Monday, July 30, 2018

The Slingshot and Conquering Your Giants

My Urban Lifestyle

I find the most interesting things while riding trains and trolleys as my daily routine. 

And I find them in random spots whereas there isn’t even a lost and found that I can turn it into!

Today I found a wooden sling shot. If you’re familiar with the bible then you’ll know that a slingshot was used by David to kill the Giant in his life.

Maybe we can all take inspiration from this random find and be empowered to conquer a giant that has had a foot hold in our lives that’s preventing us from our level up.

Whether that’s your own inner negative self talk, an unhealthy relationship or a brave Ask that you need to make. 

No matter what it is, think of this pic you bumped into of a sling shot and go slay this week!

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