Monday, February 27, 2017

100 Year Old Health: Veggie Broth Soup

A few years back US News and World Report put out a special issue on what it means to live to 100 years old.  It was a very interesting read on what Centenarians have done in their past lifestyles to get them to this age milestone.

Around that same time I had read a cook book based on one of the Asian community's secret weapons for their longevity: making a healthy broth soup apart of their normal eating habit.

They don't eat broth soups as apart of some fad diet or fasting.

They eat broth soups as apart of their normal eating habits with goodness packed into them such as ginger, turmeric, etc.

So, when I feel the bloat, I have adopted my version of a broth soup to meet my needs and still have the health benefits of this miracle soup.

I make a huge pot (seen above) for my lunch all week that consists of the following ingredients:
Bone Broth
Bok Choy
Chicken Breast Pieces
Diced Steamed Tomatoes
Season to Taste

The cooking part is simple since I just put all the ingredients listed above in a huge pot and simmer for less than hour!

Try it for a week and see how much it lessens the bloat, increases your energy levels, gives you some skin clarity and increases your normal fiber intake.

It's a big pot of nutrition that will (hopefully) support you living in health for 100 years!

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