Monday, April 24, 2017

Do You Dare? Be a Badass Bitch with Effie's Paper

Photo Credit: Effie's Paper

Some of my favorite entrepreneurs are the originators and creatives on Etsy!

I not only buy from these small business owners but I also have a small store selling my coloring pages...

One of my favorite Etsy girl boss stores is Effie's Paper.

The Effie's Paper store is filled with doses of inspiration and girl badassery to keep you thriving towards your goals...And fir some good laughs!

That what I thought when I saw this stationary from Effie's

Can you imagine getting a note from someone with "From the Desk of a Badass Bitch"?

Photo Credit: Effie's Paper

I love it!

So go support this woman owned brand and make it your own stationary or gift it to the friend who you know is a Badass Bitch!

And if the word "Bitch" is too much for you, then here's an equally Badass option: this gorgeous gold notepad from Effie's!

Photo Credit: Effie's Paper

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