Monday, April 10, 2017

Holy Week Chic & Renewal Meditations

Yesterday, Palm Sunday, kicked off what many Christians reserve as Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday.

For as long as I can remember, this week has been a time my family has set aside to observe the zenith of our faith and all that it means to renew our faith in the significance of the most important events that this week represents.

And because this is Curva-Lish, there is no reason you can't do it in chic style!

White has always been symbolic of purity, innocence and cleansing in the Christian faith.

I'd like to add that these symbols beautifully encourage us to pursue forgiveness, second chances, renewal and starting over.

What I know for sure about life is that we all have some area of our lives where we need to start over or seek renewal in some area of life...a commitment, a focus, a journey.

Take some time this week to meditate on a specific area in your life whereas you feel you need to stop going in a circle and recommit or simply have a do-over.

And when you have that specific area in mind, create three columns: past actions, let go, renewed action...Complete this exercise to allow a mental cleansing of the area that you are sensing needs a restart in your life.

And what I have found is that you writing down and seeing your past actions next to what you decide to let go and creating a new action is what we coaches call "reframing" and it has an ingenious way of creating breakthroughs.

There's a reason the people of Jerusalem laid palms as Jesus entered the city.

Did you know palms are symbolic of "victory"?

When I learned this in Bible college it created a whole new meaning for surrounding myself with symbols of victory!

How can you do this?

Be mindful to surround yourself with the people, things and activities that re-enforce victory in your life.

Have conversations that re-enforce victory. Not gossip. Not complaining. Not whining. Have conversations of (seeking) victory in your life.

Take actions that re-enforce victory. Don't go out drinking on a Tuesday night when you have the presentation of your life on Wednesday. Don't eat at fast foods everyday when you are committed to ending the cycle of diabetes in your family. Take actions that re-enforce someone who believes in the victory of their goal(s) before it even happens!

Holy Week Chic:
And why not take your renewed self a step further and get inspired by this chic look for your Easter plans!

It perfectly symbolizes your renewed self (white dress) living in victory (palms print tote)...

Here are some white dresses I tracked down

Temperley London Crochet Mini Dress

Miu Miu Chiffon Dress

Cushnie Et Ochs Pleated Knit Dress

And the palm print tote shown is by India Hicks

Inside Palm Print of the Riviera Tote

I also love this palms Baby Riviera if you want to carry something with just the essentials versus a big tote!

Palms Baby Riviera

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