Monday, February 27, 2017

How To: Knockout Eyes with Estee Lauder

I'm newly in my 40s and I was so excited about a video posted by Estee Lauder that finally explained, in the most simplest way, how to achieve knockout, dramatic eyes based on the look you are going for AND how to achieve a more flawless look AND define or lengthen your lashes...

I was always confused about what I should and should not be using but now I finally get it.

I don't want the same look for my work day as I do for my evenings out or weekend casual days.

I must confess: I only normally buy one mascara and I make it work for all occasions.  Ummm, now I know that I can just purchase different mascaras with different wands to achieve my desired effect...duh!

Here are a few examples:

Sumptuous Knockoutturn ordinary lashes into knockout lashes: lifted, separated and fanned out for maximum lash impact.

Sumptuous Infinitegravity-defying fibers take lashes far beyond tips. Lashes are transformed—longer, fuller, dramatic.Innovative stretchable fibers perfectly shape, plump and extend each lash, from roots through tips and beyond. Fibers are fused onto lashes as the mascara dries, setting and locking-in length.

Sumptuous Full Lengthweightless volume, Sumptuous creates daringly full, sensuously curved, all-out seductive lashes.

Hope this helps you choose too! Leave it up to Estee Lauder to know exactly how to explain it...check out their website for full details and to order

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