Monday, March 27, 2017

Perfection: Champagne and Gummies

Sugarfina at Northpark in Texas (Credit: Becky Branch)

I literally said Hallelujah when Sugarfina moved into one of our most popular shopping destinations in Texas!

If you haven't heard of Sugarfina, it's technically a candy shop that caters mostly to adults (although there are definitely child friendly selections)...

I describe Sugarfina as a party for your mouth!

Case in point: their Champagne Gummy Bears...I could faint they are THAT good!

And Sugarfina is very specific in highlighting that their tummies are made with REAL Dom Perigean Vintage Champagne, unlike knockoffs that add flavoring.

In creating this post, I also found out that Cosmopolitan Magazine named these yummy gummy bear candies the "perfect party favor"...I couldn't agree more!
Champagne Bears in a Box

Lucky for you, I have links for you to try them in sampler sizes or for your next wedding display, women's tea, Girl's Night Out/In, Hostess gifts and more!

The Sugarfina links I provide allows you to order their perfect snack pack (only $3!...I loaded up on these!) up to 2.5 lb ($45).

You're Welcome! And make sure you let me know how much your friends and family loved it too!

Gorgeous Candy Display at Sugarfina (Credit: Becky Branch)

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