Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Does Clarity Precede Support (and Failure)?

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I've had the most interesting morning. On one occasion I reached out someone about opportunities and based on my understanding of their passion projects was what lead me to reach out to them. 

In this case, I knew a lady three years ago who I remembered was extremely passionate about children's yoga. She is the only person I've ever met who does yoga focused on children to help them deal with anxiety, stay active and meditate. When I saw a LinkedIn job post from Calm about children's meditation, a groundbreaking new role, I immediately thought of her. And ironically, her cell number was still in my phone. 

I call her up and she was ecstatic that I mentioned this new Calm job opportunity I had seen. She's going to apply, creating a win-win for both her and an app that I have adored for years. 

I'm writing this post because based on my understanding of the passion/work of the individual played a huge part in me remembering them and sending helpful information. 

This got me to thinking: what if I wasn't clear about her passions/projects/work? Would I have thought to contact her? 

The short answer: No. 

Let's sit back from this...have you ever gave some mental time to how well you are communicating to your network what you do, leads you want, connections you want to be made? 

Like, really. Think about it. 

Are you being clear, consistent and specific? If you can't answer that with an easy Yes, then perhaps, just perhaps, the reason why you aren't getting leads, gaining traction, have a full pipeline, meeting your goals, evolving, etc is because of YOU. 


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