Wednesday, July 25, 2018

How to Create a Mobilized Vision Board

A PicCollage Vision Board

I have been a long time teacher of showing people how to get the most from creating their vision board, including tips on making sure you create one that manifests what you want out of your curated life.

One of the key points I make in my vision board talks is that part of getting the most value from taking the time and effort of creating a vision board is that you need to keep it in a place that requires you to have to see it frequently. Preferably daily.


What you keep putting in your mind's eye begins to seek ways to manifest itself. If you put your vision board in a spot where you'll never/hardly see it, then it doesn't give your mind, body and soul direction to seek your heart's greatest desire.

Now that data shows that we are constantly on our phones, I thought it would be helpful to give you a guide to make your vision board mobile.

Vision Board iPhone Screensaver 

Mobilizing Your Vision Board:

1. Download the PicCollage app

2. Click "Get Started" and it`ll request permission to access your phone's camera where your pics are stored. Click "OK" to allow access.

Don't be afraid to screen shot images from the Internet, online magazines or other resources to add to your camera roll for your vision board. This is the online version and the same as the traditional way in which images are cut out of magazines and glued to boards.

3. Click on pics from your camera roll that you want to include on your vision board.

When finished with picture selections, click upper right hand check and it takes you to next screen.

4. Your pics will appear in a default, freestyle collage. You can change your collage by selecting your preferred layout along bottom portion of selections.

When you are done with your preferred layout selection, click "Next".

5. On this screen, you can move your pics around and reorder way using your finger, including resizing, adding border and more.

Play around with it and features until you get the images just right to how you want them to appear.

Click "Done" (upper right hand corner)

6. On the "Save or Share" screen click "Save to Library".

You also have many options to share including email, social media, messenger, and more.

What's brilliant is you can also Print from the app!

One other great thing about creating a vision board in this way is that it follows one of my tips in making your vision board an evolving vision you have for your life. So unlike the traditional way of gluing images on a board, this will allow you to easily  evolve your vision board with your life without having to toss your whole board away when one part no longer serves you.

So no more excuses of your vision board being tucked away in a closet or some place that you lose track of your dreams and goals.

Make it mobile and watch your life change!

Tag me @curvalish on Instagram when you create and share yours...I'd love to see your vision boards!

P.S. You can pay to have the PicCollage watermark removed so you have a clean vision board image. Its worth it and only a one time fee.

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