Monday, April 3, 2017

Confidence for the Ages with National Prom Day

I am a big believer in the impact (positive or negative) that confidence has on the ability of people to truly reach their goals.


I have seen people with optimal technical ability, natural smarts, great education, excellent training, etc. not reach their goals and become extremely frustrated not realizing that their problem is not technical or natural aptitude.

The problem is that confidence is that secret weapon that reveals itself by what you have internalized about the external.

That internal dialogue is either the game changer OR the cause of cyclical frustration that will undermine your ability to achieve your fullest potential.


So when I had the opportunity to appear on KDAF's CW33 in recognition of #NationalPromDay, I jumped at the chance!

#NaitonalPromDay is a day set aside to empower young people to have the confidence to make great decisions (through their Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)).  The day is organized through and can also be followed at #promgirlxo and #promguytux hashtags.

Me at KDAF CW33 with #NationalPromDay Models
And as I eluded to at the beginning of this post, confidence is ongoing and is not restricted to young people.

You evolve.

Situations change.

Circumstances change.

And with each change, you are going to have to exercise your confidence muscle to push through fear and adversity.

And if you need help in assessing your confidence level, remember I always have the FREE "Self Confidence Personal Assessment" on my Resources Page...and add-on a confidence coaching session with me!

We All Need Self Confidence!

Breakthrough and live your dreams!

Be confident and go after it!

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