next generation to marriage to careers to thoughts on current topics. The responses ranged but there was also common threads given that our table crew was aged from late 20s to a grandma in her 70s who was in attendance at Martin Luther King, Jrs last speech in Memphis, TN.

One of the outcomes of the ColorofChange brunch was to not only meet again before the primaries to make sure we had enough information to make informed decisions as voters but to also promise to encourage our network and community (including using the Hustle app) to turn their passions to activism and join us!

I really believe this is a new era in which you'll see people no longer sit on the sidelines but will get engaged. I just pray that engagement is not on behalf of just themselves but is on behalf of the poor and the voiceless.

That's truly an amazing way to curate your life with style...

Monday, February 12, 2018

Fantasy Hollywood Star Looks

I have genuinely never strived to be a celebrity because I believe it's not as sexy as we all imagine.

But, I must admit I'm infatuated with this site that translates your average Facebook profile pictures into the looks of a Hollywood Star...it's completely addictive.

Here are my original Facebook profile pictures and their Hollywood Star counterpart from the site...I felt like a celebrity for five seconds, minus the celebrity drama!


Me as Hollywood Star


Me as Hollywood Star


Me as Hollywood Star


Me as Hollywood Star

Original (Corporate Board Pic)

Me as Hollywood Star


Me as Hollywood Star


Me as Hollywood Star

See your Hollywood Star HERE

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Bullshit of the "Five Closest People To You" Theory

I have literally gone to over 100s of success seminars on various topics since I was 16 years old in Junior Achievement.

Learning and knowing the habits of the world's most successful people has been a long time passion of mine.

One of the more recent theories mentioned at many business seminars is the theory that you are the result of the five closest people to you.

That sounds fine but the context of that theory is that you need to make sure that the five people closest to you (aka, the five people you spend the most time with)  are super successful because they will impact whether you achieve your financial goals.

I have always had a nagging feeling that somehow that theory was inaccurate but at the time I first heard it, I couldn't articulate why I thought it was inaccurate.

Now in my 40's and having lived more life, I know that theory is inaccurate because various people fulfill a role in your life that keeps you grounded and centered.

That's important.

Just because someone isn't a millionaire and you aim to be one, doesn't mean your relationship with that person is going to deter you from your financial goal.

That person maybe someone who helps you spiritually, keeps you focused on your highest potential or refuses to let you settle for a relationship beneath your worth.

You see, you are not a one dimensional person.

There's nothing wrong with having financial goals but if your financial goals are the only life drivers that you have, then you are not a whole, well rounded person.

The people who created and always teaches the theory of five are normally always men. That's not surprising because men tend to get their worth from their career and how much money they earn.

As a woman who has counseled, coached, and supported literally hundreds of people, I can tell you that having a one dimensional life is an unhappy life.

We are given many different, amazing people in which to connect, grow and learn from as we evolve throughout our lives.

That's amazing!

If your goal is to be at your most fit level, then your millionaire friend who works sixty hours a week and never exercises is not your reference point. And that's okay if they're not one of your five!

If your goal is to get your sexy back, then it's fine not to seek counsel from your pastor! Just sayin'! Call that crazy lady you met at a networking event who shared that she's been married with amazing sex for over 40 years. And she doesn't have to become one of your closest confidants forever! And that's okay.

Whoever you choose to be apart of your circle of people who influence your life, don't ever put them in a bucket of the financial value they do or don't bring into your life.

The beauty of life is being loved for who you really are.

And in my opinion, that is priceless.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

AERIN Launches "Hibiscus Palm"

Pic Credit: @bagsnob

Last night Aerin Lauder launched her newest fragrance, Hibiscus Palm, at her namesake lifestyle company.

Set amid the paradise of Hotel Estencia in Mexico, Aerin hosted an impressive lineup of beauty influencers and #AerinAmbassadors with a kickoff dinner inspired by the flower, from decor to food infused pairings.

Hibiscus Palm captures the island scent of brilliant sunshine on a lush beach. Accords of Lotus Flower and Hibiscus Palm mingle with Ylang and exotic Ginger. Frangipani blends with a heart of fragrant White Blossoms, wrapped in the velvety warmth of Coconut Milk, Vanilla and Musk.

Get a free sample of Hibiscus Palm HERE