Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lifestyle Event Recap: A Magical Night of Dining, Dancing & Tabletops

What a magical night for the 2017 Dallas Diner en Blanc!

Like all cities hosting this fantasy filled evening of white style, Dallas' secret location only heightened the sense of anticipation!

And screams were inherent once it was revealed that the gorgeous, award winning location that is the Dallas Arboretum would serve as Host for 2017!

And the most perfect timing of the location is that it sits on a hill overlooking White Rock Lake. So as the tables were setup and the dinner feast began, the sunset was a picturesque backdrop that was something out of a painting.

It was the beginning of a magical night that only kept getting better.

For my recap, I wanted to highlight my personal obsession: tabletop.

There were literally hundreds of tabletops carefully and beautifully created by the 2500+ revelers in attendance!

Below are some of the ones I want to highlight to give other Diner en Blanc party goers in other cities (especially first timers) ideas for creating their own tabletops for their magical night:

Picture Credit @ashleigh2006 (Instagram)

I loved this tabletop because the emphasis was on the flowers and simple food. This tabletop also has various textures and heights that makes it appealing without being complicated.

Recreate: think of how you can add texture and dimension by focusing on flowers and then adding shiny objects, textured crystal, and different objects of various heights.

This tabletop not only was clearly the "Belle of the Ball" but also, it swiveled on an electronic motor! It was quite spectacular. I wanted to also highlight it because the Pegasus horse is a mascot of Dallas... brilliant!

Recreate: when you're thinking of recreating a tabletop like this, choose something that is particularly connected to your host city, such as city mascots, famous landmarks, buzz worthy locations, etc. Make elements of your great city the inspiration for your tabletop decor.

Picture Credit @channelgirl5 (Instagram)

Picture Credit @channelgirl5 (Instagram)

There were several sponsor tabled areas but my favorite was this one by the folks of the Lincoln Motor Company. It was the image of classic style complete with elegant glassware and fine China with silver accents. It was gorgeous!

Recreate: you don't have to have a sponsor budget to recreate this timelessly elegant look! Take all your best hosting dinnerware out of the cabinet, add your favorite metallic accent in the utensils and focus on adding greenery.

Picture Credit @nonchalantgirl (Instagram)
The one thing I loved the most about this gorgeous tabletop is it's unique usage of the macaroon dessert bowl as part of the tabletop decor!

Recreate: choose a simple, colorful, edible dessert and create a unique way of showcasing it that adds to your tabletop decor! The more colorful the dessert, the more it gives visual inspiration.

Depending on when your city's Diner en Blanc is scheduled, I wanted to feature this tabletop for it's usage of something white in perfect harmony with the this case, Fall. White pumpkins are SO on trend and I loved seeing it on this tabletop.

Recreate: no matter when your Diner en Blanc is scheduled, think of how you can incorporate elements of the season and still stick with the white theme.

Picture Credit @shedrinksaround (Instagram)

Just in case you didn't know, color is allowed for tabletops at Dinner en Blanc! Use your imagination in how you add color!

Recreate: adding color to your tabletop can be as simple!email as playing with different flower colors and textures. I also saw many variations of colorful food that added to the tantalizing environment.

Picture Credit @shedrinksaround (Instagram)

Candles were used on about 70% of the tabletops. The impact of the soft glow wasn't apparent until the sun had set and the night of dancing ensued. Due to the location being dark in different spots of the property, I'd say candles (or some type of soft lighting feature) are a must for any Diner en Blanc tabletop!

Recreate: make your candle selections apart of your tabletop decor. Tea lights, small candles, tall candles...choose candles that will add to your overall tabletop look! And key suggestion: depending on the restrictions of your host locations, it's better (and safer) to use battery operated candles versus candles you have to light up.

Picture Credit @cece_1love (Instagram)

Diner en Blanc first began in the City of Lights: Paris, France. I loved this tabletop homage to Paris with a brilliant light version of the infamous Eiffel Tower.

I hope these tabletops inspire you as much as they inspired me! 

Have fun at your Diner en Blanc, the party of the year for those cities lucky enough to host!

My Diner en Blanc Selfie in Media Lounge

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