Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Organic Beauty Obsession: Uma Oils

I have literally been searching for a face oil I can put my strong recommendation behind and after months...I have finally found one!

Uma Oils is not mainstream yet but recently it has begun to get some press in mainstream media, such as Marie Claire. However, beauty insiders have known about them for years because Uma has supplied such notary brands as Tom Ford and Estee Lauder with ingredients for their products!

Why Uma?

First of all, I love that Uma grows the ingredients for their wellness and beauty oils on their family's five generation 100-acre estate.  They also grow their ingredients in the ayurveda method of responsibly sourcing and harvesting the materials.

And in line with my own personal beliefs, Uma has a work force that is over 50% women whom they also provide child and medicare care to so they can work without fear of not being able to make an income for their family.

And if that weren't already awesome, the bottles of Uma Oils are hand painted by artisans...gorgeous!

See this short video about this brilliant company from its Founder...

So finally, you have my recommendation for the best face oil brand I could find that really does work...and the fact that it has responsibly sourced ingredients and company ethics that I can get behind makes this completely's simply Curva-Lish!

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