Saturday, May 6, 2017

Take Flight: Let It Be You!

In my almost 25 years of consistently taking personal development I bumped into something that I was never told in all those personal development conferences, seminars, training and countless hours of seminars...

When you are going through a crossroads in life and your evolution, find someone who can believe in you for your higher level more than you may be believing in your self (due to fear, confusion, etc).

I'm well versed in digging deep and creating the self confidence to believe in myself when it comes to what I'm familiar with...that's not what I'm referring to.

I'm referring to you getting wise counsel from someone seasoned in life evolutions who can "speak" life to you that creates a fire inside of your 2.0 self that's something that you're clearly not as familiar with even creating as a goal!

This happened to me at the end of a tough week.

I was randomly speaking to a wise older friend who believes in me.

She said something very profound after I expressed a repeated concern regarding a business venture.

After many texts and me saying someone needs to be apart of the leadership to help implement these ideas she finally said:

"Que, let that be you!"

Let that be you.

Four words that hit me like a brick.

As much passion as I have regarding my concern to help, it sounds silly but I actually never even thought about the best way to help is for me to BE it!

So let me ask you: is there something you are passionate about that you have ideas to help the solution but you aren't choosing yourself?

Choose yourself!


In a world of complainers, we need more people to step up and be apart of the solution...Let that be you!

And even if you don't have the personal faith to believe in yourself for that new evolution, lean in the faith of the one who believes in you for your next evolution.

Choose yourself.

And let it be you!


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