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Standing Fearless & Being Determined to Stand Your Ground

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By  now I'm sure you've probably seen or heard about the "fearless girl" statue standing front and center of the infamous Wall Street Bull in New York.

State Street Global Advisors, an investments services company, is said to be responsible for installing the 5-inch statue in front of the charging bull as a statement towards Wall Street's lack of diversity in recognition of International Women's Day.

And speaking of fearless, I also loved this short video from Makers Women about female Wall Street pioneer Sallie Krawcheck, in which Krawcheck shares an experience that she had over and over from her male peers while being one of the only women on Wall Street...see video below:

This video and the "fearless girl" statue had me thinking about how we all have experiences, on our way to realizing our biggest dreams, where some bully, some competitor or some other adversary (that maybe even someone close to you) that tries to intimidate you into "abandoning ship" on living a life that you have worked so hard my tips below on how to stand your ground and be fearless!

Tips for Standing Fearless and Being Determined to Stand Your Ground
Tip #1: Be Honest with Yourself About Your Situation
Be honest with what situation you are in that is threatening to cause you to operate in fear.  Is it a hostile work environment? Is it a bully boss? Is it your own self confidence in your work?

Be honest with your self and ask: What am I really afraid of and why am I afraid in this situation?

Use this honesty to be the first step in moving forward!

Tip #2: Know What You Want 
After you are clear on what the variables are in your situation, be able to ask yourself: What is it that I want?

It is a lot less likely to be intimated if you are clear about what it is you want.

Is this your dream job and always what you wanted?

Is your situation a major stepping stone to bigger goals?

Are the bullies more in fear of your potential than about whether you are really unskilled for the project?

Knowing what you want will allow you the empowerment to stand your ground by repeating to yourself that

Tip #3: Visualize You Are a Woman with an Iron Will
Wether you possess a steadfast will or not, fake it.  Trust me, you can literally visualize yourself towards being someone with a will that can overcome any situation, whether you really possess that skill or not.

Someone wants you to abandon that new product launch...don't back down.

Someone wants you to lower your price in negotiating your salary or product or service (when you know you are already offering 90% below the marker)....don't back down.

Someone wants you to taper your ambition so you can make them feel more comfortable...don't back down.

Tip #4: Be In It to Win It
As a coach, one thing I can tell you is that goals don't just happen.  It's almost like God (or the Universe) requires you to have to withstand a certain amount of testing before realizing a dream.

Why? I have no idea.

This testing comes in many forms and equally can come in the form of outside influences and variables that touch on a secret fear that we harbor.

You will not win (reach your goals) if you don't commit within yourself that you are not going to quit until you are successful.

You can't delegate it. You can't get enough motivation for it. You can't just cry about it.

You have to be committed to be in it to win it.

Tip #5: Celebrate the Wins
I don't care how small or trivial a win is as you strive for your goals...celebrate it!

Filed your LLC document....celebrate it.

Won a major milestone in a project...celebrate it.

Spoke up for yourself in a team meeting with your rude peers who tend to interrupt all the time...celebrate it.

And keep in mind, focusing on YOUR small wins every step of the way will keep you focused on gaining inches necessary in winning versus comparing yourself, being intimidated by what others point out as faults, etc.

Now go stand fearless and don't let anybody cause you to not stand your ground!

It's Curva-Lish.

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