Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Megan Hess Illustrates Parisian Mouse Dreams

Credit: @MeganHess_official

Just in case you didn't know it I'm obsessed with Australia and it's people.

I've had this obsession since I served on a Habitat for Humanity trip to New Zealand and became besties with my witty Australian roommate.

We connected instantly over her humor, wit and one-liners that made even building a house in the heat and using port a potties humorous.

So I'm so excited to tell you all about a new project by my favorite illustrator Megan Hess!

She has a new children's book out starring a chic little mouse living her dreams in Paris, the city of lights.

The launch part dinner with it's florals and gorgeous tablescape was nothing short of whimsical and and what fantasy pink dreams are made of!

I love a great launch party!

And you can pre-order the book HERE

Credit: @MeganHess_official

Credit: @MeganHess_official

Credit: @MeganHess_official

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Testimonial: "President Of" or Be It?

Credit: @ruthie_davis

My 3rd job in footwear was VP Women’s Footwear at Tommy Hilfiger.

I took all-American preppy into a new chic, fashion street direction.

One day between work trips, my husband asked, “I’m curious…is your goal to be President of Tommy Hilfiger or Tommy Hilfiger?”

My answer was clear and soon thereafter I launched Ruthie Davis.

I love this startup testimonial by Davis because as a coach I have found that there really are two types of people in this world and that's okay!

There are those who aspire to be what I'm calling "President of", meaning you work brilliantly for and with someone else who calls the main shots.

And then there are those whose visions are so strong and innate that their brilliance shines the best when they "Be it", meaning the person calling the shots to make sure the vision happens.

Neither is right or wrong.

Just make sure you play the game according to your most brilliant lane!

Throwback Thursday: Just Say Yes!

One day out of the blue I received a call from a friend panicked that she was asked to be on live tv and she couldn’t do it.

She said she was calling because she thought I’d be perfect as their Lifestyle Expert.

Before the voices in my head could argue I immediately said “Yes!”

I then ask her when is it and she replied, “In two days”....


I’ve never desired to be a celebrity but I do desire to convince as many people as I can that you can curate your life with a cultured style that is authentic and deeply satisfying. Exposure helps me do that soooo...

I still committed to my Yes and immediately went into prep mode.

I went over and over the speaking points, the goals and objectives of the national campaign, practiced my best angles in the mirror and my smile and on and on!

The funniest part is that I wasn’t so freaked out by the LIVE tv. I was the most freaked out when I first saw my models and finally understood what a size 0 looked like and that I’d be standing right next to them on LIVE tv!

Thank God I practiced those angles!

If you need help saying “Yes!” more in your life, I recommend Shonda Rhimes' book. It’s brilliant and will help you make the connection to stop overthinking things and say “Yes!” to life!

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