Friday, March 3, 2017

Burning Bridges and Going After Your Dreams!

I am a big poster on social media of inspirational and motivational quotes but one thing that I absolutely don't like about so many quotes floating out in social media land: a quote can be completely brilliant but that does not mean it needs to be applied to YOUR situation!

One of the generic quotes I hear a lot is about burning bridges.

The accepted mentality is that no one should ever burn bridges because you might need that resource, person or opportunity again just in case what you are pursuing doesn't work out.

Y'all, that is a lousy way to pursue your dreams!


Underlining this mentality is that you don't have 100% confidence in your ability to manifest your goals and fulfill your full potential.

Underlining this mentality is that your are subconsciously creating a Plan B as an out in case your Plan A doesn't work.

Underlying this mentality is that you can only fulfill your new dreams based on resources from your old life, skill set or network.

Underlying this mentality is that your new life or aspirations will only look slightly different than your old life. Instead of a pivot, you're really only striving for a slight shift.

Are you getting my point?

And don't think I am referring to the indifference of what it means to burn bridges by being rude, operating in greed, being selfish or any of those behaviors that are of bad character.

I AM referring to what it means to drop the "weights" of your old life and going all-in on what sets your soul on fire!

Completely pivot.

Completely be open to a new way of thinking and being so that you don't miss out on what it is you know will bring you ultimate fulfillment.

That's what I mean by burning bridges.

And here's what I have found working with clients as a coach: most people allow fear of the unknown of pursuing that new goal to cause them to hold on (tight) to something in their past to give them an excuse just in case their new goal/plan doesn't work out.

And guess what this results in? Them delaying their results or at worst, completely failing.

Don't fail because you are afraid to let go of your old ways that won't get you to what's required of your new ways.

Be bold.

Be brilliant.

Let it go.

And burn some bridges!

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