Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Using Your Talent to (Beautifully) Inspire the World

Photo Credit: Lewis Miller Design

One thing I know for sure is that every single person has talents that are easy to them but awe inspiring to others (who don't have that same talent).

Recently I bumped into the floral designer Lewis Miller Design on Instagram.

If Lewis lived the rest of his life creating his gorgeous designs for his New York clientele, he'd still be considered successful.

What is inspiring me more about this talented florist is that he decided to take his talent a step further: he has started creating flash mob types of installations in trash cans on the street of New York using recycled blooms from his events!

His installations are nothing short of jaw dropping!

His motivation for creating the installations are to spread positivity in our negative times.

He is earning the nickname "Flower Bandit".

Simply brilliant.

So I hope we are all inspired to ask ourselves: how can I take my talent further and inspire the world?

Photo Credit: Lewis Miller Design

Photo Credit: Lewis Miller Design

Photo Credit: Lewis Miller Design

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