Friday, February 17, 2017

Mastering Influence and Tapping Your Secret Weapon

Yesterday I was reading a brilliant article by Sallie Krawcheck ("How Female Entrepreneurs Can Overcome the Odds") about what she has learned about becoming an entrepreneur after having had a high level Wall Street career where she was one of the only women to achieve milestones that are still difficult to achieve for women.

The article written for LinkedIn was not like the 1 millionth other articles you have likely read already of what it means to be an entreprenuer.

Sure, she had a couple points like "You must have Passion for what you are doing" that you've heard before but I wanted to highlight one of her points that really resonated with me...

Krawcheck: I’m seeing again and again that a key differentiator for entrepreneurs is their network, and how effectively they engage it. This is true in getting funding (I first went to people I had worked with in the past); it’s true in finding your first users; it’s true in finding the right people to hire; and it’s true in activating excitement about your business. 
I found my co-founder of Ellevest through a serial entrepreneur I had become friendly with; we found our Chief Design Officer through a woman who leads a consulting firm, whom I’d met at a conference; and I found our Chief Investment Officer through…well….by spending hours on LinkedIn reviewing profiles and then networking to get to her. A vibrant, engaged network is an entrepreneur’s secret weapon.

While reading her article I realized I had over 900+ LinkedIn contacts, for example, that I have not effectively engaged since I started my coaching firm! (Side note: Krawcheck isn't implying that you need to keep up with 900+ contacts...but your network needs to consist of certain people who you can effectively engage in a fruitful way).

This may seem like a no-brainer to you but seriously, I am going into my 5th year since founding my firm and there are people in my network who will wholeheartedly tell you that they are not exactly sure what I do and how I do it and even crazier...they can likely say they have no idea who my ideal client is.

To Krawcheck's point, I have not effectively engaged certain people in my network to be my best secret weapon.


And please don't count when you have sent random sales emails to your network. I've done this repeatedly. Krawcheck is referring to a more focused, consistent, regular targeting of certain people in your network who can connect you to people, resources or events that will help you accomplish your clearly articulated goal(s). #Boom

And to be perfectly honest, this article also helped point out to me that I have been asking the wrong people in my network!  Long story but I now know and understand that my Ask needs to be more focused and targeted to be more effective in the goals that I have to scale my firm. 2017 is my year to break from the pack of every other coach who wants to "hang a shingle" ability to effectively engage my network is going to be a key factor in me accomplishing this goal.

So, instead of just making this post about highlighting a key point about a lesson I am still learning, I wanted to connect you to a resource by none other than the brilliant Tony Robbins called "Mastering Influence", which is temporarily 40% off!

Leave it up to Robbins to already have known what Krawcheck so brilliantly articulated: get your network to do the "work" for you (and don't get it twisted, it works both ways in which you work for them too when they express a need, desire or goal).

Robbins' program on "Mastering Influence" is filled with specific techniques, strategies and secrets from the world's top leaders and salespeople on what it means to influence others and partner/collaborate with them to achieve your highest goals. (Side note: Krawcheck also addresses the points of getting over your fear, especially your fear of asking your network for money, connections, deals, etc. I never associated this with being a great salesperson/influencer, per se.  But five years in, I get their point!)

Robbins: Whether it's working for a promotion, starting a new career or growing your business, we all strive for success as we move through another year.  Creating your success comes down to many factors — the most important being influence. With the power of influence comes the ability to effectively lead, impact and succeed in any scenario — paving the way for you to exceed your goals.

In "Mastering Influence", learn how to:

  • Enjoy and inspire greater confidence, passion and drive to succeed.
  • Achieve crystal-clear focus and direction towards your goals.
  • Fine-tune your personal-development and success-conditioning skills.
  • Master strategies employed by the world’s most successful sales people.
  • Create enduring relationships with both colleagues and clients.
I hope this post helps to inspire you to further develop a skill set (influence and how you use it to effectively engage your network, your greatest (potential) secret weapon) that of course will support you living an authentic life of your own stylish design!

Let's grow in this area's certainly Curva-Lish!

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