Friday, February 10, 2017

If It's Not Working, Create It!

#MorningGlory and Deconstruction: the primary messaging of Curva-Lish is authenticity. I didn't just make that apart of the mission statement because it sounds good...I literally live it! 

This pic is an example. I'm sitting here spending an hour this morning deconstructing two different planners because I still haven't found one that's exactly right that will not only manage my appointments but that will also manage my life as an entrepreneur whose life doesn't fit into a 9-5 schedule. I have experience building something from a blank piece of paper (literally) to a $2MM budget with over 300 employees impacted in two different countries...I'm going back to that system I developed then and taking pages from two different planners to build my own #empire! 

It's also like I tell visionairies in my vision board events: if you don't see an image, word or creative that depicts what you have a vision for, don't be afraid to create it! 

I'm now creating my perfect planner that has worked brilliant-ly for me using my own tried systems that can manage a's about being Curva-Lish(ly) authentic!

Questions to Ask Yourself:
Are you stuck because you're trying to make a system fit when instead, you need to know what you want and THEN find a system that fits? Create it.

Are you still using a system that worked in a past life but now that you have a brilliantly different life pursuing your goals you need to update your system? Create it.

Have you not paused to assess if your current blueprint matches the outcomes you are desiring in your life? Create it.

No matter how you answered these questions, the point  of this post is: Don't be afraid to create it!

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